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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Reform of the intelligence services of NATO is a threat to Russia

The efforts of Poland and the Baltic States, the reorganization of the intelligence agencies of NATO will go down a completely different path than the one that is really needed. Europe needs protection against the new challenges of global terrorism, but instead an updated intelligence to fight the “Russian threat”. Americans banal went on about those and listen to something not worth it.

At the beginning of his current tour to the Baltic States Director of National intelligence James clapper met with President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas and the leadership of the Estonian security services. “President Ilves and Director Clapper recognized that the changing situation in security sphere in the vicinity of NATO borders makes reform of the intelligence services of the NATO”, – said the Estonian President at the end of the meeting.

“Merkel herself admitted to his backyard this Roy – she won’t disturb him. Although they should be”

The decision on the reorganization or creation (while this is worded exactly) a new pan-European intelligence system was adopted at the NATO summit in Warsaw. There are two versions of how it will be formulated tasks for a new pan-European intelligence service and therefore shape its structure. According to the most “calm”, a new exploration effort of Europe should be drawn inside of her. That is not even intelligence, but a new counter-intelligence unit, which will be sharpened by the anti-terrorist operation, but across the entire EU without amendments to national borders. The basis for these thoughts is the mass influx of refugees, a series of uncontrolled and non-monitored terrorist acts and the common understanding of the complete failure of national intelligence in the face of such threats.

Counterintelligence system separate France and Germany, and to them – Belgium and the UK do not adequately prepared to respond to new challenges of global terrorism. The more that international terrorism is constantly changing tactics. Yes, this tactic is old, Yes, all of these techniques were known in advance, as most of the people involved in managing terrorism. But in Europe in General and in individual countries, there was no system that could effectively deal with the massive terrorist challenge. Fix a broken system, however, lies not in the interaction, but rather in improving the work of the national special services. And it’s not so much about preventive measures, how many of the operations active at the local level, and some new pan-European sverchkova it does not need. There is enough political will, but it is something key countries of Western Europe is just not enough.

Strictly speaking, France is not new filing system within the framework of NATO or the EU and not further legislation, which Hollande says a full-scale army operation in the already established ghettos in many French cities. The environment of armor, the sweep of the neighborhoods from door-to-door check of the residents and opening fire (as was done, albeit in a shortened version, in Belgium a year ago). Same story in the case of Germany, but there is already the intention to discuss such a prospect, albeit diluted by the endless talk about “the need to observe democratic procedures”. In France, any such initiative depends on it in endless lectures on the primacy of liberal values and “poor Arab boys”, which should give some more benefits and then a Molotov cocktail is not enough.

It’s not only specific to President Hollande, and in the perception of French society, which tends to paint with crayons on the asphalt and to organize flash mobs in a situation when it is necessary to use armored vehicles. Hollande puts the observance of democratic and liberal rights above national security in any of its performance, including the mourning that is the cause of his conflict with the part of the generals and intelligence professionals. Germany is going the same way because of other political reasons, and while the post of Chancellor is Angela Merkel, about the active measures anti-terrorist orientation on the territory of Germany can not speak. She is currently admitted to the backyard this Roy – she won’t disturb him. Although they should be.

Another thing is that the idea of a new European intelligence is not being considered in the anti-terrorism context. It would be possible even not to mention, if the decisions taken in Warsaw, was not supported by the selected experts in Russia. The NATO summit is quite tightly defined the need for a new intelligence system in terms of confrontation with Moscow, not more relevant in the current situation of the fight against terrorism. Moreover, the initiators of the creation of a new intelligence system were precisely those NATO countries that are most interested in political confrontation with Russia – the Baltic States and Poland.

The fact is that the new intelligence service will be formed not on an empty place in the framework of civil cooperation, for example in the EU or the OSCE, but only within NATO. And it’s not counter-intelligence and the new intelligence system, developing on the basis of already existed, but abandoned after 1991 systems.

NATO intelligence has long existed and is directly subordinate to the joint command of troops. Its Central body – the Intelligence Committee (European coordinating Committee), the Permanent military Committee – on strategic planning and management of the Alliance. Previously this structure was performed mainly as military intelligence, including the physical. For example, it consisted of the observation of the Soviet (and then Russian) submarines and control of the strategic Straits.

Now we are talking about giving this system a “new breath.” NATO is and will remain for a long time, the main control system over Europe, including especially the military. The structure, which now will be built over the old, will be only improved, tailored to the new border monitoring system and monitoring. That is, we will focus primarily on the formation of new observation posts, including in the Baltic States, Poland and Romania near the Russian border. In Ukraine, exploration of the NATO countries (especially the US) feel at ease now.

Idealistic notions that the new system will be designed only to combat terrorism, and therefore Russia could be included in this common struggle, we need to discard. We are talking about creating a new hostile structures with more active, than previously attended secondary for NATO, but for us the border countries. Of course, the growing role of human intelligence it is not, so far formulated only proposals to strengthen the role of signals intelligence and related monitoring systems of the Russian Federation and its territory.

In leadership and mid-level CIA are not robots, fixated on hostility toward everything Russian. Many of them consider themselves and are considered specialists in Russia and are able to objectively assess the situation in the country, and even national psychology. But still it is a simple hotel in the dichotomy of “we/other”, where “we” is the American system of thinking, the “other” – a wonderful and even somewhat similar to us, Russian boys and girls, and most importantly, that Russians go to wrong direction – Russian move in the wrong direction and must be corrected. Poor understanding of the role of the Baltic States and Poland in all of this eventually leads the CIA to bad decisions in the first place to preuvelicheniya attention to the data coming from Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn. Geographical proximity to Russia, historical past and General knowledge of the Russian language does not make employees of intelligence services of these countries a valuable source of information. The vast majority of these people have lost the idea of modern Russia and tend to operate weird “Sovietology” calculations, which are given for intelligence information.

Hope that the new intelligence structure, NATO will have to work for a common cause – the fight against terrorism, it is not necessary. Even in purely human terms, quite a few intelligence officers, especially in Eastern European countries, are able to understand the difference between a real threat and a political whipping up hysteria. And personal characteristics in intelligence sometimes is more important than the General setup. Emergency workload of CIA protocols and principles of behavior that kills individuality – the basis of field and human intelligence, and determined the crisis in the organization.

To summarize. NATO at the initiative of the CIA, which creatively took a pass from East European countries, a new system of military-intelligence control for the Russian Federation, primarily territorial and observant. And this will have to accept. Better and mind they do not like them nor persuade.

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