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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Nikolay Dostal: “Today, the great human movie money to find”

Film Director Nikolay Dostal has presented at the Vyborg film festival “Window to Europe” his new film “the Monk and the demon”, which worked since 2011. In the contest he did not participate, were in the category “Masters”, where the unspoken competition it was Sergei Solovyov film “Ke-dy”.

Photo of movie company “Profit”

Against the drab paintings of some young Directors that have a very rough idea of directing, masters looked however not boulders, and Matushkina people. Solovyov wanted to return the joy of childhood and that from the cinema reeling, as it was with him after watching the film “the cranes are Flying”. If you follow his philosophy, then all the talented people with autism, from Leo Tolstoy to Basta. Nikolai Dostal fits into this category. In his new film, inspired by the story of the monk Ivan of Novgorod, who lived in XI–XII centuries, he tried to figure out whether hell become a man.

So much time was not able to make this film. It was the most difficult for you?

— Perhaps, Yes. But not the creation and the preparatory period, budget and producers. If we talk about the filming process, the “Split” was much more difficult, even with the “Lenin’s Testament”. Still, “the Monk and the demon” — chamber picture.

Why do you have to return the money allocated by the cinema Fund a movie?

— Original film Fund, we have allocated 30 million roubles, that is $ 1 million and needed about $ 4 million. A year and a half we with the Studio “Orthodox encyclopedia” was trying to find additional funds, but never found. And then I read in the newspaper: “Nikolay Dostal has returned a million dollars to the state”…

— Have you learned from the Newspapers that your producers have returned to the state a million?

— I learned about it before, but in the newspaper it was filed too loud. Of course, the producers returned the funds, not me. They were forced to do it soon, because the year — go penalties, interest. They, thank God, nothing beyond the allocated budget was not taken. Then we went with the playwright Yuri Arabova to the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky. We have already given 50 million, but the dollar to the point also jumped. The film’s budget by the time was pulling in 120 million. But we somehow managed to shoot a picture. Today at great human movie money to find…

But you also never said your not interested?

— Different was. Someone openly said not interested, someone referred to the lack of money. It’s a miracle that I made the film. And the fact that four years could not remove, — devilry. I said, “what do you want? Demons and twist. You what the devil did? He you have man wants to be. Here you have it and will have to twist, twist”.

— Why are you so stubbornly fought for this movie? Could live happily ever after, filming the series. And you of all proposals refused.

— I understood that this unusual and unexpected project. It seemed to me that nothing similar to this in our film was not, in and of grotesque form. Still, in the film “the Monk and the demon” a large Comedy component.

— You originally starring blessed Vanya Semenov saw Timothy Tribuntsev? Would Yevgeny Mironov to invite.

— I had one artist, who had to leave for various not very good reasons. And then, fortunately for me, the Satirikon theatre was closed for repairs, and Timofey Tribunal was free. I needed a artist ready to go to Kirillov, to grow a beard… And Timothy was better than its predecessor. It is absolutely his role, moreover today is the best in his filmography. Timothy played two roles: the man and the demon. When there is a devil, he plays only Ivan.

— Why you have invited for the role of Mephistopheles Georgy Fetisov? It is possible to call it that?

— I saw George in that form — with a beard and a mustache — on a scene of theatre of Anatoly Vasiliev and realized: this is what you need. I had a task to find an unknown actor. Tribunal — not so media artist, many do not know it. I really needed these actors. And even the devil-it just had to be anyone not familiar. You do not confuse me with those Directors who shoot superelastic artists — Mironov, Mashkov, Knightley… Artists can be wonderful, but they have associative entity. There is such an artist in the role of the devil and the viewer there are Parallels with a dozen previously seen roles on different channels. I stay away from media. I needed Timofey Tribunal and Georgy Fetisov, which the wide audience does not really know. I found the demon, which no one in cinema does not know. I have it on the spot.

— You had to see Arabawy disputes of a spiritual nature, were you with him the endless dialogue?

— He wrote the script…


— Are not lost. He said, “Since this is your project. Do what you want”. What controversy? Even a movie he did not immediately see. The script of “the Monk and the devil” was published in the magazine “cinema Art”. I already own something modified with the consent of Yury Arabova. He, however, said, “I can’t believe you’re taking this movie.” It was at first. A year passed, two, three… And suddenly, after almost four years, I called him: “let’s go!” “Can’t be!” — he answered. Can! What are we to conduct the dialogue in such circumstances.

Yuri Arabov that about almost every movie says that this is his last song, what more in a movie it will not work. And about the movie “Miracle” Proshkin said. Do you believe in miracles?

— I Jura didn’t say anything. I’m a man deviantology, although baptized, believer, Orthodox. Don’t know what to say about the miracle. Probably some miracles happen. Arabova when I proposed this project, he asked to see his “Orleans”. I read the novel and said, “Not mine. I need Gogol certona. And who, besides you, can it? Come on!”

— I see that you are happy with the result.

I am happy that defeated this project. Characters — exclusive. The movie is not really a festival, rather — for the Russian audience. So it rhymed pribautochek. How to translate them into another language? We with great difficulty found in the Boston poet, who did us the translation for the subtitles. The actors speak quickly, the viewer does not have time sometimes to read the credits. The picture will not become better or worse because it will get or will not get awards. They do what is needed? For the satisfaction of vanity. It is sometimes useful on a shelf to put another statue. A picture lives its life. I calmly refer to the awards and to their absence. That would have given Timothy Tribuntsev prize for the best male role! This would be a gift to me.

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