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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Valentina Tereshkova got a location of “United Russia” in the ballot

“Now you had equal opportunity,” – said the CEC head, Ella Pamfilova, addressing the representatives of the parties when they drew the numbers under which the party will be on the ballot for the Duma elections. According to experts, the lottery balls will spur campaigning before the September finish line party members already beat accidentally dropped them numbers. The way they expressed themselves, the participants race lately?

The CEC held a draw on the distribution of seats in the ballot for elections to the state Duma and approved the text of the Bulletin.

“At least three parliamentary parties enough chances”

The results of the draw the first number will be the party “Rodina”, followed by “Communists of Russia”, then – the Russian party of pensioners for justice. Number four went to “United Russia” five – party “Green” room six “Civic platform”.

The fifth issue of the Bulletin reserved for the liberal democratic party, the eighth – PARNAS party. The ninth room will be the Party of growth. Number 10 – “Civil force”, number 11 – “Apple”, at number 12 – the Communist party. “Patriots of Russia” got to number 13. 14th room – “Fair Russia”.

The most titled participant of the draw was the first woman-cosmonaut, Hero of the Soviet Union Valentina Tereshkova. She identified the place of “United Russia” on the ballot, pulled out of the Lotto ball number 4.

The four – Day national unity,” said Tereshkova, after the Association of the place of the party on the ballot with the national unity Day, celebrated on November 4. “For our country, I think this is a very important figure and a very important holiday. Unity means we are strong, then we are invincible,” said Tereshkova, showing an elongated room.

All balls of the same color and shape

United Russia” proposed to take into account the order of registration of parties for elections or to hold the preliminary draw, when parties compete for priority participation in the draw. Conducting pricereview supported in the “Homeland” and “Civic platform”. The Russia’s Central election Commission agreed with the proposal of “United Russia” to change the order of the draw according to the distribution of seats in the Bulletin and decided to do it in two stages.

“On the table in the atrium of the CEC will be envelopes in them – tokens with numbers. The representatives of the parties in order of CEC had registered their Federal lists will come to the table and to choose one of the envelopes”, – said the CEC.

After that, the party members themselves will have to lay the tile number into a ball and drop into a lottery drum. This, according to the representative of the CEC, will prevent any suspicion of dishonesty procedures policy will be able to personally ensure that all balls of the same color and shape. Pull the ball from the Lotto representatives of the parties will be in compliance with the elongated envelope number.

“You all had equal opportunities

“The most important thing that all of you had equal opportunity. I wish that the whole campaign was so that each of you had a chance to equal fair to participate in the upcoming battle,” – said the CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova at the end of the draw.

She wished the candidates to “campaign was honest, and competitive.” “So you were competing ideas, fought each other fiercely, but politely, without insults, respect each other. Respecting each other, you respect our electoral system, our electorate,” she said.

We will remind, the Duma elections will be held on 18 September under a mixed system. 225 deputies are elected on party lists and 225 in single – mandate constituencies. Each voter will receive two ballot papers – voting for the party list and to vote for candidates in single-mandate candidates. The election of the legislative Assembly will be held on 18 September in the 39 regions of the country in seven regions will be the direct election of senior officials, also planned to hold about five thousand municipal campaigns.

“The number of players has increased only two times”

Head of chair of General political science of the Higher school of Economics Leonid Polyakov believes the draw in the CEC completed the first stage of the election campaign. He noted that any party, which registration it was necessary to collect signatures failed to get access to elections.

“When four years ago was enacted the political reform that has facilitated the party’s creation, was euphoria and expectation that the number of political players at all levels will be expanded quite considerably. However, the increase occurred only twice. Prior political reform participated in the elections only seven parties, and now – fourteen”, Polyakov said the newspaper VIEW.

“In relation to “Fair Russia” expressed doubts”

Poles says output at its optimum level, that is, the Bulletin presents real political forces that Express positions of important social groups. In his opinion, the participation in elections of single-mandate means that the competition for mandates will include not only the party players, but the single-seat districts, which often enough are independents.

“Combined, the system adds sharpness and reduces the predictability of the final results,” – said the expert. “It’s one thing when we observe the ratings of political parties and can predict that at least three parliamentary parties confident chances to pass in the state Duma, and United Russia has a good chance to keep control over the parliamentary majority. Why the three parties? In relation to “Fair Russia” in the expert environment all the time, there is doubt and the ratings are not yet sufficiently stable,” he says.

“Homeland” in social networks

The larger the batch, the more activists and so it is more noticeable during the election campaign, and in this sense “United Russia” all the more noticeable, it employs the law of large numbers,” he said, commenting in an interview with VZGLYAD newspaper the election campaign, political analyst Alexei Martynov.

“The Communist party is also noticeable, but not so bright. If we talk about the virtual activity in social networks, there is an active working party “Rodina”. Today she received first place in the newsletter. It always gives the party a certain optimism. But the fourth room is also very symbolic looks for “United Russia”. That is, as party of the EP for the fourth time participates in the Federal Duma campaign,” he said.

“Waiting for something festival”

Another feature of the analyst calls that at the present time a very heated external agenda, and the campaign had expected aggression, some very striking manifestations, remembering a time 13 years ago, when I conducted single-mandate elections.

“It’s waiting for something festival. But this is not the overly active nature of the campaign due to the fact that the festival of the elections we have seen the example of Ukraine. And what it led to? Society, too, reacts. Nobody wants that to happen. Such a vaccine we got watching the Ukraine the past few years, and of course, participants of elections are primarily oriented to the demands of voters, as the society wants to see a particular party in terms of election campaign. It is a kind of mirror. What are the expectations of society, is and the dynamics of the election campaign”, – said Alexey Martynov.

A combination of local factors

In respect of single-member districts, emphasizes the Poles, we see a different situation, “although it is clear that there will also be a serious party influence, but each district is also a combination of many local factors, including the administrative, the factor associated with the location combinations of the forces of the interests of local elites.”

“In this sense, to predict the final balance of the distribution of seats is not yet possible. This means that one of the main principles of the strategy of the President in the election, namely competitiveness, is implemented in the best possible format,” – said Polyakov.

He recalled that in a recent expert report of the Committee of civil initiatives (CGI), chaired by the former Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin, the main thesis was the claim that competition is reduced. “In my opinion, competition is on the increase, and it will continue to increase as you get closer to voting day on 18 September. We are now entering into the second phase of the campaign, which will run until the end of August, which is associated with the summer period when political party activity is still superimposed on the summer sale inertia of the population, so the maximum level the campaign will be released by mid-September,” predicts Leonid Polyakov.

“Back in the old format in the new environment

In turn, the political analyst Alexei Martynov has no doubt that the draw for the CEC will give a boost to the campaign, because parties very often start to beat your number in the newsletter. He admitted that the campaign started quite sluggish, so it is difficult to identify against this background, the activity of political players.

“It’s not summer per se. Back in the old format in the new environment. And not all at once guided how to act. It is clear that more than ten years ago a mixed system – it was one story, and today it’s completely different, changed legislation, society, agenda, and requests,” said Martynov.

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