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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Nikolai Kolyada became homeless through the fault of Sergei Loznitsa

Sergei Loznitsa shoots in Latvia his third feature film under the working title “the Meek”. Direct relationship to the same work of Dostoevsky it is not, but apparently had to film a major impact. Ten actors from Yekaterinburg, working in “Kolyada-theatre” star in this film.

photo from the personal archive of Nikolai Kolyada.

And its Director — playwright and Director Nikolai Kolyada, despite the fact that September 4 will premiere the Queen of spades, in between rehearsals, went from Ekaterinburg in Daugavpils and starred in a 3 minute episode. He and the actor himself, once worked at the Sverdlovsk drama. This morning Nikolai Kolyada returned from Latvia shared with “MK” impressions.

– Come to the set straight off the plane, in good jacket, I think, meet Akhedzhakova and hear: “a Ring, a hobo going to play? Already dressed?”. I answer: “No, Leah, it’s my clothes.” She is happy to work with a Director like Loznica, says that never in my life this was not on the court spoke eight languages, and all understand each other. A lot of people! Speak Romanian, English, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, German, French. I’ve talked to the producers on the German, who know him well. A very professional team together.

– Surprisingly, almost half the cast starred in one movie.

The story began 8-10 years ago. Then Sergei Loznitsa came to Ekaterinburg at the documentary film festival “Russia”, were Chairman of the jury. Came to us to show, then second, third… In my opinion, looked a dozen of them, after each came out with surprised eyes. It was evident that they impressed him. And when I started to film “my Happiness”, called my artist Sergey Kolesov on one of the main roles. And secondly, his film “In the fog” again, the Earring was invited. Our wheels even went to the Cannes film festival. And we looked to the Internet live, fainted because he goes on the red carpet. And we have him in Ekaterinburg the whole world bought the shirt, the teeth are inserted, that he might go down as expected. To Cannes 300 photographers take. It was amazing.

And it continued?

– Yes, six months ago, Sergei Loznitsa said that he wants to take our actors in the new film “Meek”, was wondering if I can build a repertoire under the shooting days. I said, “of Course. What are we talking about?”. The main role invited my leading actress Vaseline Makotsevo, removed it also Sergei Fedorov, and Sergey Light Kolesova, Alisa Kravtsov, Sasha zamuraev… in Short, 10 people. And I was invited too.

From left to right: Nikolai Kolyada, Sergey Loznitsa, Alice Kravtsova, Liya Akhedzhakova.

Eleventh artist?

– No, the tenth. Invited probably out of courtesy, a tiny episode — the grandfather with the bottle. Probably could find other grandparents, but called me to the repertoire adapts to them. And I did it. To be removed from Loznitsa – this, you know, not every day happens. First rehearsals started and all my actors were to fly to Daugavpils. And I flew in July. And this morning came back from filming.

– What do you feel?

– I’m a good artist. Not very critical, said, “Let’s do this”. I know it’s not like Directors. What Sergey was saying, what I was doing. Rehearsal took the initiative: “Maybe pitch a column to my uncle wash bottles. Column is colorful and beautiful. Asked Sergei if we can’t find it in Daugavpils. He laughed and said: “Nicholas, this is a movie. Let’s build”. He liked the idea. And, indeed, built. Many times I have seen people stand and wash the bottle under running water in these here columns. I have about it, even in one play written. The bottle rattles when scraped with a knife zolotynka.

The shooting will last until August 24. Our Vasilina there for almost two months. The other actors go back and forth. While no one is late for performances. Most importantly, Loznica called all my actors outstanding, says they need to specifically write the script. It’s like honey to my heart. 15 years is our theatre. Each of the artists I picked up after theatre Institute, all taught. So my work is that they are. It’s my pleasure.

– Some of famous actors even more withdrawn?

– I met Rose Khairullin. So many roles. The main character goes to her husband to jail and on the way meets one, the second, fifth, tenth character. In Vasilina Makotsevo the main role, and the rest – epizodik. There is a picture of today’s Russia — funny, very sad and tragic. In any case, the scenario was that way. Loznica very happy with Vasilyeu, says that this is a future star that it will be removed. God forbid! Sergey Kolesov he took in two movies, but something no one else in the movies was not invited. Like all media persons, trying to find someone who played a lot of times bandits or police, and shove it into a film. And my actors are not just in the face of the trade. They’re a really good actor, can play anything. I watched part of the footage where Alisa Kravtsov plays a prostitute. What is she funny!

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