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Friday, February 16, 2018

Flood in Moscow Putin at the state Council discussed the download of water transport

Over the past 25 years Russia has practically ceased to operate their waterways. In 1990, the rivers and canals carried as much cargo, how much motor transport, now 4 times less. Not better things and with passenger transport: due to the shallowing of the Volga and the lack of safe, comfortable vessels ceased to function once popular cruise routes from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the southern cities and regions. During Soviet times, on the rivers and canals annually traveled more than 100 million tourists, including despite the “iron curtain” and foreign, and now only 13 million How to make deep main river of the country than to download the river way and what vessels to carry tourists – were discussed on Monday in Volgograd, the Presidium of the state Council, headed by Vladimir Putin.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The President, late for three hours, at first appreciated the ingenuity of the organizers. The meeting decided to hold the regional administration and not even in the conference room of the city’s best hotel, and right on the banks of the Volga. To impress on GDP, in the waters of the river put transport ships built in the last five years – the bulk carriers, oil tankers, ships, boats, and so on. Putin, however, very cautiously praised the achievements of the domestic shipbuilding. “The rate of renewal of the river fleet is very low, he said, Over the last 15 years has built more than 800 ships, but was sidelined in 13 times more. Now we have operated a total of 11 thousand ships with an average age of 36 years.”

Worst situation with passenger transport. In this regard, Vladimir Putin recalled the ship “Bulgaria” sank five years ago. “We all remember this tragedy and know about its causes. Security issues must always come first, there is nothing to be lost,” he said. During the teleconference the President witnessed the laying of the first in the history of shipbuilding in the cruise ship, which a few years will replace the obsolete ships. It will be a four-deck ship with its technical characteristics and design are not inferior to foreign analogues. “These vessels were not built for 60 years. We are witnessing the revival of the domestic river tourism”, – has assured Putin producers.

Another way to revive the said Governor of Astrakhan region Alexander Zhilkin. According to him, to bring foreign tourists to the Volga, it is necessary to introduce visa-free regime for the participants of the cruises that start from Volgograd, Astrakhan, Kazan and other coastal towns. Vladimir Putin did not object. “Make offers,” he said. In addition, river ways, according to the President, it would be possible to transfer part of cargo turnover, with roads and Railways. “Today, more than a quarter of Federal highways work in overload mode, especially in summer when people go on vacation or holiday back home, and next to the trucks with gravel and sand. And all this in the period of navigation. It’s possible rivers, which are not used or are used inefficiently,” complained GDP, noting that the task to change the logistics were put before the government in the spring of 2014.

Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov took the difficult task to explain why the President’s Directive are still met. The question is, as you might expect, depends on funding. To get rid of the shallow and again to turn the river into a full-fledged transport corridors, which will be able to move large bulk carriers, need to build at least two hydropower and to find 8 billion for reconstruction. To pay costs should have been Federal and regional budgets, but no one is not extra money. On the contrary, even the agreed limits are reduced. In this situation, the Ministry of transport once again decided to seek help from the business. Necessary for the restoration and maintenance of the river routes of the funds, according to Sokolov, it would be possible to seek from transportation companies by installing additional excise duty on diesel fuel used by trucks. “At the rate of 1% from current prices,” he said. The new levies will function roughly until 2020, when it will be completed the construction of waterworks. Then the burden will shift to the shoulders of the shipping companies.

Remembered at the meeting and on the “Plato”. Sokolov proposed to increase the rates for the 12-tonner for the period of river navigation, to encourage businesses to use the waterways and not roads. The contents of one kilometer of waterways, he said, costs the state only 130 thousand rubles, and the same stretch of highway – 4.5 million

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