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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Not far from Stonehenge discovered another mysterious construction

A group of archaeologists from the UK have found about three kilometers from the famous Stonehenge his wooden “competitor” — a huge and, apparently, at the time, so rounded and unfinished buildings. According to researchers, an unusual building, which were found on the territory of the archaeological complex of Durrington-walls (Darlingtonia Wall), is of great interest to science.

photo: pixabay.com

More than two hundred wooden pillars, whose diameter ranged from 60 to 70 inches, and length — from 6 to 7 meters, were dug to a depth of five feet. The diameter of the circle, which they were, reached 500 meters, making the monument the largest of its kind. Originally, scientists found it by using the technologies used by geophysicists, and the poles failed to “dig”, it was assumed that they were created from stone.

Experts say that the finding largely turns the idea of what purpose these structures and what was the political situation during the period of their creation. As the researchers suggest, the construction lasted long enough and was approaching the final stage, but about 2 year 460 BC was suddenly interrupted, and some holes dug for poles, later was filled in with chalk. In all likelihood, this is evidence of the dramatic religious and political changes that have occurred in that period of time.

Many details indicate that the building was planned to be used for any rituals, and, filling up of vacant pits, according to the researchers, certain “religious revolutionaries” tried, in the most literal sense to “bury” the past. The specialists say that at about the same period changed the appearance of Stonehenge: originally, it was a large circle made of stones of medium size, subsequently took on the form we know today the large stones that comprise the circle of relatively small diameter. At the same time, is supposed to have been built and some of the other currently known structures, like Stonehenge.

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