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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Kiev is covering his tracks in the murder case of lawyer Grabowski

Professional activity was the motive for the murder of Yury Grabovsky, – lawyer Alexander Alexandrov, says the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. “Other motives” that guided the killer is revenge, sexual offences or robbery. Colleagues and relatives of the lawyer outraged by such findings. The investigation, published in the media, raises more questions.

The murder of lawyer Yury Grabovsky is not related to his professional activities, was caused by absolutely other reasons, said the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios. Disclosure of the case about murder of lawyer Matios said on the eve of the broadcast Ukrainian “Fifth channel”, announced the screening of a relevant documentary on the same channel. Murder suspects named by the Prosecutor’s office, 26 – year-old Artem Yakovenko and 19-year-old Maxim Shmelev. It is argued that they both confessed.

“Pre-covers the fifth point, knowing all the nonsense of this imaginary murder investigation Yury Grabovsky”

We will remind that Yury Grabovsky went missing on March 5, in the midst of the trial of Alexander Alexandrov and Evgeny Erofeev. These two young men, a native of Russia, were seized by Ukrainian troops on may 17, 2015 in battle with militia near the settlement Happiness. Ukrainian authorities said that both detainees are soldiers of Russian GRU, while according to Russia Alexander Yerofeyev and retired from the Russian security forces and fought in the militia as volunteers.

On Sunday evening, March 6, has already ceased to answer phone calls the lawyer came to my office accompanied by a man and, with no one speaking, took something from his safe. On March 5, in his “Facebook” start to appear strange record. March 9 in the social network appeared the recording of the geotagged from Egypt, where it was alleged that he was forced to leave the country on March 13 – that he will soon return to Ukraine. Familiar Grabowski immediately began to doubt that the entries made by him: the writing style was quite similar to Grabowski.

Final doubt is that the lawyer is kidnapped, vanished after appearing on the Internet movie, on which Grabowski, apparently under the influence of some psychotropic drug refuses to protect Alexandrov. In the video, attended a VoiceOver, apparently that was modified by some technical means. And in the night from 25 to 26 March, the body of Grabowski with traces of violent death was found buried in an abandoned garden in the village of Connelles near the town of Zhashkiv in Cherkasy region.

The case was referred to the military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine (the base was not very clear: Grabovski never served in the army or in law enforcement agencies). After a while she announced the arrest of the suspects.

Russian officials immediately declared that the death of the lawyer connected with his work on the case of Alexander and Yerofeyev. “It tried to withdraw from the case, I think those offices which do not were interested in the continuation of his work, – said the publication of “the Media” the head of the consular Department of the Embassy of Russian Federation in Ukraine Alexey Gross. – Because, actually, was to be held it may, I will say a little loudly, maybe not finest hour, but very bright its like a lawyer, which was broadcast by all channels”.

He admitted that Grabowski could remove and nationalist forces with the same purpose – to prevent the trial of Alexandrov and Yerofeyev resulted in the defeat of Ukraine in the “information front” (the fact that the accused were anyway guilty, no doubt). Gross drew attention to the fact that Grabowski disappeared right before the moment when at trial, the defence was to begin presenting its evidence. The result of the disappearance of lawyer protection had largely changed their tactics. The process turned out not noisy, but relatively “quiet” and ended, as is known, the recognition of Alexander and Yerofeyev guilty and their exchange for Savchenko.

It should be noted that the biography Grabowski is no reason to consider him Pro-Russian. The bar he became involved relatively recently (since 2007), but very soon it earned a reputation as one of the most professional lawyers in Ukraine are not shy of politics. During the events in Kiev in late 2013 and early 2014, he defended the arrested protesters, and subsequently assisted the Ukrainian army, helping volunteers collect medicines for the military and providing free of charge legal services with this kind of transactions.

The version of Ukrainian military Prosecutor’s office from the beginning was less consistent, than wittingly or unwittingly reminded himself Matios on Saturday. He said that the murder of a family not related to his professional activity, which confirmed the suspects arrested by the Prosecutor’s office. Matios seems to have forgotten his own statement, made at the end of March. “This operation was planned by the former Ukrainians, as well as special services of the Russian Federation to create pictures for Russia Today, during the final stage of the trial in the case garesnica – citizens and servicemen of the Russian Federation” – quoted by his Agency UNIAN. Then, the prosecutors argued that she was aware of these “former Ukrainians”.

Now in the film, shown on “the Fifth channel” and filmed clearly with the filing of the Prosecutor’s office, the version with “ex-Ukrainians” is not mentioned at all. But provides interesting details about the case that have not previously been in print. So, Matios touched on the most delicate moment of the future trial of Yakovenko and Milevum about their possible connections with the Ukrainian security services.

The fact that Chmelev on his page “Vkontakte” in the column “military service” wrote: UDO SBU – that is, the Management of state guard of Ukraine, the Russian analogue of the Federal security service, the Agency responsible for the safety of the first persons of the state. According to the Prosecutor, it turns out that this information is untrue (as, indeed, much more that he wrote about himself in social networks both young men). Matios says that one of the suspects possessed counterfeit certificate of the employee of special services. As for UDO, then, according to the Prosecutor, the suspect was just about to go to work and not listed there.

The most amazing oddities and mysteries of this case (for example, why videobritney Grabowski, where he was after the number 5, is it true that he was under the influence of psychotropic drugs, etc.) in the film is not explained.

“Thus the investigation leads the public from the real circumstances of the murder of solicitor Grabowski”

However, the authors found it necessary to focus on sexual orientation Grabowski (which he, incidentally, has never concealed). The film shows testimony Yakovenko, who alleges that counsel was raped by a young man from Transcarpathia named Anton. For this de him and retaliated. However, immediately stated that the evidence of the existence of the Anton and committed on these crimes, just as there is evidence that Grabowski killed due to the fact that he was a homosexual.

Colleagues of the lawyer have reacted to the film and the statement of the Prosecutor is extremely negative. “What would have to be different to the Matios, except seed false information and release it to the media. Advance covers the fifth point, knowing all the nonsense of this imaginary murder investigation Yury Grabovsky” (spelling of the author saved – approx. OPINION), wrote in his “Facebook” lawyer Oksana Sokolovsky, who defended Alexander and Yerofeyev together with the victim.

“Once the statements of the chief military Prosecutor questioned the activities of such a body of pre-trial investigation, as the Main military Prosecutor’s office. I will remind that thus the consequence alienating the public from the real circumstances of the murder of lawyer Grabowski,” – said Sokolowski later, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The lawyer also stressed that it adheres to the version associated with professional detail Grabowski. “All the facts, evidence and circumstances that preceded the murder of my colleagues, confirmed this version”, – she said.

Sister of the murdered lawyer, Olga turned to “the Fifth channel” with the letter in which asked to refrain from showing the film. Indeed, on the channel’s website, the film was not laid out, although the Network is available.

However, lawyers Grabowska resent the fact that the prosecution had agreed to the disclosure of information in the case, while the representatives of the relatives of the killed to them is not actually happen. “Still more than a month, lawyers are unable to provide adequate representation of the interests of the victim in a criminal case, as they do not admit to the materials of the pretrial investigation, and they have no right to file the corresponding petition for carrying out necessary investigative actions”, – said in a statement issued by the National Association of advocates of Ukraine (NAAU). Supposedly no one even notified the lawyers Grabowska that the pretrial investigation on business is finished.

Chairman of the Higher qualification and disciplinary Commission of advocacy of Ukraine, attorney Alexander Drozdov said the publication of news24ua that the Prosecutor’s office is guided by the following logic: “it is Possible, and in this case decided to go this way: right now, even with gross violations, will finish investigation and will most likely throw the case to the court. And there if something goes wrong, then the police will say it’s attorneys with the court messed up.”

Anyway, one statement Matios is certain: the pretrial investigation is completed and, therefore, will soon trial. Thus, soon the public will be able to assess the quality of the investigation and the quality of the evidence collected.

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