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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

As candidates to the state Duma become trolls

Completes registration of candidates to deputies of the state Duma. The hardest way on the ballot was for self-nominated candidates in single-mandate constituencies, because they had to collect signatures of voters. A month ago to fill in the signature sheets has started more than 300 independent candidates, eventually completed the task will be hardly a lot more than a dozen. Well, it and a process for screening: winners is much less than the participants. But you can play in different ways. Many of the candidates who failed properly to collect the necessary number of signatures, behave with dignity: recognize and analyze mistakes to avoid repeating them in future campaigns. And others start trolling the electoral Commission, to blackmail them, to complain, and lie like a gas meter. Below we give two specific examples of the behavior of independents.

Alexander Zakondyrin. Photo: moscow-greens.livejournal.com.

Nobody argues with the fact that collecting signatures is difficult. Before the election, the state Duma once again changed the law, increasing sixfold required for admission to the elections the number of votes. Was — 0.5% of payroll number of voting in the district, was — 3%. In the end, each candidate in the capital, for example, single-mandate constituencies were required to collect an average of 15 thousand signatures. And the timing remains the same — month. A simple calculation shows that the candidate to be in time “to the flag”, you need to collect 500 signatures in every warm day of summer vacation. In this case, any subscription list (and it is usually placed dozens of signatures) must be professionally designed and certified by a notary public.

The fact that all of these requirements to perform really showed the winners of the campaign for collection of signatures. And Mikhail Ushakov on a remote Yamal Peninsula, with its open spaces, and Maria Baronova in the capital. By the way, it is the ally of Khodorkovsky — it is especially difficult to suspect the use of administrative resources and favor from the harsh Basmanny district election Commission.

But back to the behavior of the independents, not ciscowsa Lavrov. In the Moscow district No. 210 of several hundred signatures to the cherished goal was not enough individual entrepreneur Alexander Karpov. An adult held (1955), he and his task came up thoroughly. About how to draw up documents, consulted with the County Commission, we were always close and counting. The failure blames only himself and the human factor involved volunteers:

— I was nominated a second time. The first attempt was in the elections to the Moscow city Duma. Then I had a lot of defective signatures. Graphology, the Federal migration service, the police and the electoral Commission found a significant number of discrepancies: the signature sheet was dead, and nonexistent addresses. At this time, marriage is much smaller. I handed over the signature stock to replace invalidated, but made a mistake: incorrectly calculated signature spare, and as a result they refused less than necessary. Another miscalculation: graphologists have found that on some pages the date of introduction of the signature of the voter was not down to them personally, and probably a collector. This error volunteers. And more than 250 signatures were dated after the date of certification of the signature sheet. Here purely technical error. If someone someone wanted to cheat, all the dates agree exactly. The owners of the 73 signatures, as it turned out, the passport was overdue, were found among the undersigned and the minor. So, in detail, I’m lost. If I and my volunteers have committed several errors which I have listed, my name would be in the Bulletin 210-th single-mandate Okrug. The Commission, I have no complaints. I’ll be ready to participate in municipal elections next year.

It is a sensible model of behavior, right?

And a completely different model of action chosen by the independent candidate on the district No. 207, the agent is not committed to the election of the party “green Alliance” Alexander Zakondyrin. After putting the signatures he avoided physical visits to the district Commission, but was threatening her over the Internet and wrote a complaint to a higher authority.

Zakondyrin were invited to the County Commission by the beginning of the verification of signatures on August 4, at 8.00, but the time has not come. The phone call from the Commission replied that all the same will come — let them wait. Without it decided not to start. The Commission sat waiting for the day (which, incidentally, is not obliged to do), continued to call (the phone he did not take it) and send SMS… But only on 5 August was assistant candidate Zakondyrina on financial issues Parshkov. Take notice of the beginning of check of subscription lists it has refused: “candidate banned”.

This chronology is confirmed by the documents of the district. The candidate anywhere to come and wasn’t going to, he already has been busy writing posts about the fact that the Commission had not notified him about the beginning of the verification of signatures.

Zakondyrin continued to send messages, invitations, including to the meetings of the working group on the review of petitions 9 and 10 August, with the presence of experts: the graphologists and “passport registration officer”. The applicant’s response — again only through the Internet: “can’t get verification report, sent on 9 August the head of the CEC E. A. Pamfilova official complaint, which reported gross violations of the procedure of verification of signature sheets and asked to intervene in the situation.”

The Protocol, incidentally, at the time of filing of the complaint to the CEC and could not be ready. As reported by “MK” Vice-President of the Commission Rimma Aref’eva, the first sample of signatures abounded in marriage, therefore, the Commission and the experts decided to check all petitions to increase the chances of the candidate for registration. Recall that the Commission would have the right to refuse registration, checking only 20% of signatures.

At the meeting of the Commission that on the morning of 13 August had decided the issue of registration Zakondyrina, came not only those who are supposed to (with the exception of Commission member delegated by Secondarily), but even the journalists (including me) and representatives of Moscow election Committee, but the candidate himself didn’t appear. And came one of its representatives.

The Commission member from the Communist party Pavel Zheleznyakov expressed General indignation: “what if every day we are going, waiting for him, and he only insults us, mocks us. Should be offered to the CEC to punish for such a travesty!”.

As for the signatures, then the candidate with them everything was very bad: the percentage of defects above lawful, and the total number of autographs is not enough. Passport services found that for Zakondyrina voted more than 70 dead, many minors who have forged the date of birth as graphology found 2600 re-signatures (done with one hand). In the final minutes, by the way, this figure is smaller — the Commission believed not all suspicions of experts. But came to curiosity: member of the Commission Olga Lugovaya found in the signature sheets. With forged, of course, signed.

As it refers to this method of political struggle, as trolling electoral Commission, the Chairman of the other ecological party “Green” Oleg Mitvol?

— Zakondyrin behaves not for the first time, — said Mitvol “MK”. — I want to remind you that in 2009, when I was prefect of the Northern district, he acted just as arrogantly and illegally. Passed signature and then harasses women from the Commission, threatened them. And now he’s trying to take hostage your game and County Commission, and the CEC. All blackmailing: if it does not register, he will raise the issue of the illegitimacy of the elections. In 2009, when signatures were fake — it was a criminal case, on which sat his classmate. Then law enforcement is flawed: Zakondyrin interrogations dumped everything on the other, and punish the performer, not the customer. I would like to investigators this time dug up the truth. I hope that the fraudsters, who bought forged signatures, and then, with the blushing, and pass them to the Commission so they can blackmail the entire electoral system, still be arrested. A man who obviously repeatedly and blatantly breaks the law, should not only be excommunicated from the elections, but punished.

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