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Monday, February 19, 2018

Grishkovets pours beer

One of the first in Moscow theatre “School of modern drama” opens a new season. He will be 28-m account — age theatre is quite solid. What a “fresh jet” will beat the shsp in the new season and how they will be combined with traditional forms that developed in this unusual theatre, fundamentally avoidant of classic plays and building your repertoire exclusively on the topical drama tells the Creator and artistic Director of “School,” Joseph Raihelgauz.

Photo: the press Department of the theater

Some theater critics believe that the theatre lives 25-30 years. And then exhausted and dies. And we need new forces, impulses, people, sometimes even a new name to the old place, scored a fresh creative flow. Is that so?

— Me all sorts of patterns not to his liking, but nevertheless the concept of “theatre-family”, in my opinion, true. Was troupe led by great Directors — Tovstonogov, Lyubimov, Efros. They created theatres died together with them. Because, unfortunately, they had no pupils. Our theater almost from the first day of its occurrence exists in harmony and unity with the theatre school for four workshops released over the years “school of the modern play”. Today, I still pity “to give up” the theater, but there are a few of my students who do not succeed in the province and in Moscow, but also led a major Russian theatres. At least four young Directors, I would safely transferred the theatre. This is the panacea of old age: continuity of generations. As in the family dies and disappears, the family in which there are no heirs. A family in which there are heirs, forms a dynasty. I can proudly say that our workshop graduates of GITIS, where in addition I teach actors and Directors shsp, as theses prefer plays by contemporary playwrights. This means that they accept and develop the aesthetics of the “School of modern play”, which is based on a new drama. In such a situation, nothing wrong in 28 years there. And what’s more, we are open not only for our workshop — graduate of any course, any theatre of the University, for any young actor, Director, artist, playwright newcomer who has something to show, always open doors of our theatre.

— Last year we said farewell to albert Filosofem is an irreparable loss. He was engaged in nearly all performances of your theater. What about repertoire?

Care Filatova — a huge blow. Albert Leonidovich was one of the founders of the theatre: formed aesthetics, working methods. He came to the theater already an experienced master. But it is not only a psychological loss, and trauma work. Filozov everywhere played a part. I am grateful to the artists who came to the rescue. Very dignified and talent in two performances filosova replaced Vladimir Shulga — “Russian jam” Guninski and “the Seagull.” Tomorrow we open with a performance of “Boris Akunin. The Seagull”. Call all to see what Shulga is the present artistic phenomenon. Grateful to Alexei Petrenko, who already played in the play “House”. It is more than 20 years did not go to the theatre scene after he stopped playing with us “And Choi-you in evening dress?”. And I hope that he will play in the other performances. In “the Last Aztec” very interesting rehearsing, Leonid Yakubovich. But, of course, we still have a long time to “lick their wounds” after the death of albert Leonidovich.

— And what now with the “Overcoat”? Because the role of Bashmachkin also had to play Filozov?

— The authors Vadim Zhuk and Maxim Dunaevsky wrote this role for Filozova. Under this version, done a great job with Dmitry horonko, with musicians. Now the project is suspended. But we are looking for a new solution and dedicate this performance memory Filozova.

— “School of modern play” was the “pioneer” actor’s improvisation. One of the performances in the genre of “narrative” — “Star disease” — has become even in his time the winner of the prize of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. You continue the story?

This same technology is preparing to release a new performance “While filled with beer.” The news that Yevgeny Grishkovets, who invented stories for improvisations, will play the main role of the bartender (the action takes place in a bar). Our actors will play a number of improvisational stories. Viewers will find a surprise move — we’ll do something that directly corresponds to the name “School of modern play”. But — no spoilers. Come to the premiere on 18 September and will see.

— What new names will appear on the poster?

— Our program “young Directors” competition “actors” every year supply us with new heroes. This year Nikita Betekhtin, a student of Leonid Heifetz, won the contest to stage in the programme. His play Prank on the play by Viktor Alekseev is a very unusual — and content and the Director’s decision, and even choice of stage space. But again, I’m not going to give away all my secrets: premiere soon — on October 18.

— In the theatre, serve the most interesting actors — Irina Alferova, Aleksandr Galibin, Tatiana Vedeneeva, Vladimir Kachan, Elena Sanaeva. Will they have new roles?

— We understand that we are in the company of real diamonds. Is the “portfolio” great play “Pozvonochnye” Vladimir Zherebtsov. There are a lot of characters that were new to open up our wonderful artists. For example, Irina Alferov and Vladimir Kachan. Now we solve the question of the Director.

— Well, the most important question: how’s the reconstruction of the building on Trubnaya square? Last year it was about the fact that your temporary accommodation in Moscow soon should release. Where’s the theatre?

— Like when we speak to our superiors, the impression that everything goes according to plan, “according to the regulations”. Of course, if someone wanted, as once Luzhkov, so theatres were built and opened, the theater would be built and opened. Really miss someone who would want that. Nevertheless, we are grateful to everyone who drives the process. We are told that in February will begin actual construction. I want to ask: when will it end? But this question will be in the series too many problems, in which we live. There is a feeling that the time has come when music should be “silent” and be content with what we have. With Tychinki yet no one drives. Play here. And not only. In the new season are going on tour in Germany and Switzerland invited to a number of festivals, both Russian and foreign, hope that again we will be touring Russia.

Tomorrow the troupe will gather for the traditional gathering. Artists will share experiences from summer holidays and work: many in this period, in films. The artistic Director will talk about plans for the season. And on the same day will start normal life repertory theatre: performances, rehearsals, premieres, competitions, tours, club nights, meetings.

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