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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Scientists announced the existence of life after death

A group of experts from the UK, representing University of Southampton, came to the conclusion that sometimes even after the person is declared dead, he continues to think. According to the scientists, the existence of “life after death” is shown by the results of their study involving 2060.

photo: pixabay.com

People who spoke with scientists who in the past experienced cardiac arrest and clinical death. It is considered that in half a minute after the heart stops beating, completely ceases to work and his brain, which means that a person can not think. However, some of the respondents said that they continued to be aware of what is happening around him for a longer time — up to three minutes after it was announced a clinical death, reports the Express.

One of the participants, whose age is 57 years old, was even able to describe events with almost frightening accuracy, scientists say. Experts suggest this man’s story suggests that the memories of survivors of clinical death, are true — so far their most often they are blamed on illusions or hallucinations experienced before the heart stops or soon after its re-launch.

Also, many study participants reported that they remember the feeling of fear, persecuting them even after the heart stops. Researchers do not exclude, that in fact people feel or perceive anything after clinical death, it could be even more than revealed by their survey, however, due to the impact of various medications or minor damages of the brain to retain memories of this was not all.

According to experts, their research suggests that death is a more “stretched” in time, and hence largely reversible process than hitherto considered.

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