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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crimean saboteur gentry called accomplices by name

The case of the subversive group in the Crimea acquires new details. One of the members eliminated in the Crimea, the Ukrainian squad Evgeny Panov fully admitted his guilt and began to give grateful evidences (read more details in the article “Crimean saboteur No. 2” was a “carrot” with the experience).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to him, in addition to his subversive group consisted of only the personnel of the Ukrainian scouts. In particular, along with Lieutenant Alexei Panov Sandila visited Armyansk, Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoy, Feodosiya and Kerch in order to determine the targets for terrorist attacks. In the end the commandos became a storage facility in Feodosia, Kerch ferry, helicopter regiment in Dzhankoy and chemical plant “Titan” in Armyansk.

Chemical plant “Titan” owned by Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash, who has long been re-registered company under Russian law. The businessman at home is persona non grata. Chemical plant specializiruetsya in the production of titanium dioxide which is not toxic and is used in the production of food additives E-171 and cosmetics. The explosion of the enterprise is unlikely that would be detrimental to the environment, but would be left without a job about 5 thousand inhabitants of Armiansk and Krasnoperekopsk. And the country’s West and East without food additives. 90% of the company manufactures chemicals were exported to China, South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Germany and other countries. Intent to destroy “the Titan” not a precedent. During the energy blockade of the Crimea activists blocked anti-tank hedgehogs W/path leading to the enterprise from the territory of Ukraine.

Outlining the points for a “terrorist attack”, the lords returned to the Ukraine and received for his work 3200 hryvnia (only about 8,5 thousand rubles). He was then sent to Armyansk, where he was to wait for the return from the mission the saboteurs to take them home. The militants decided to cross the Russian border by boat across the Gulf of Perekop and land near the village Rice. From there they had to move to Armyansk, where they waited for a cache with explosives and a form of Russian soldiers.

According to Panov, the saboteurs crossed the border in two groups — two or three people. In total, the group in addition to Sandila included captain Vladimir Serdyuk, Aleksandr Kirillov, Oleg Petrenko and two other persons, one of whom was called Dmitri, and the other was call “Gesic”.

Relatives Panova has already stated that he was allegedly abducted by the FSB. Version picked up and carried in Ukrainian media. After that, it was proved that the lords have personally crossed a checkpoint between Ukraine and Crimea. There remained his data. Was also found photos of Panova in uniform that show that he was no ordinary “atoshnik”…

At the FSB, said that against all of the defendants were prosecuted under three articles: participation in an illegal armed formation (article 280), the preparation of sabotage (article 30 and article 281) and illegal circulation of weapons (article 222).

Recall the original sources in law enforcement bodies of Crimea reported that on the night of 6 to 7 August under the Armenian FSB officers clashed with a group of saboteurs. According to various reports, a group of enemy reached 20 people. The enemy was forced to retreat, but the security forces pursued saboteurs on August 8. Including the militants enjoyed the support of the Ukrainian BMP, which from its territory and opened fire on the Russian military in the Crimea. The result is a deployed counter-terrorist operations were detained 7 people, of which more than half had Russian passports. Another 3 people are still missing. The FSB claim that a large number of the detainees due to the fact that the security forces managed not only to liquidate the subversive group, but also to break their network of agents on the Peninsula.

Meanwhile, the evening of August 11 it became known that the Kyiv district court of Simferopol, together with Panov was arrested for two months a few Crimeans, including Andrew Sahaja. New helper ‘ 41, he was born in Borislav, Lviv region, graduated from Drohobych state pedagogical Institute. Ivan Franco, but in recent years lived first in Odintsovo and then in Yalta. He has a wife and young child. According to Sahaja in Moscow and the Moscow region, he procured the money to the construction and repair of apartments, and in the Crimea was engaged in carting people.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian radicals have already dissociated themselves from the new suspect, saying that Russian security forces can do what you want with it, as it appears in the black list of the site “Peacemaker”. According to the portal, in 2011 Sahta “fraudulently” took possession of a large sum of money and moved to the suburbs. However, he is a citizen of both Ukraine and Russia, but from the first days of the Maidan considered him anti-people and ordered the West.

However, according to the adviser interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko, Ukraine Sahta known as a twice convicted thief named Zaya. In 1998, he got 6.5 years for robbery, served a term in the Lviv penal colony. In 2011, he was re-prosecuted for fraud and forgery, but managed to escape to Moscow. “Average coat”, — said Gerashchenko.

In Russia Sahta also earned a bad name. In 2013, he received complaints from residents that construction he uses the slave labor of Crimeans gathered in Yalta. The people has joined the team, thinking that they will pay, but in the end were happy to have what they are fed. While forced laborers were afraid to complain as Sahta claimed that the construction site is controlled by the FSB officers, who will not give his offense.

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