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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Psychologists: love in the heart of a woman fades away in five years

A group of researchers from Belgium made a statement that in the vast majority of cases women fully feel happiness and love for your spouse just in the first five years after the start of the relationship. In a survey conducted by the experts, was attended by 200 members of the fairer sex, transmit the media.

photo: Roman Orlov

The survey showed scientists for the first five years of marriage to experience romantic feelings cease about 80 percent of the wives. While most women were inclined to blame in changing your mood to men — after some time after marriage, they started to pay less attention and has ceased to provide associates with the necessary support and care about them. All this leads to increasing irritation, which eventually develops into a quarrel, and later to the emergence of thoughts about change of partner. Only 20% of women even five years after the start of the relationship was determined to live with her husband all my life and never felt that their feelings towards each other radically changed over the years.

It should be noted that the study hardly allows to draw any far-reaching conclusions about how long the average woman can love a man: 200 people are not too much sample, and, moreover, information about whether published new research in any scientific journal, no. However, the psychologists who conducted the study, believes the findings are sufficient in order to recommend men to be more responsive regardless of how long they have relationships with their companions.

Recently another group of scientists came to the surprising conclusion that even in family life, paradoxically, a positive effect depression one of the spouses. Of course, if the original feelings were weak, depression only increased the misunderstanding between the partners, however in some cases it has become an additional reason to pay closer attention to each other often and to talk openly. This, in turn, has helped spouses build stronger relationships and achieve deep understanding.

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