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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kiev caught in their own versions of the story with saboteurs

The security Council, the defense Ministry and the interior Ministry of Ukraine separately from each other has put forward several versions of the events in the Crimea, trying to refute the message of the FSB about the saboteurs. But in the end the version denied each other. And Ukrainian political analysts recognize that the FSB issued information looks like the most convincing.

Statesmen of Ukraine and high-ranking officials and prominent politicians put forward on Friday at the same time at least three versions of the events in the Crimea, commenting on reports of the FSB of the capture of a group of Ukrainian saboteurs.

“To portray that as commander in chief to do with it. He learned about it from press reports, so the relevant officers fired”

Version of the first. Saboteurs were not there

Even in the morning the simple interpretation offered by the Secretary of the national security Council and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov. In his opinion, there are no saboteurs did not exist, and there have been two events – drunken Russian security forces allegedly shot each other with the Armenian. And to cover up the incident, they grabbed the closest Ukrainian citizens.

Russian security forces “on 10 August made a loud statement about the events that, according to them, occurred in the night from 7 for August,” noted Turchynov. “Such delay can be explained solely by the fact that they needed time to forge the so-called “evidence” of the aggressive actions of Ukraine”, – quoted Turchynov TV channel “112”.

Secretary of the security Council called “nonsense” reports of attacks commandos Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

The second version. Saboteurs were, but it’s “patriots”, not the scouts

FSB detained in the Crimea are not employees of the Ukrainian intelligence, said at a briefing day, the representative of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Vadim Skibitsky. “They are citizens of Ukraine, patriots, but they are not employees of the state of the defence intelligence of Ukraine”, – he said.

Skibitsky assured that in the last two years, none of the employees of the SMR in the Crimea was not detained. “Therefore, I emphasize once again that the names named Panov, – these persons are not employees of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine”, – said the representative of intelligence.

And at the end of the briefing Skibitsky recognized the fact that one of those arrested in the Crimea on suspicion in terrorism Eugene gentry himself went to the Peninsula, and was not abducted by security officers from Zaporozhye, wrote the Kiev press informed. “According to preliminary information that we have, he drove into the territory of the Crimea on your own vehicles,” said Skibitsky.

Version of the third. It was something, and then

At the end of his briefing, already about version No. 2, the representative of the Gur still confirmed and version Turchynov, more precisely, the part where it says about the “drunken” fight under the Armenian. “According to our information, in the night from 6th to 7th of August is really a skirmish between the Armed forces of the Russian Federation and military personnel of border troops of the Russian Federation near Armyansk” – quoted by UNIAN.

However, his words remained unclear, as imagine that the Gur of the Ministry of defense, – whether there is a connection between these two events or “drunken shootout” and the arrest of Ukrainians coincided in time.

Later Ukrainian Agency published data about Eugene Panov shared by the anonymous author of the project “Come alive” in your Facebook who identified themselves as volunteers. Volunteers do not offer any own special version, but only claim that the lords could not be an employee of the intelligence, the argument referring to him as “plump” body type.

According to this version, the gentry with the call sign “Eugene” in 2014 were mobilized and more than a year was the senior gunner in the 37th battalion of the territorial defence, who is not particularly involved in large-scale battles.

“As a driver after a year on the war could become a member of the Gur of the Ministry of defense? Even recruited citizens should take more than one year of tests and careful selection. In addition, the WTP is the officer’s unit, suggesting the presence of a military education. Take the arrow from the territorial battalion in WTP is the same as to put a nurse from the district hospital neurosurgeon in leading clinic and had her surgery on open brain”, – volunteers write.

“Mind can not understand the attempted bombing of enterprises smoke bombs, a few grenades and only 3 kilograms of TNT (3 kg of TNT, hardly enough to make a foot hole in the solid brick wall),” argued the authors of the page. In addition, said the volunteers, such a “DRG” and with such “equipment” is capable of “terrorist attacks” type “undermining the toilet with a cesspool in the back yard of Baba Gali.

However, the last statement is “volunteers”, but rather, confirms the message of the Russian press that the detainees were going in the first place, “kill the tourism in the Crimea – with a series of small explosions only to sow panic in the resorts. In addition, the version of nameless “volunteers” that the lords was “a simple driver” and “especially” was not involved in the fighting, has been completely refuted by the testimony of Deputy Panova at the veterans ‘ organization “Self-defense Energodar” Yaroslav Derkach, which was published in the first hours after the announcement of the capture of the “MK”.

According to Derkach, who worked as a driver at the NPP Zaporozhye pans to the start of the fighting in the Donbass cunning took the booking, the position of the staff of the NPP, and went to fight and scout. “He served in the Zaporozhye 37th battalion, indeed in intelligence, but a common soldier. He is no supersingular, a regular volunteer, as we all are. Resigned in August 2015,” says Derkach. By the way, he and gentry, founded the veterans ‘ organization of the participants of the ATO.

It is noteworthy that before his departure to the Crimea Panov told different friends different versions of how they are going to spend the weekend. Derkach, for example, said that she goes to hospital.

Another condition of anonymity a source in “Self-defence Energodar” on Thursday have informed portal “Crimea.Realities” (Radio Liberty): “We talked to him last Friday he said he was going to go for a weekend to the cottage to rest.” And the source expressed confidence that the lords were abducted by agents of the Federal security service of the Zaporizhia region. “He could not be in Crimea in any way, quoting the same portal brother Igor Panov Katalanca. – He didn’t plan to go there, he could not go there. He is a former Atoshnik and understands that he is in Crimea not entry. To go there is to sign his own death warrant”. Brother also said that the lords “defended Mariupol”.

While the FSB all the cards you’re not, the version will change”

The version that the lords – a simple driver, it does not fit with the message, which on Friday published the Ukrainian resource “Apostrophe”: Eugene Panov on the interrogation was submitted secret signals, adopted by the special forces soldiers. “Apostrophe” quotes the fighter ATO Vitaly climate control (call sign “bars”). “Bars” States that several times revised the video of the interrogation, and drew attention to the gesture Panov firmly in the clenched fist of the right hand exposed on the table. The fighter said that a few minutes later he abruptly jerked his fist to the torso. He wrote that “spetsury” (special forces), such a gesture means the signal of attack.

However, the climate control still interprets it as a sign she was was the victim of a kidnapping. Fighter ATO noted that the lords all the time looking at one spot and makes the assumption that he was looking at the monitor screen, which he was forced to read torture and blackmail. Note that Klim (“leopard”) version made back in the middle of the day – that is, before the Gur of the Ministry of defence admitted that no one Panova was not kidnapped, but the car went to the Crimea.

“While the FSB all the cards you’re not, the version will change. Just because you don’t know what else is in store at the FSB, will edit its version in the course of the emergence of new information. Nothing surprising, – said the newspaper LOOK Director of the Kiev center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky. To the last Ukrainian leadership is in denial. The only option that can be considered as unlikely, but nevertheless possible to exit from this situation is some kind of personnel change in intelligence. To portray that as commander in chief to do with it. He learned about it from press reports, so the relevant officers fired”.

As suggested by Pogrebinsky, the gesture will dramatically reduce the intensity of the confrontation. “At least for me, the whole this information looks convincing enough. Not so much what they say during the interrogation. It is clear that you guys have faithfully learned the text of the testimony, I do not know how many times they read so smoothly to speak on camera. Well presented arguments. But I do not see any fraud. So far, this story looks as it is proved”, – concluded the expert of the Kiev.

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