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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Edgard Zapashny will stop the magic circus

I do not want to offend anyone, but time takes its toll. Why do we need the Union of circus figures, if no active action and there are no close young artists to spit on him, wanted real power, energy, authority at the state level, we’re not seeing? The Soviet Union ended, how many will sit on the chests of mold? Emil Kio Chairman SCDR — a clever man, all understand, resigned. Want to raise the genre — it is necessary to roll up sleeves and to work; and I hope that at the upcoming Board of the Union will elect a new Chairman.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

What is the creative Alliance? It needs to unite people, to be Guild support, a generator of ideas, a protector of artists. Today is a sad a depressing, it is unknown why do we need. It is clear that the enumeration of the candidates for the chair, the first is called the name of Edgard zapashnogo. Because he’s not in the chair will sit, puffing out his cheeks, and immediately begin a positive process, as he goes everywhere, what Zapashny touches.

— Edgard, you will run?

— It depends on when you are going to Board circus artists. Because that’s where you vote for certain candidates. I know that is not in the interests of the team Kio to Board as soon as possible; they are engaged in the processing of the electorate (and it is mostly older people) that they voted for their candidate. My position is simple: if I feel that I support, then announced his candidacy.

— And if not?

— Then will initiate the nomination of several figures of the most distinguished personalities of the circus — this Maxim Nikulin, Yury Kuklachev, Anatoly Marchevsky, by Taisiya Kornilova, all of them acting (which is important!) professionals are at the forefront of the attack…

— Not retired…

— That’s it. Every day they come to the circus, have the information; it’s the people with a serious name, a serious publicity included in the rooms of a very high level. They definitely will make officials — which is very important for decision-making.

— Most importantly, finally happened rebranding of this body that the Union did not resemble a pet cemetery…

— I am convinced that the Union of circus artists need all their strength to throw on the consolidation of the circus community, to the Board included representatives of all the existing circus structures, including — and this never happened! — the owners of the tent, which is quite a lot in Russia, but this segment is, and its interests should be considered. Although some tent work better, some worse. This is the first. Second, the Union must defend the interests of His Majesty Artist (well, and the staff of the circus in the broadest sense). And, sorry, when the head of state was the mass dismissal of artists, Chairman of the Union suddenly took the side of the guide Circus company, which is unacceptable. If the dismissal of the mass is the same, probably, the problem is not artists, and leadership. Where is the logic?

— Well, do not forget about the propaganda circus arts…

— Of course, in this vein, the work of the Union of circus figures not visible in any way. Here again it is very important to be in contact with the highest authorities of the country, which demonstrates the Union of cinematographers, the Union of theatrical figures, but not Circus Union, which even the Minister of culture never met, not to mention the President. It’s all wrong, it’s not going to benefit the entire industry; and as said Vladimir Medinsky, in the case of serious ideological updating of the Union, he is ready to cooperate with him in close mode, to help promote large projects to knock serious money and so on.

Projects — the most important thing.

— Union public creative organization, with emphasis on the word “creativity” that the Union was not engaged in for many years, carrying out any small inconspicuous festivals in a strange form. And it was not even in the shade and in the dark. In the end, the artists were disappointed in the Union, ceased to address him, I see that it is totally unnecessary organization that knowingly takes a public building.

— When deadlines must pass a Board?

— The fact of the matter is that they are specifically delaying the situation, wanting to hold her in October, and not the fact that they will not survive and then. I believe that the Board should be prepared immediately after the election the CEO of the Russian state circus company (and the elections scheduled for August 24). To tolerate something does not make sense. It is not waiting.

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