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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Suspect in preparation of acts of terrorism in the Crimea, announced the execution of orders Gur Ukraine

Simferopol court arrested the second suspect in preparation of acts of terrorism in the Crimea – Andrew Sahaja. If earlier, Kiev and lost in the versions, denied any involvement in the actions of his DRG, now Ukrainian politicians are more active: Sahaja declared “anti-Ukrainian-minded offender”. The detainee and his accomplices, meanwhile, spoke in detail about the details of their “mission”.

The court of the Kiev district of Simferopol on Saturday arrested a second suspect in the preparation of terrorist acts in the Crimea Andrei Zotea for a period of one month and 26 days. The meeting was held behind closed doors.

“They kill their own people in the South-East, they are willing to kill their own people, citizens of Ukraine, we in the Crimea

“The court chose a measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of one month and 26 days for the suspect inhabitant of the Crimea Andrey Sahaja”, – said the source RIA “Novosti”. He explained that the period of detention may not exceed two months from the date of detention of a suspect, so the court’s decision it has been reduced for a few days.

Earlier, the same court arrested for two months one more person involved in this case – the employee of the main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Colonel Eugene Panov. Lords, we will remind, has given grateful evidences, calling the main goal of sabotage: ferry, Feodosia tank farm, city Dzhankoy, a helicopter regiment, a chemical plant “Titan”.

According to sources in the Russian special services suspect Andrew Sahta provided a subversive group Panova. Zotea in the car were found explosives, grenades and detonators. In the Ukrainian media appeared the message that living in Yalta Sahta – native of the city of Borislav of Lviv region.

On the eve of the source in the intelligence told the name of the organizer of the planned sabotage. This is the chief intelligence officer of the 37th battalion of the 56th brigade of the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine captain Vladimir Serdyuk.

According to intelligence agencies, directly before planning your invasion in Crimea three subversive groups (one – four men and two for five people) Serdyuk came to Kherson region to coordinate their actions and ensure waste after committing acts of sabotage.

In addition, the engineer companies involved in water supply in rural settlements of the Dzhankoy district of the Crimea, identified photos of one of the members of the Ukrainian subversive group, detained in the Crimea; according to the witness, the man got on the enterprise under the guise of a sales representative.

All, according to a source in law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Crimea, in the case of the preparation of sabotage on the Peninsula were arrested seven people.

The saboteur, or “Zaya”

Kiev authorities continue to deny the involvement of Ukraine to the acts of sabotage and razvedyvatelnaya groups, found and captured on the night of 7 August.

The adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Geraschenko said that the arrested Andrew Sahta – twice convicted recidivist nicknamed “Hutch”, in addition “anti-tuned”.

“It’s long been known collaborator with fixed anti-Ukrainian actions”, – declared the Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Alexander Briginets.

According to Gerashchenko, Tahta “was sentenced in 1998 to 6.5 years of imprisonment for robbery committed by group of persons. Served four years in the Lviv penal colony number 40, but on the path of correction did not.” “Then was re-prosecuted in 2008 for fraud, forgery and other crimes, but got off surprisingly easy with conviction and a small penalty,” he added.

“In 2011, Zaya had accumulated debts in his native city of Borislav of Lviv region and stupidly ran away from creditors to Moscow. Then moved to Evpatoria, where he lived until now”, – wrote Gerashchenko.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian defense Ministry once again said that the detainees in the attempt of sabotage in the Crimea are not employees of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry.

As before noted the newspaper VIEW, the national security Council, defense Ministry and the interior Ministry of Ukraine separately from each other has put forward several versions of the events in the Crimea, trying to refute the message of the FSB about the saboteurs. But in the end the version denied each other.

“Confirm their cowardly position”

Ukrainian authorities continue to deny his involvement in the preparation of sabotage and terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea, as cowardly position does not allow them to admit that they have made, commenting on the statement by the Ukrainian authorities, said the Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

“This is all consistent with the current criminal face of leadership in Ukraine. They are still in the beginning, when he came to power through a coup, has shown its face and now confirm their cowardly position. They don’t even have the courage to admit that they have committed”, – RIA “news” words of the public Prosecutor.

“They (Ukrainian government) kill their own people in the South-East, they are willing to kill their own people, citizens of Ukraine, at us in Crimea, have a rest and rejoice in the fact that in the Crimea, peace and order. It is their cowardly face and cowardly position,” said Poklonski.

By order of the “Pavel Nikolayevich”

Andrew Sahta, which the Kiev authorities hurried to write down in criminals, meanwhile, makes a confession. The saboteur confirmed that he acted on the orders of the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Fragments of operative shooting of FSB of the Russian Federation with the staff questioning the day before showed the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“Now I am aware and appreciate their actions that I was following orders of military intelligence of Ukraine on the transportation of saboteurs and their cargo through the territory of the Crimea”, – said Sahta.

The video demonstrated a bookmark of ammunition carried in the spare wheel of the car of the detainee the driver. The tab contains hand grenades, explosives and detonators, and a map of the Peninsula, a mobile phone and SIM card.

Also, the FSB of Russia published a video of the interrogation of another agent DIU Ukraine, Ridvan Sulemanova, reports TASS.

The video of the interrogation of Suleimanov reported that on July 29 arrived in Simferopol, “visited the Central bus station and the airport, where we found four seats for future laying of improvised explosive devices, described them and sent Pavel Nikolayevich (the person who recruited him in Kiev in October 2015, as agent of the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine – approx. OPINION)”.

On 30 July Sulejmanov went to the airport of Simferopol, has made five pictures and was detained by law enforcement agencies. According to him, in July 2016 in Odessa, Paul N.” he got the job to go to Simferopol and to find a place to lay explosive devices.” “Criteria bookmarks had to be rugged, easy bookmarks, as well as a large number of people,” – said Suleymanov. He also had to check for cameras and frequent patrols by law enforcement.

“I realize that his actions selected locations for possible future bookmark explosive devices for terrorist attacks by the staff of WTP, and could kill civilians,” admitted Sulemanov.

The testimony of agent Joseph”

“In September 2015, I was recruited as an agent of the main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, received the alias Jozef”, – said one of the detainees. Agent under the Callsign Jozef said his goal in the Crimea was to collect military information, for which he promised to 6 thousand UAH per month.

“Recruitment was carried out in Zaporozhye officer Pavel Nikolaevich – the name and rank I do not know. Pavel explained to me that my task will be to collect on the territory of Crimea military information, and the information he promised me a month to pay three or four thousand hryvnia,” – said the agent.

According to him, in case he got a job working at Belbek airport or the railway to Simferopol, to convey information about the movement of military equipment there, he promised to pay five or six thousand hryvnia per month.

“He also said that the entrance to the Crimea I have to get to work in the airport or (on) the railway not once, but two or three months, and during these two or three months I have to get a Russian passport,” the agent said.

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