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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The party learned their numbers in the ballot for state Duma elections

CEC held a draw for the parties before the elections to the state Duma, and now you know what number in the Bulletin will be presented to each of them. The assumption that the “United Russia” again will be lucky to be the first, as it very often happened in recent years, did not materialize. The blind draw gave the party in power, the 4-th line, and open the newsletter “homeland.” However, the results of the draw, it seems, was pleased with everything except the head of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova, which is saddened by the behavior and the quality of the balls in the Lotto.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

The toss decided to spend not in the courtroom and in the lobby, where live music was played, there was a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, politicians willingly communicated with each other and pressed against the drum with the expansion of a number of detachable balloons. Boris Nadezhdin tried to measure the temperature of the balls, and Sergei Neverov, Oleg Mitvol and Gennady Semigin carefully watched him.

— Everything is fine: the density alone, temperature alone, no Burr, told colleagues in the political shop Nadezhdin.

— We want the draw, and the whole election campaign was held as transparently as possible — instruct participants Ella Pamfilova.

On the big scoreboard lit a ballot sample, of which counts 1 through 14 had to make the names of the parties participating in the elections.

The toss decided to do a two-step and such that no member of the CEC never touched the drum. All operations with a lottery machine was performed only by representatives of the parties. In the first stage, the representatives of all parties simultaneously, rather than in order of receipt of registration came to the table with Burgundy opaque envelopes. In each of these lay a tile number. The representative of the party opened the selected envelope, voiced the badge number, then put it in the detachable ball and put it in Lotto. For example, the Chairman of the party “Rodina” Alexey Zhuravlev extracted from the envelope of badge No. 1. For him, it meant that he gets first right to approach the drum at the second stage. When the drum was full, it began to turn in the order obtained after the first stage queue. Accordingly, Zhuravlev pulled his ball first, and it so happened that a shell hit twice in the same hole, he again pulled number 1. Under this number it party and will be presented in the newsletter. A second drum were representatives of PARNASSUS. But clear the unit began to spring surprises. The balls inside started to fall apart. Them poured, spun again placed in a lottery machine. But they continued to crumble. Only the third time a Lotto obeyed the representatives of PARNASSUS, and the party got No. 8 on the ballot.

But the ball, which pulled in turn, the Secretary General of the “Communists of Russia” Maxim Suraikin, on the contrary, did not want to spin, the thread was derailed. However, the efforts on opening was rewarded — this party has been second on the ballot, that is, was higher than the other party — the Communist party of Zyuganov.

Unhappy with the behavior of the balls, which then scattered, but did not want to reveal, Ella Pamfilova gave the harsh order to the members of the Commission to clarify whose production these beads — domestic or foreign.

Last of representatives of 14 parties to the Lotto came up Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Despite the fact that the device is already only had one ball and the number of token was already obvious to all (not occupied were only 7-th line of the ballot), the leader of LDPR for a long time and has actively promoted the Lotto and saying: if only I was lucky. Well pulling the bulb, stated: “I told you that you’re lucky. Our party is the proverb “seven times measure…”, seven is the biblical number…”

Other politicians are also willing to comment on the dropped their numbers. Valentina Tereshkova and Sergei Neverov, representing the “United Russia”, rests on the fact that the number “4” is the date of national unity Day. Stretched 14-th line in the Gazette of SR Alexander Burkov also cited Scripture, noting “and the last shall be first.” The Chairman of the Party of Growth Boris Titov, considering their “nine”, I noticed that just devyatiyacheechnoy bar his party and plans to overcome the election.

Well, the General mood is rather expressed by the founder of the party “Green” Oleg Mitvol, said, “We want the confidence level to all elections was the same as it was today.”

Watch the video on “During the draw for the CEC balls collapsed, Pamfilova comforted”

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