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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mystery resignation Ivanova

The present political earthquake happened in Russian summit this Friday. Acting in his favorite manner — a surprise above all else — Vladimir Putin has replaced the head of the Kremlin administration. The place of the old trusted colleague of GDP Sergei Ivanov took the “young protege” — Anton Vaino. Most of the Russian population, this news may leave you indifferent. In the eyes of the public the number two man in the country is the Prime Minister and the head of the presidential administration — is a drab and boring “clerk”. But in reality, Putin’s Russia is of an entirely different. After his first presidential term, Putin prefers to have as Prime Minister a very decorative and not independent figures. A function of the “Vice President” in our country does the head of the Kremlin administration.

photo: kremlin.ru

The official reason for the transfer of Sergei Ivanov created for him the post of special representative of the President on ecology and transportation — regular personnel rotation. As he said himself, Sergei Ivanov, as chief apparatchik of the Kremlin, he worked even beyond the period for which he in 2012 agreed with a GDP four years and eight months instead of four years. I’m inclined to believe that in this matter we were told the absolute truth. In fact Ivanov is one of the most important Russian officials already in 1999.

The security Council Secretary, defense Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Medvedev’s opponents in the race to become Commissioner of the presidential throne for the period of the temporary departure of Putin to the post of Prime Minister the positions and functions of Ivanov in the Russian state hierarchy were varied, but he always remained one of the closest to President people. After such a long and rich career, the desire to change the scope of activities to a less hectic naturally.

At the same time I am firmly convinced about the reasons for Ivanov’s resignation tell us the truth, but not all the truth. It seems to me that the departure of Sergei Borisovich from the post of head of the Kremlin administration, there are other reasons — reasons that we may soon know, and can not learn. Meanwhile, you can be rest assured of only one thing: we are not talking about grace, and about the transition Ivanova to a position where he can define the scope of their employment. If Ivanov wants, he can become a very influential player in the field of transport and nature protection. Do not want to — the post of presidential representative will be for him a kind of sinecure and an honorary pension.

But enough about “those who left”. Let’s talk about “those who came”. For the masses of the Russian public, the new head of the presidential administration Anton Vaino is a completely unknown figure. But close to the Kremlin circles about Vaino spoken of as the favorite of Putin from the time of Medvedev’s presidency. In 2008, the powerful and permanent head of Putin’s Secretariat, Igor Sechin, was sent to an independent piece of work, Deputy Prime Minister for fuel and energy complex. It seemed an adequate replacement Sechin as “right hand” of GDP is not found. But no wonder they say that a Holy place is never empty.

By the end of the stay of Putin in the position of Prime Minister if Medvedev is a native of the presidential Protocol Vaino firmly established in the role of “ruler of the office” of GDP. Anton Vaino became the main originator of Putin’s graphics, the official who determines who to let to the first person and who is not. In the retinue of any strong leader is the owner of such a function automatically becomes archivelog figure. Such a figure Vaino was.

Familiar new chief of the Kremlin apparatus describe him as a man who “hates that guy, but always has a point of view on any issue. He’s not just a clerk who knows only to push the paper”. As befits a chief apparatchik, Vaino very disciplined and hardworking. According to my knowledgeable interlocutors, Anton Vaino realizes that his new position is, by definition, is not technical, but political. To the Russian political firmament povilsya new, very influential and powerful player.

What that player will bring to the country? And what is the deeper meaning of his exaltation? Experience shows that the answers to these questions, we can learn a very long time. Recall, for example, leapfrog appointments in the Kremlin administration in the last years of Boris Yeltsin’s rule. No one understood why, in 1997, the position of the head of the Kremlin administration, was appointed as quite alien to the bureaucratic environment of the person is a professional journalist Valentin Yumashev. And only then to parapolitical party reached Yeltsin in this period, needed on this post in a kind of “babysitter”, personally close to the person, practically a family member.

photo: kremlin.ru
One of the most discussed in the press the events of the last years of Sergei Ivanov to the post of head of the administration was meeting with Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. They discussed the problems of ecology and protection of animals. Is it because now Ivanova was appointed special presidential envoy for environmental issues, ecology and transport.

Next year the elite again gasped, no one imagined that such a convenient for the President Yumashev suddenly resigns, and his place will be appointed not seen in the special relations with the Yeltsin family, the General-the frontier guard Nikolay Bordyuzha. The true meaning of this appointment became clear much later: he tested for the role of Yeltsin’s successor, but the run failed.

After another few months, the Kremlin once again has a new head of administration. And again no one was able to understand the meaning of presidential personnel maneuver. Alexander Voloshin was seen as temporary and even comic figure. Instead, Voloshin quickly became one of the main giants of contemporary Russian politics.

Very important milestones in our political life were change of heads of the Kremlin administration under Putin. Just one example. Castling Voloshin — Medvedev in 2003 marked the departure of Putin in independent political swimming — before that, he ruled the country in the company of Yeltsin’s appointees — and the beginning of the movement Dmitry Medvedev to the presidency.

It is clear that the replacement of Ivanov Vaino also means something important. But what know this is only the GDP and a small group of Trustees.

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