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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Communist brigade of the Deputy Rashkin

A sensational exposé of the Deputy of the state Duma from the CPRF Valery Rashkin journalists of the NTV channel became a real informaby last Friday. In the “Emergency” channel showed an investigation about the relations of Rashkina with criminal authorities of Saratov. As the authors of this work, between the Deputy and the members of organized crime can be traced not simply sympathy or friendship, and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Photo: openrussia.org.

On one of the famous poster that flashed in the final investigation film NTV “the Red roof”, the Deputy Rashkin looks weird. On his head budenovka in his hand — the red bit.

To explain why in the hands of a Communist turned out to be an artifact of the nineties, associated the Russians with crushed skulls, the authors of the investigation start from afar. The footage — real-time imagery dated 1995. Shot from 11 members of the gang striking terror to the inhabitants of the city, “chekanovskii”. Among the dead and himself leader Igor Chikun.

Saratov journalist Stanislav Orlenko believes that Chikun was in Saratov influential organized crime figure that he could stand up to thousands of bandits. He began his career under the wing of a local businessman named Scrounger, who in the 80s created the first in Saratov organized crime groups, that engaged in racketeering. In 1990, the Grabber was killed, the place of “the godfather” took Chikun, who made his team. “Chekanovskii immediately imposed a tribute Saratov merchants.

First smashed glass in the store, then set on fire. Such annealed stalls in the city was full. Threatened the family. If people do not understand, destroyed and buried, — says journalist Sergei Mikhailov.

Over time, the reference to “Chekanovsky” began to shake not only the merchants but also local officials, and even law enforcement officers. According to eyewitnesses of those years, the Governor did not hesitate to say that in front of the important matters he met with the bandits. A former investigator for particularly important cases of the police Department of the Saratov region Vyacheslav Borisov told how his superiors reacted to the attempt to initiate a criminal case against the Chikun.

— What are you, crazy? You for whom the case-the excite? I still want to live. Material throw it in the trash, hide, — says Borisov.

■ ■ ■

— He hurt someone very serious, — said Borisov.

By the time of the murder Chikun controlled a third of the enterprises of the city, including aircraft and oil refining factories, collective and state farms. He started to legalize their capital, establish contacts with influential people in government.

The fact that the crime boss was shot a month before the elections to the state Duma, the authors of the film does not seem a coincidence. Chikun has been actively interested in politics. According to the journalist Spiryagin, authority often seen at parties of the urban elite. These parties always came and one Communist whose name Spiryagin refused to name. However, the authors of the investigation was not difficult to know who then could lay its track Chikun.

Journalists traced the fate of his associates. One of them was Alex Eruslanov, nicknamed ” the Professor who did the bookkeeping for the Chikun was his right hand. The most serious asset of the Chikun has become a Saratov group “ASTEK-C”, which was engaged in oil business, construction. As the authors of the film, in the documents “ASTEK-With” Chikun is listed in the founders, the annual turnover of about one billion rubles, and headed concern… Eruslanov. But the Professor was smart enough and in order to continue the General line of Chikun — moving into politics.

As follows from the documents submitted in the investigation, Eruslanov several years was the assistant to the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist Rashkin. Eruslanova and Rashkin, according to the filmmakers, United by mutual sympathy and old friendship but a business relationship. It is the firm “ASTEK-C”, headed by Eruslanova, in the nineties begins to list candidate Fund Rashkin large amounts. Only one receipt dated October 16, 1999 should be listed 415 thousand rubles.

What happens: legal roof “Chekanovsky” sponsored by the campaign of Mr. Rashkin, Rashkin “would never have become the Deputy of the state Duma without the support of the Professors personally and its capital”? — ask questions to the authors of the investigation.

But then, these investments were justified.

As stated in the film, in 2009 after the armed conflict with the business competitors of Eruslanova the clouds gathered. He was looking at a term for hooliganism and inflicting bodily harm. But a miracle happened: he stood up Rashkin, the Deputy from the Communist party Alimova and other MPs. They wrote a request to the Prosecutor General’s office took on the responsibility of its chief financial officer. Rashkin and Alimov were present in the courtroom when there brought Eruslanova.

An interesting story was told to the journalist Yevgeny Mikhailov. He spent two years doing PR Rashkin, published the newspaper for money Eruslanova. When the sponsor was under arrest, the funding stopped, but the newspaper was published. In the end, according to Mikhailov, Eruslanov and Rashkin owed him one million one hundred thousand rubles.

But — and this is also the grip of the nineties — made me a fool and an idiot, said, on the contrary, you owe us. At the meeting publicly Eruslanov said, I’ll take the house and your car, ” says Mikhailov.

A journalist from Saratov Vadim Rogozhin were friends for many years with Rashkin, walked with him to the mountains in one bundle. “Who was found in the mountains and became friends — it’s forever while we walk on this earth!” — listowel at the table in the campaign Rashkin. In 2009, Vadim was severely beaten three weeks he was in a coma. Attacked him was arrested and sent to court. According to Rogozhin, Rashkin tried to hinder the investigation, began to write letters in defense of the defendants. And in the letter Rashkin asked to remove suspicion along with Alexei Eruslanova, which didn’t charge.

— Rashkin that identified him, unwittingly, — said Rogozhin.

Eruslanov, as the authors of the film, was not the only respected assistant Rashkin. In the same list was listed at number 8 Asif Aslanov. According to law enforcement, he was an active member of the gang, specialized in the machinations of currency, owned several casinos. In 2006, SUV Aslanova detonated in the centre of Saratov.

Why Rashkin such helpers? In answering this question, the authors of the investigation show footage of his recent meeting with voters in Maryino. The protection of the Communist beat blogger Ivan Penkin, who wanted to make the meeting on a mobile phone. In other frames the elderly inhabitant of the area Maria Shestakova trying to set Rashkin question. Apparently, uncomfortable. As a result, pensioner numerous bruises, blogger spine is damaged. And Rashkin, meanwhile, continues to broadcast on the unity of the party and the people.

Hand in hand with the people — the Communists are different and do not go. But the bandits, like it or not, the same people. For the Deputy Rashkin, as it turned out, such people are more valuable than, say, a pensioner, asked awkward questions.

The publication about relationships, Rashkin with representatives of the criminal world appear regularly. Five years ago, Rashkin and his associates from the top ten of the Communist party petitioned the leaders of the OPG “Obshchak”, holding at Bay the far East. The leader of the gang was charged with 43 counts, including kidnapping and murder with special cruelty. The Communists sent to the Prosecutor a few dozen letters on official letterhead to demand the release of the defendants.

What can I say? Even the classics were taught that everything is based on Economics. And what could be more reliable and enjoyable Foundation for political growth than thieves obshchak?

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