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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Maxim: “If something doesn’t work — drop it and move on”

Although one of the founding fathers of The Prodigy — the namesake of the famous Russian singer, they have nothing in common. Maxim is one of the most frightening and at the same time attractive to foreign alternative artists. Like a wild shaman, he introduces the audience into a trance and once again made it to the Kubana festival, held last weekend in Riga, Lucavsala island.

Photo: Dmitry Telegin

Already the first day of the festival was bright and “tasty” — I opened it one of the groups of the symbols of open — air The Subways, picked up the baton punks NOFX, independent team, which managed to gain international popularity without contracts with labels and producers, they were replaced by the founders for their unique style electronicor Enter Shikari, and after midnight was rocked by a powerful series of DJ-sets. One of them played Maxim: he admits that DJing is his second “I” and engaged in free from work time. Dark-dark night on a dark dressing room like a shaman, the artist told “MK” about the phenomenon of The Prodigy, features collaborations and his hobby of painting.

— How comfortable are you to work and grow in The Prodigy? It used to be that you competed in something with Keith flint? I think you’re both leaders and both impulsive…

— We have many years of doing music together, it’s a matter of our whole life and always — exciting trip for us, so it’s time to wrestle and try to prove that someone in the group is steeper, we have. And that’s why we’re a team — we all work, think and create songs as a single organism.

— You have always been your side projects. What do you remember most?

— It’s hard to single out any of them specifically, I write music since childhood — that’s what I really like to do. Projects come and go, some of them work, some not, some are a waste of time. I made an important conclusion: if something is not working, it is better to leave it without regrets and move on, otherwise you lose energy. In parallel with the music I do these things that inspire me to create compositions, for example, a lot of paint and exhibit their work in a personal gallery on the Internet. I sell my paintings in different countries of the world.

— Many remember the song from your Skin “Carmen Queasy”. It was a very strong collaboration. Don’t want to repeat? Or try something new with other artists?

— Yes, it was a wonderful experience. Skin — magic singer and actress, I would even say “performer”, it would be more accurate in her case, and she’s the only one of its kind. I’m not aiming to do as many things as possible in collaboration with someone, if something interesting appears on the horizon, the character is interesting to me and I would like to experiment with it — I’m open, but there needs to arise a energy connection. It must occur naturally and organically. Only in this case the collaboration will be interesting.

— How do you create your DJ-sets?

— I don’t mastimovie DJ, and it’s not something I make a career. This is partly a hobby, so I’m relaxed, I play only the music that gets me and hopefully the audience too. I don’t play soft dance-pop style music “raise your hands”, I play a sharp, heavy, aggressive and crazy tracks, the style is mostly drum and bass, and for me it has to sound music to the right of the British dance scene. I play your songs and record Cianna Blaze, who people never heard of before. This girl is the MC and she’s very talented.

— What now fascinates you more — working in Prodigy or your personal projects?

— I’m not the guy who can only do one thing in one unit of time, I realize myself through different directions, all of them interesting to me how different facets of life. You should always be sure that everything is achievable, and to accept it as an axiom, without any “because”. That’s what I was taught as a child, but now I know.

— What is the phenomenon of The Prodigy?

Is a group that exists as a phenomenon because she’s real and not like any other.

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