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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ivanov remains one of Putin’s cronies

Resigned his post one of the closest associates of Vladimir Putin, worked with him side by side for the last 18 years. Sergey Ivanov has left a post of the head of the presidential administration, to lead which will now Anton Vaino, the former Deputy. Changes in the higher echelons of power have both subjective reasons, and natural character.

Sergei Ivanov were among the main supporters of Putin – if to speak about what was done President in 17 years, after all this we see the work of the team, the group closest associates, called Putin into power at the turn of the century. The contribution of Ivanov is one of the most important if not the main after Putin. And suddenly this person walks away. Why?

“To build a new “elite” will have grown, Putin and Ivanov together with a new generation of leaders”

Of any discord between Putin and Ivanov cannot be considered. They are familiar forty years, the last eighteen years working together, their relations are characterized as friendly in the true sense of the word. Ivanov age and comrade of Putin, and there is no reason to believe they voiced publicly the reasons for the resignation of the head of administration.

Both referred to their conversation at the turn of 2011-2012, when Ivanov was appointed to this position. Then he asked Putin about the four years of operation (i.e. not for the whole term of the presidency, which was increased to six years). Ivanov worked for four months to five years – indeed in recent months spoke with the President about resignation.

Played a role and the tragic death of the eldest son in 2014, and maybe not only as a personal grief. Still, working as the head of the Kremlin administration, it is difficult to pay much attention left without a father grandchildren.

And most importantly, of course, is the character and personality of the action. Not all of the civil service carried out feet first or in jail. There are people who understand that it is not only a high bureaucratic status provides the opportunity to influence decision making, and to do business, that is, to serve their country.

Ivanov is not retiring – he remains in a narrow circle, not just Trustees of Putin and his closest associates. The title of his new post – the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on issues of environmental activities, environment and transport” – does not mean that it will only deal with your favorite leopards or even fully focus on such major projects as TRANS-Eurasian transport corridors. Position invented in order to formally “justify” his presence among the permanent members of the security Council. From this main body of the collective leadership of Ivanov it is possible – and this is further proof that he remains an ally of Putin not only in human but also in the service dimension.

Head of administration – this is not so much political as administrative, managerial position. You need to build the entire vertical of power, primarily human and organisational. Anti-corruption update the authorities about the fundamental importance which was said in recent years Putin and Ivanov, the new HR policy (which also kept talking former chief of staff) – these need to be addressed continuously. Ivanov still scout, analyst of geopolitics and his experience and expertise are important on the international front, in the same security Council.

But to build a new “elite” will have grown by Putin (together with Ivanov) a new generation of leaders – and 44-year-old Anton Vaino belongs to them. As new governors, people from the FSO, the new head of Russian Railways, and many others that are yet to come to key positions. This new generation – not just the performers, but they lack bad “experience of the 90s and emerged as civil servants already in the Putin era. Moreover, many of them worked directly with the President so enjoyed his full confidence, not corrupt and do not think in terms of clans and corporations.

This does not mean that Putin is preparing the elite 37th year, this means that the update command of the heights becomes for him an absolute priority. In 2012 he warned the item to toughen rules of conduct and work together with Ivanov carried out this policy in life. The rotten part of the nomenclature, like “elite” in General, did not want to believe in the inevitability of change – they say, nothing, the bosses are raging, the next campaign, the important thing is to sit.

But some are already “sit out” on the benches, while others lose their warm positions, and this applies to people from the first, the KGB, the call. The process of renewing the political class will only gain momentum. But Sergei Ivanov does not belong to corrupt officials, nor the schemer, nor the creators of the clans and factions. On the contrary, he was honest with Putin, serving the country, not person or position.

Now Putin decided that his experience and knowledge to better use in a different format. But in any case, Sergei Ivanov will remain in the history of Russia beginning of the XXI century as one of those who restored almost destroyed the state while his office the power is far from over.

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