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Thursday, March 15, 2018


Turning over unsold Newspapers, I got carried away and was not fluent and read them carefully. And was amazed: the journalistic materials are not in the least outdated — though today we put in the newspaper and not to supply any updates and links yesterday. They are all the same the charges of power in slowness and corruption, and the population at oppression and submission. What does it mean? What life is worth? That is not going anywhere? Or moving back, exacerbating their disadvantages?

photo: Alex geldings


More recently, the society was painful — to cry, to tear the blood his shirt on his chest — the process of finding the truth. Both journalists and readers together, wanted her to gain… Today indifference gripped both. Newspapers and TV are openly lying, misleading inaccuracies, blatant misinformation sin. And this is of little touches, not disappointing, not upsetting. Don’t need reality, everyone is happy imitation, ersatz. Beautiful or terrible fiction, like truth or radically contrary to it. So it was in the old totalitarian times, when it was formed and inculcated in the minds invented power (and for the sake of power) picture of a non-existent being; it is happening today, when fraud replaced the sad and scary reality. At the time of publicity we experienced the peak of candor and the “moment of truth”, which accurately recorded the state of the society and of each person without an ideological veil without embellishment and attention to censorship.

Fear of foresight

Need a boy… to shout: “the King is naked!” — need the boy. Not entangled by corrupt relations, a system of mutual connivance and handouts, no savvy politician, not involved in the diplomatic intrigues and games the child. You need a free people. Impartial and incorruptible.

Adult because able to anticipate what the outcome for him, the fit of candor. So out of fear for yourself, your family, the future — say nothing.

The truth is pronounced by those who can not anticipate baby.


Government officials are lazy and criminal forgetfulness of the masses. On it they expect. And we really don’t remember, don’t want to remember how recently the unsuspecting human herd itself obediently walked into the corral, where some were cut, others were milked, the third cut and break off the horns… stripped what was possible.

Clever abdimalik and obstaravanie again in the guide. Say the right words, say reasonable, to shiver Wade sincerity of speech… But by the speakers do not have enough possession. Look at the faces of these bosses, when they show the TV. Sluggish, not enough to overcome their own indifference. Not able to demonstrate an interest and defeat satiety — zadremal at the meetings. Day by day decrepit and grow fat. If the Bolsheviks acted in the 17th, not see them win! To retain power they fed learned. Good that the comparison with Stalin’s hardening rod of iron present policy, fortunately, can not stand.

Ruthless clique

The fate of Russia — to observe senile Brezhnev, Chernenko choking, falling asleep at the podium gaunt Andropov. These (and other) “forward looking” (but in fact moving back ago) was surrounded by intelligent courtiers, which was so important to get even though something to receive in addition of cooling the hands of the owner…

The country suffered and laughed.

Why the joke did not spare subjects from the heartbreaking sight of his rotting? It is clear. It has not seen ourselves. Out of his mind. And another: the death of the beautiful. But even the dogs crawl away to die in corners where nobody could see them, even wild beasts, they say, hiding in a thicket, so as not to involve unwitting witnesses to the sacrament of farewell to life.

And assistants, assistants, entourage — why did not spare the benefactors, not hide them in the shade? Ruthless grabbers! Ruthless clique exposed their insane do-gooders parading — as in zoo.


Charter to while away a century with the boring old wife wrinkled Politburo — people spree with young girlfriends-reformers who hyped the poor guy for such expenses that had neither the former modest family budget or borrowed at interest loans.

The return to power of the usual stationary bureaucratic entities familiar from the old days (and such cute, domestic, family) — after the terrible, in the Western manner, painted motovon of the reformers, naturally. The people uttered a sigh of relief. Enough, walked, broke away on all cylinders, ate fresh, now you can (and should!) relax in the quiet bedroom, where everything is familiar and legitimate, let it fresh and fasting — but you will not run into a surprise in the form of excess sexual requests and astronomical bills for service at the highest category. Wow, what was a spree! Nice to remember. But it’s time in the bosom of the order.

Experimental frog

Blaming people is pointless. They perform actions which are dictated by the ingrained in the blood and genes of experiences, inspired by the logic of history.

The result we accept for the cause. Think: had it not been for the October revolution which those who was nothing exalted in their own eyes to equality to God, there would be no destruction of hard-working, the thinking part of society.

In fact, the reverse relationship: it was necessary oskotinitsya to destroy a thin layer of thoughtful, hard-working people, the revolution broke out. To survive, mankind must go Gaga in the world to stoop to the level of ISIS. Some attempts of this kind from time to time taken in different States. As witnessed in the history of progressive Russian reform misfires: the people bomb under the carriage of the Emperor-the freethinker, the waves of upheavals and civil wars — is a chain of pre-disease, which began to bring down the once mighty organism. As separate individuals, countries and States are in their development, the time of childhood, youth, maturity, then comes decrepitude. No matter how much usbdrive or vstryahivaya or skip the current through the foot dissected frogs — the procedure will cause only a weak utdrag…

In world space, the same processes that the human body. Geopolitics are seeing what we see at the biological level. Enraged by cancer cells attacking nearby healthy molecules. They try to resist it. But where is the guarantee that will not accept from her infection and is also not going to freak out?


Every country, just like any human being, its genetic code, which is difficult to change. It is for this details predicted and millimeter destined path (adjusted for minor external circumstances) will go and single-celled and multi-million dollar body, will survive the planned periods of storms is a disease, plain stretches of calm will come at a critical age of decay and weakness, and then sink into oblivion.

But while the existence of this body, the territory with living in it people will retain the appearance and structure of their thoughts, and the nature of plastic surgery in the form of reform, a surgical attempt to change the pattern of the fingertips will not lead to the emergence of a new — on the spot once established. The genetic code is and world history. Otherwise why repeat of the country traversed by their predecessors in other States — stages of change some social structures — already known and held?


If people were eager to communism as well as go to a waiting train in a metro all knocking and seeing before him only one goal: ready to close the door, we would have long ago flourished in a society of abundance and universal equality.

The latest outbursts

Providence gives to every nation an opportunity to play in the history of its role. Turns of the nation come to the forefront. And utter his monologue. Sometimes a long. The rest of the time silent and retreat into the shadows. Their function at this time, auxiliary, incidental, servile. To listen and obey.

Sometimes it seems that the main role is given to some people forever, for life. How much of Roman and Greek amphitheatres built around the world, their fragments are met and in Turkey and Tunisia, and in the Crimea. (Almost as widely spread over the world fast food “McDonald’s” and cartoons with Mickey mouse.) Sometimes some choice of heaven allow you to perform your monologue or Aria twice, and sometimes in very different roles. Example: religious reformation and Hitlerism in Germany. But no matter how long and lush (and terrible) nor was the output of the artist, sooner or later, the concert comes to an end: stasiulis, perenapravit, giving all the power to soloing, saying their nation retires — and well, if behind the scenes, not the theatre. Instead of a friendly chorus million people hear voices only individual representatives — writers, politicians, robbers and murderers. The latest outbursts subsiding after a storm sea. Greeks, Italians, Germans — who are they now? Small and large traders, pleasant companions, well-fed burghers… of the Nation, as people, tend to disappear.


Russia again managed to jump out of the clutches of bondage, although an attempt has been made desperate. However, the intention is only apparently seemed serious, its very embodiment, rather reminiscent of the jump plays a fish: a brief moment, a strange, intoxicating, like a drug, air — and plop back in their native element. Where everything is familiar to disgust: dance scalewatcher and raids efficiently, it is not clear which measure space, water meters, keeping watch in algae pike and perch, muffled noise coming from the top Motorboats and large boats, the smack flowing in the direction through the pipes of the poison and so on… Element of freedom again, as centuries ago, was unacceptable for Russia, was cut off; the yoke of oversight, dictate, whip prevailed. At first, the crowd starts dancing, razvenchivaet press, and looters quickly pull piece by piece — so, so goes the shout, and close supervision is absolutely necessary. Those who have recently demanded unlimited liberty are first to advocate all kinds of restrictions. Walked — enough! Thing, cane discipline, the time, for the hour fun — passed.

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