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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ukraine defiantly collects near the Crimea troops

Amid acts of sabotage in Crimea, Ukraine announced the strengthening of the grouping of its troops near the Russian-Ukrainian border at the Peninsula. Official reports are confirmed by multiple testimonies of the transfer to the area of heavy weapons belonging to APU. What forces have the Ukrainian army in the area?

Petro Poroshenko instructed to bring in the enhanced combat readiness of all units of Ukrainian security officials on “administrative” (Russian-Ukrainian) border in the Crimea and on the line of contact in the Donbass. As later reported, the Ukrainian General staff, his order was carried out, and the Ukrainian grouping near the Russian border in Crimea is strengthened.

“APU is concentrated near the Crimean isthmus of heavy military equipment: guns, tanks, “Grad”, BMP and more”

Thus, the seizure of the Ukrainian DRG in the Crimea was at the same time and opportunity to strengthen the Ukrainian group in the “zone ATO” to bypass the Minsk agreements. On Thursday, military intelligence Donetsk people’s Republic have been spotted moving more than 20 MLRS “Grad”, tanks, artillery. “We continue to record the movement of equipment of the armed forces of Ukraine, Minsk agreements prohibited, near the line of contact, – said the Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin. – So, in the Novgorod district revealed the whereabouts of six units MLRS “Grad”, four tanks and six infantry fighting vehicles”.

“Military equipment and personnel loaded in Melitopol”

The main source of information about the redeployment of APU was the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Party of regions Oleksiy Zhuravko, who, in turn, refers to its informants.

“I from all regions of the Kherson area and surrounding areas come to confirm that the APU is concentrated on the border with the Crimea (the concentration occurs near the Crimean isthmus) heavy military equipment: guns, tanks, “Grad”, BMP and more. Are transported in the direction provisions, as well as ammunition and manpower”, – quoted the Kherson ex-Deputy news Agency “new Russia”.

Approval Zhuravko, “yesterday Melitopol military base No. 3840 was posted on: six guns, four “Grad”, armored personnel carriers, five, seven howitzers D-30, nine mortars of a caliber of 120 mm and four “Ural” with personnel, equipped in uniforms of the color “khaki”. All in balaclavas armed with automatic weapons”.

“Moreover, I received additional information from honest and kind people that yesterday at 6.15 in the morning in Kherson on Bereslavskaya highway to the border with the Crimea went convoy of trucks: the KrAZ and three three “Ural”. Closing KrAZ armored, color green, number of European Union”, – said Zhuravko on his page in the social network.

According to a former Deputy in the KrAZ trucks were military, but not Ukrainian. “In addition, there is information that military equipment and personnel loaded in Melitopol on railway platforms and trains are sent in the direction of the Crimea. The same information comes from Zaporizhia,” – said the former MP.

Of troop movements reported and the media loyal to the Kiev authorities.

“In connection with the possible actions of the Russian side”

Earlier, on 8 August, “the Crimea. Realities” (regional subdivision of the Ukrainian editorial office of Radio Liberty) reported referring to the testimonies of residents Genichensk district: in the Kherson region have deployed heavy weapons APU, in particular anti – tank rocket launchers.

“According to the speaker of the General staff of VSU Vladislav Seleznyov, these steps are dictated by the need for effective response to the threat that may occur in connection with the possible aggressive actions of the Russian side,” – said the Ukrainian edition.

Kiev security forces claimed that “on the administrative border of the Kherson border detachment spotted flights of nine Russian Mi-8 helicopters on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea and two UAV”.

According to experts, movement of equipment and this kind of sabre rattling is more of a character show of force, rather than evidence of ability and willingness to use this power – given the presence in Crimea of a significant group of Russian troops. “In order to strengthen something, you have to have something. The Ukrainian side it is not. Everything that is done is mainly of a declarative character,” he said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW military expert, Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov.

What have the armed forces of Ukraine in the southern direction?

At the Crimean border

Kherson oblast (along with Odessa, Mykolaiv and Vinnytsia) is administered by the operational command of the armed forces “the South”, created on the basis of the former Soviet Odessa military district. “South” – one of the four divided geographically commands APU.

According to official data of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, operational command “South” (with headquarters in Odessa) subject: 28th mechanized brigade (deployment – Odessa region), 56-th separate mechanized infantry brigade (Zaporozhye region), 57th infantry brigade (Kirovograd region), the 40th artillery brigade (Mykolaiv region) and 1039-th anti-aircraft missile regiment (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Also a part of the operations management is the 79-th separate airmobile brigade, which was almost “broken” during the fighting in the South (Izvarinskij) boiler in July and August 2014. “ATO” was involved in all of the above compounds. For example, 28-I ombr were active during the spring campaign in 2014 in the area of Donetsk airport and in the South of Donetsk region. By the way, in the composition of the brigade is listed in Kherson territorial defense battalion “Sarmat”, “distinguished” under the Mariupol.

“Challenges in certain areas”

In early April, a group of expeditious command “South” in the Kherson region has come to the attention of the Ukrainian and Crimean mass media.

Here took place large-scale exercises that were the reason for the transfer to the 15-th separate mechanized brigade. “Despite the fact that this division is newly established, it is composed of highly motivated and professionally trained soldiers who had gained valuable experience during the ATO in the East of Ukraine”, – wrote on the 15th Ombre portal “Kherson messages”. “Now the unit will perform tasks in certain areas near the administrative border of Ukraine and occupied the Crimea”, – quoted edition of 15 Ombre brigade commander Colonel Andrey Melnik.

As for the April exercise, it was reported their goal was “practical actions aimed at strengthening the defense of the coast of the Kherson region, when the territory of the Ukrainian island Dzharylgach landed combat troops, equip firing positions in the direction of the bakalskaya spit, where the units are deployed, the armed forces.”

In may, the portal “Kherson online” reported that in Kherson oblast came 10th independent mountain assault brigade APU. The press service of the tactical control (PTC) “South” then also mentioned “problems in certain areas on defense of the Kherson region, near the border with the temporarily occupied Crimea”.

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