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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Climate scientists fear that in the future the Olympics will be cancelled

Already by the year 2084 the world will be very few cities fit for the summer Olympics, and in the future the situation will only be exacerbated. This is the conclusion reached by researchers representing the University of California at Berkeley. In their opinion, the cause of the growing difficulties in the competition will become global warming.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Researchers gathered available information on projected rate of climate change, drawing attention to factors such as temperature, humidity and wind speed. After that they found out in which cities with a population of over 600 thousand people at the end of the current century, the conditions will be suitable for the Olympic games. This figure was taken due to the fact that in cities with fewer inhabitants the competition, in accordance with the requirements of the International Olympic Committee, can not be carried out. The scientists also ruled out the possibility of holding the Olympics in cities at the height of more than a mile, this is called, in particular, are too thin air — and the territory in which it would be impossible to hold the marathon, one of the Central events of the Olympics.

Major cities in the year 2084 will almost certainly be comfortable for the competition the weather conditions in the world was only 33, and three-quarters of them — 25 — located in Western Europe. The rest of the world from 543 cities taken into consideration, sufficiently high odds for the Games have only eight, including St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk.

For the XXII century, the situation will continue to change not for the better, and eventually the whole Northern hemisphere will be only four fit for the Olympics cities — Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Experts note that the total abolition of the Olympic games in the near future is unlikely to be the only possible option for those whose responsibilities include their implementation. However, soon during the competition in a number of cities will either have to completely abandon some sports, or, at least, hold competitions for them indoors. However, according to the scientists, over time, global warming will threaten the Olympics as a phenomenon is more serious.

Their findings, researchers reported in the journal The Lancet.

Previously it was published a number of studies, the authors argued that global warming could threaten the winter Olympics. Despite the advent of machines for the production of snow, the softer it becomes the climate cool most of the potential of the Olympic capitals, the less suitable they become for the tournament for whatever winter sports. But a new study suggests that in the future the unenviable fate can expect and the summer Olympics.

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