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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Judge: de facto diplomatic relations of Russia and Ukraine have been almost torn

The issue of a possible severance of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Kiev became one of the main amid acts of sabotage in the Crimea and the ensuing reaction of Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities, in turn, allowed the introduction of visa regime with our country. It is possible such scenarios, and would better someone in case of their implementation? This “MK” talked with experts.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

“As for diplomatic relations, I believe, of a formal rupture in the near future is unlikely to happen, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir ZHARIKHIN. But this de jure. But de facto, because diplomatic relations have been almost broken. Strictly speaking, Russia’s Ambassador spoke to Moscow for consultations, still recalled the Ukrainian Ambassador… Therefore, the degree of interaction that is at the diplomatic level for a long time already at freezing point.

As for the introduction of visas, which threatens Ukraine, because it threatens it itself. If you look at the numbers, it is obvious that people coming from the Ukrainian side much more than with the Russian. Because Russian citizens traveling to Ukraine, mostly to visit relatives. Ukrainian citizens (and a significant part – from the West country) go to Russia in order to work. Or to rest — I mean the Russian Crimea. If Ukraine adopts a decision on introduction of a visa regime with our country, it will strike primarily at their own citizens. The money that they brought from Russia, are a significant element of Ukrainian GDP.

Of course, anything is possible, but such a move will create serious problems for the authorities of Ukraine.”

“Both scenarios: the rupture of diplomatic relations, and the introduction of a visa regime is likely, but not inevitable, believes, in his turn, Director of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies Vadim KARASEV. – I think a complete break of diplomatic relations will not be just Russia plays an “either/or”. Or breakup, or a full ambassadorial relations at the ambassadorial level, not at the level of temporary attorneys. Because Moscow believes that against the backdrop of massive replacement in Kiev of the U.S., Italy, Germany, EU, Poland, France and the UK, the absence of the Russian Ambassador immediately to reduce the possibilities of diplomatic work of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. So it is, so to speak, “forcing the Ambassador.” Perhaps Babich. The break will lead to a complete loss of contacts and opportunities for operational problem solving. And bring them back will be harder than losing.

Statement on visas — a kind of response of the Ukrainian side, but I guess neither Ukraine nor Russia are not interested in this, as in the rupture of diplomatic relations.

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