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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Team Russia won the Olympics. Military

On Saturday at the suburban site “Alabino” was the closing of the international Army games army 2016 and awarding of the national teams competing across the country – from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. In the final, most spectacular competitions of crews of infantry fighting vehicles and tanks arrived Sergey Shoigu together with the defence Ministers of five countries and the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. On the last day of the games, all the first stage of the pedestals took only the Russians.

The journalist “MK” visited the closing of the Armi-2016 and spoke with participants.

Can’t believe the weather forecasters… This conclusion could have made everyone who despite the promised on the eve of the wind, rain and almost a tornado with hail, still dare go to the suburban Alabino range, which is, certainly, not regret it. Harisena in the morning sky for lunch have smiled in full sunlight, allowing the same audience (and all-weather optimists turned out to be about 25 thousand) to enjoy the brightest stages of the competitions “Suvorov onslaught” and “Tank biathlon”.

In the finals, “Suvorov onslaught” came together the crews of infantry fighting vehicles from Russia, Iran, Russia and Kazakhstan. The teams had to hit all the targets from a distance of almost 2 km, overcoming various obstacles – a Ford, minefield, slope.

In this kind of competition, the time lag was minimal, the fate of the relay solved the second. Roared the rostrum, supporting its members. Passions added the voice of the commentator: “Only some 500 meters the crew fighting machine China lags behind the Russian team!!!”

Were leading the Russian team, but almost every team member was assigned penalty laps – someone missed the target, someone had to change a broken car – and literally until the last lap it was impossible to determine the winner. And while on the road, seething passion, I had time to talk with participants and organizers of the games.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

Spectator, rooting for her, nervously walked the man with the armband: “the judge.” We met: Dauren of Hiperdino from Kazakhstan.

Now I do not judge anyone, – said Dauren – are considered to be interested party. It is my duty to observe, to follow, to avoid failures, mistakes. But I see nothing – all clear.

– Come on… Right so no complaints?

– No. Everywhere I have personally tried, no violations noted.

And fraud is not noticed?

No no no no! Here you can see everything. And not only the eyes, the cameras are all fixed. See right there, the obstacles are two people? he gestured to the track, is magisterial. One holding the box, another camera. If I have doubts, I go on the radio call, and they’re showing me shooting. And so on all sections of the route.

And his boys from Kazakhstan are you satisfied?

– Yes, training them is good. Although we are first participating in “Suvorov onslaught”, so it is difficult, experience comes with time. But our tanks are in the fourth year.

You somehow took away?

– Selected, since the separation, platoon, battalion, then under the regional command and then as a whole army… we all wanted to get to the landfill.

– I think we need such competition? I hear some people say: why military “merry starts”, it would be better joint exercises held.

– Why? Exercises is determined by the level of military training of particular units, but here – entire countries. Besides, it is also a demonstration of military equipment – who is better.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

Indeed, one of the organizers of the competition told me that the representatives of Iran recently went to Ostrogorzhsk. There on a specially prepared unique track in the framework of the games was held contest of military drivers. Guests from Iran knew that the Chinese team will be on machines of own production and wanted to see how they will behave on tests to decide what they had better equipment to buy Russian or Chinese. As a result, in a private conversation, the Iranians admitted that the cars they liked the Chinese, and the heavy is Russian.


…And at the start of “Suvorov onslaught” in the meantime, vigorously discussing the races were crowded with competitors. I tried to approach the Russian team, but the road I stopped by a severe woman in a military uniform: “Not,” insisted she, ” it is not up to you. It’s bad luck to talk to the press before the start. We got to talking. It turned out that this Marina Kovaleva, psychologist of the Russian team.

She said that the boys, who are now preparing for the arrival, almost all – the far East. They also passed a rigorous selection in parts, came to the all-Russian competitions and then ended up here.

To enter this competition, – said Maria Kovaleva, today the army is considered very prestigious.

– And where are the members of the team?

– All live, including foreigners, have in the Taman division. The conditions are equal: the forecastle, washing machines, microwave ovens – if someone wants something to eat… Eat together in our dining room – division no no.

Foreigners have something to tell you? Like them here?

– I don’t know, close not spoken, but I think I like it – just look at their faces.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

I heard from some of our experts think: why do we need this show, it would be better money spent on real teaching. Do you agree?

Is not the show. All competitions are made up of exercises that are part of the curriculum of military training. So the competition for work and training, and the prestige of the army.

…As for prestige, it more about this said the head of a mobile office selection for the service contract, which was deployed here at the games, Colonel Alexei Morozov. In total, the games worked a total of 12 points. They were visited by over 10,5 thousand people. Of them expressed a desire to sign contract 1.7 thousand people. And on the spot applied to service more than 280 people.

– Many young people come, – said Morozov. Someone once have served, but I looked at biathlon, and again wants to return to the army. Some want to get back to serve in his unit. And then the personnel officers of the military units work and can pre-select each post.

– In what the army most want to serve?

I’m not sure, but when the tankers there are many who want to go in the tank when skydivers jump – a lot of people just bursting into the Navy. And we are here to tell and show that it represents a service contract. People write statements, and then with them already working in the stationary point at the place of residence. After all, the candidate must meet all of our requirements and the health and level of education.

– And girls who want to serve as much?

– Very much. Moreover, unlike the boyfriend, as she decided to go into the army, it’s going to end – up military unit.

…Well, maybe so, however in this competition a female military teams to see and had no chance. But men fought like real soldiers. And, as it turned out, not just the military.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

In the competition participated and a team of DOSAAF, – with delight has told me the youthful woman Olga in a bright green uniform of a volunteer. By profession she is, surprisingly, a lawyer. But to help people prefer not only at work but in your free time. – The team DOSAAF was the guys who served military service and went to the reserve: one of them is a tube driver, the other engineer at the plant. A couple of months ago DOSAAF has announced the selection of speakers for these events. And after two months of training they are Amateurs, took the prize places to shoot and great at air and ground targets. We’re all very sick!


And the day before in the Pacific ended with the military chefs competition which was attended by the representatives of the five countries. From each team to referee Commission includes one representative and all the dishes that were tried to a jury, awarded independent rooms, so that no one knew who they were prepared.

The program was both mandatory and free. Estimated national cuisine, where the best steel Chinese chefs. They also won in the competitions in shooting, knocking down 30 points from 30 possible. Second were chef from Mongolia. But given that the result of the teams consisted of the total number of credit points, places in the final were distributed as follows: first place – team Russia, followed by China and Kazakhstan.

The cooking contest was no less spectacular and popular than the “Tank biathlon”. In any case, defense Minister Shoigu and his distinguished guests, arriving on the ground, immediately went here to deployed field kitchens of the participating countries.

First, met Chinese chefs. Even in the morning, walking here, I saw one of them had a pair of bright orange pumpkin, turning it into the fairy dragon. Now, delighting the eye, the dragon has splashed on the table, and the Minister Shoigu the same chef had the example of regular cucumber, which he skillfully cut so that made it look like a malachite necklace, showed how in the field to prepare beautiful, delicious dishes.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

Sergei Shoigu smiled, a little embarrassed from the persistent Chinese hospitality, until they showed him how to make Chinese noodles with thick hair and offered to try dishes with unpronounceable brand names. Translated into Russian it was just fried pork in sweet and sour sauce and cooked in a special way carp.

– And it still tastes better – appreciated treats Shoigu – reaching after carp for another piece of meat. Apparently your chef has deservedly become the best in the contest of national dishes.

Then the Chinese person serving in rear – apparently the main here – began to recite the speech, praising the organizers of the competition and handed Shoigu tiny glass, emphasizing that it is the state of Chinese vodka. The Minister took it, listened to it and said thank you, put the glass in place. But the Chinese again handed to the Minister all the same glass with words about what great successes achieved by the Russian army under his leadership. Shoigu again thanked the guest for his kind words and took the vodka. But the Chinese to retreat and was not going to. He a third time brought him the glass, tightening a toast in his honor. Then the Minister, apparently, it became clear that refuse to fail. He once again thanked the guest and this time even symbolic, but still tasted “state” Chinese drink, and then finally put the still full glass on the table and moved on, from whence came the sounds of accordion and balalaika.

Russian chefs were not as persistent as the Chinese, though their table was literally heaped with food: lamb, beef, pork, stuffed pepper, sausage and home large crabs and a samovar with bagels.

Our chefs are clearly confused, pushing each other: come on, let’s offer… But then the Minister has not felt the guests while the cook bustled about in confusion, and musicians next to play “Kalinka”, he picked up the fork, handed them to his assistants, too, that they have something to try, put on a plate sausage, was confident to cut it and rather said:

– Well, did not disappoint the country? The first place you.

The cook just smiled, no drink – neither “state” nor their spill – “for victory!” the Minister offer no one dared.

The delegation moved on to the sounds of African drums, which beat the black people in traditional African costumes made of palm leaves. Try a dish called fideuada of meat with beans, vegetables and local spices, the guests went to the Mongolian chefs.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

People here have already emboldened, acting is simpler and accompanying the Minister, guests, yourself forks took the meat and dipped it in the sauce.

Very tasty, ” said Shoigu, trying the lamb dish. – What is it, dry?

He explained that this is raw meat, weathered and sun-dried, after which it can be stored indefinitely, which is very convenient for the military.

Apparently, from all seen the guests so hungry that when they got to the Kazakh field kitchens, all finally grew bolder. Shoigu even slightly jammed, moving to the table. The guests themselves put treats, the atmosphere became relaxed.

Later, when the Minister with the guests left, we met the main man in Kazakh field kitchen – major-General Kagali Muratovym, head of logistics of the armed forces of Kazakhstan. He spoke about those dishes that are so pleased with the guests:

Something that tried the Minister is baursak, explained tylovikov. Is here atyrausskaya caviar, from the Caspian sea, delicious, grab – where another try. The main dish we have – bishbarmak. It – horse sausage – environmentally friendly product, no cholesterol. Here our comrades were eating horse meat – and it showed in the big Kazakh children in the national form, – see what has grown!

– Why do you think the Minister most of all have you tried food?

– Yes, because he knows in our kitchen. He likes horse meat – our people! And then the rest are all here ready – made meals in two hours. We have the same food fresh, just made. And all of our products from Kazakhstan. Yes you try, it’s cream with honey”, he said, welcoming the General.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

It all went with sweet gifts. Even distinguished guests. When the Kazakh General saw that Sergei Shoigu reached for a beautiful red Apple and on the table stood a basket – he then grabbed this huge basket and began handing out apples to everybody. All immediately smiled and began to joke. So the decision first of the guests to meet, to feed, to unite, and then to offer a more serious spectacle – “Tank biathlon” was absolutely correct.


Describe the competition “Tank biathlon” is pretty hard, its like they say, you have to see. When a huge flying tanks like light swallows, and earth overcoming water obstacles, and then accurately hit the target, this sight is fascinating. And here in a difficult struggle in the stands and a giant screen watched by thousands of spectators, the Russian crews were winners. The silver medal went to China’s team, bronze — Kazakhstan.

Even on the ground, a solemn closing ceremony and awarding of winners in 23 contests of the international Army games in 2016.

The main Cup army-2016 the defense Minister presented the Russian team that won the team event. The award from the Minister was received by the commander of aviation group of aerobatics “Swifts” Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Osyaykin, chief of staff surface ships of the Caspian flotilla, captain of the second rank Andrey Polyakov and commander of a reconnaissance company 2nd infantry division guards captain Vasily Lebedev, who represented the national team of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

As the most cohesive crew of “Tank biathlon” in the special nomination “And the battlefield is kept in tanks” awards – cars UAZ “Patriot” – was Sergeant Alex Cheban, gunner senior Sergeant Alexander Lobodanov, driver Junior Sergeant Sergey Bronnikov.

In “Suvorov onslaught”, the Russian team became the winner, 2nd place-China 3rd – Kazakhstan. For the best shooting from BMP award was given to major Sotorios Carlos from Venezuela.

Only the Russian military has won 20 gold medals, Kazakhstan — two and China one. By order of the Minister of defence for the merits in strengthening combat Commonwealth medals were awarded to the servicemen of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Angola, Belarus, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia and Tajikistan. The winners received a lot of valuable prizes including cars, quads and even snowmobiles.

One of the organizers of the games said:

– Every year competition in the game is enhanced – this year not all the competitions won by our guys, and the number of participating teams has increased 2.5 times. Such competition forces the military of all countries to increase their professionalism. In addition, these competitions become an arena of struggle for new technology. For example, the Chinese military in the current competition brought a completely new car, unlike those that they had before. More and more countries are showing interest in these military events. For example, China suggested that next year part of the finals to host and Kazakh military want to five to increase the number of competitions held in their country in these international competitions. They propose to hold new contests. For example, the long rally in armoured vehicles, as well as competition among female soldiers.

Sergei Shoigu has congratulated the winners of the Olympics of the military Armi-2016 (19 photos)

And the main idea about Armi-2016 was made, in my opinion, in the words of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, when he thanked the organizers and winners, closing of the game. In fact, the answer to the same question that I asked nearly all participants: why, in your opinion, to hold such a show? Isn’t it better to send the money on real combat training?

The Minister noted that the military need a place to show their skills. “There are two places: one of them, as you know, this is a war, the other — our international Military games. That is why I am absolutely convinced that geography will grow.” He said that the game “came about 3.5 thousand specialists of different professions: pilots and sailors, scouts, and Marines, gunners and engineers, sappers and cynologists, physicians — all those who dealt with military Affairs, military actions. …Would like to see only those fields, in the fields of such competition, which we are now completing”.

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