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Friday, January 19, 2018

The current offensive of the Syrian army is fraught with danger

The foreign Ministry accused Western media of distorting the situation around Aleppo, and the unwinding of topics of a humanitarian catastrophe. Indeed, in areas where CAA is offensive, long time no civilians, but militants entrenched there is clearly needed a break. If the Syrian army and risks, not peaceful lives, and the lives of their soldiers.

On the morning of Thursday, Syrian government forces (SAA) and its allies attempted a large-scale offensive against the jihadists (especially the “Jaish al-Fatah) in the southern districts of Aleppo. The main objective of this offensive is to regain control of several neighborhoods and groups of buildings occupied by the militants that were actively moved by them as “break the blockade”.

“Melee infantry fighting in the ruins of concrete is the most unpredictable option of fighting”

Formally, the SAA attacked the entire complex of buildings 1070 al-Hamdaniya, Wassat al-Gables, tal al-Seurat, garage complex quarter Ramose and destroyed a cement factory in Aleppo. In fact the soldiers moved at several points in the track and attempted to occupy the ruined buildings of the first line.

The greatest success of the move had been achieved in residential areas Ramose where the attackers moved to the center of the quarter and nearly took the former building of the municipality, but in the end were forced to withdraw back to the South. At other sites in the first hours of the offensive was less successful, owing to the difficulty of street fighting. But it is clear that the command in Damascus set out to solve the problem with the so-called corridor a blow on the forehead, gathered on this site with all possible force.

In addition to the regular troops, the offensive involved as if the elite “Tigers”, over the past two days transferred from the Northern front, the Palestinian and the Iraqi volunteer corps, and Hezbollah. There are data about participation in the offensive of the Iranians from the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. All this backed up by Armada and troops of the Republican guard and the militias, Alawite, that is, in the southern part of Aleppo collected almost all the main actors of the war this region of Syria.

From a practical point of view, the elimination of the so-called corridor is not as important as it is served in Western sources. No supplies on jihadists allegedly controlled the road not get. Their control of purely formal, it is entirely exposed to fire, especially as road interchange in Ramose is a small concrete pier, which is easier to blow up than to beat it back. And the distance between the front lines and the CAA jihadists in the area does not exceed 200-300 meters.

In the former residential building of blocks 1070, 3000, al-Hamadania and garage complex are fighting with varying success, but you have to understand that to gain a foothold there since the move is almost impossible – this area is exposed to fire from all sides. And employment in private dilapidated buildings, what mid-day reported, some groups, weather does not. It is a slow process, time consuming and fraught with losses.

The same applies to quarter, Rashida and school hikmah, where government troops are also trying to rely on some previously captured buildings. The militants there attempted a counterattack, but shoemobile” was undermined before drove up to the Hizbollah positions. In General, the area is constantly subjected to bombing and air attacks.

We emphasize again the main thing: the jihadists have failed to achieve real success in creating a transport corridor of supply. Short-lived publicity stunt with a demonstration of a couple of trucks spent on the road, no one is fooled. Attempt to break out failed, but the fighting in this quarter took on the character of the war of extermination is not so much military as political and propaganda reasons.

The fact that government forces and allies will sooner or later be able to restore control of the previously lost territory, it is clear already by the jihadists. Save the situation can only stop fighting – a break that will allow them once again to bring up reserves, unless of course they did. In this regard, it is noteworthy the requirement to expand the time frame of silence to 48 hours, which announce the international organization “humanitarian grounds”. What does a humanitarian issue – it is not very clear, as the fighting has long been no civilians, and the main stream of refugees coming from the Eastern part of the city.

The political pressure exerted by the USA and some international organizations, is only pushing government forces, because there is always the danger that political considerations successfully started the offensive will be stopped at the most unfortunate moment.

Melee infantry fighting in the ruins of the concrete – the most unpredictable variant of the fighting. When unpleasant developments storming the quarter may be delayed for a few days and will lead to large losses, which can force the command to stop the offensive. Such orders usually are “back” – the commanders of the losing manpower offices begin to signal up the chain of command, and takes several hours, while the older will be able to grasp the whole picture of what is happening. Replacement advanced parts in this case are usually delayed, and at best was able to gain a foothold in several areas.

While the Syrian troops are using previously captured buildings as strongholds, heavily relying on air support and artillery. In case of positive scenario, the jihadists will be forced to gradually leave the ruined buildings, and behind them the field to gain a foothold in the which is impossible. If the SAA and allies will still be able to put the squeeze on the opponent and to throw the militants out of the development in the field, the question can be considered solved. But this is still far away.

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