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Monday, February 19, 2018

90 years of Fidel Castro: 9 facts about the leader of the Cuban revolution

On Saturday, August 13, Cuba is celebrating the 90th anniversary of the revolution leader Fidel Castro. The famous bearded man a few years ago retired from the leadership of government and party, giving the reins to his younger brother Raul. Regardless of how to relate to his personality, Fidel Castro has become an integral part of world history. “MK” has decided to recall some interesting moments in the biography of this person.

Castro left

1* WHEN WAS HE BORN? The full name of the leader of the Cuban revolution – Fidel Alejandro Castro RUz. There is a version, according to which Castro was born in the family of the owner of the sugar plantations, migrated to Cuba from Spain, not in 1926, and in 1927 (this date appears in the Church records the baptism of Fidel). According to some information, the year attributed to him, when the boy was sent to school, only to take six years). And if this is true, but now he’s not 90 years old and “only” 89.

2* MR. PRESIDENT, SEND $10! At the age of 14 years, Fidel wrote a letter to us President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Congratulating the White house since his re-election for a second term, Cuban teenager asked Roosevelt to send him an American ten dollar bill, “I’ve never seen her, but would like to have.” The answer from presidential administration of the USA came, but did young Castro welcome bill, is unclear.

3* JESUIT EDUCATION. Fidel was trained in a privileged Jesuit College Bethlehem. His mentor, the Jesuit father Lorento noted in the boy a determination, that did not prevent Castro to participate in many fights and other risky things. After College, Fidel enrolled at the University of Havana’s law faculty, after which he engaged in private law practice.

4* WINNER. Fidel Castro organized in Mexico a revolutionary expedition on the yacht “Granma” on Cuba. After landing on the island, he together with his brother Raul and Che Guevara led the guerrilla war against the dictatorial regime of Batista. On the first day of 1959, the rebel army entered Havana, the dictator fled the country. In February, Fidel Castro is the head of government of the country.

Fidel Castro — 90: the path of the Cuban leader from dawn till dusk (24 photos)

5* the BEARDED man. The most characteristic feature in the appearance of Fidel Castro of course, the beard. Cuban revolutionaries were called barbudos, “bearded”. Castro promised that he would shave his beard only after complete and final victory of the revolution. Fidel himself said, “If you save 15 minutes a day, not spiva beard, you will receive 10 days per year who can devote work, reading, sports, anything you want. And save blade, soap and hot water!” Incidentally, the CIA was planning on using salts of thallium to deprive Castro’s beard (and with it, obviously, and his charisma).

6* a COMMUNIST. Initially, Fidel Castro can hardly be considered a Communist – his views were leftist, revolutionary and nationalist, but not Communist. Only after trying Cuban counterrevolutionaries with US support to overthrow the revolutionary government, Castro announced the transition of his country to the socialist path of development, and described himself as a Marxist-Leninist. And only in 1960-ies Castro converts the “Movement 26 of July” into a Single party of the socialist revolution of Cuba (later the Communist party of Cuba).

Fidel Castro — 90: the path of the Cuban leader from dawn till dusk (24 photos)

7* the ASSASSINATION. Against Fidel Castro were preparing many attempts of assassination. According to some reports, there were more than 600. Including the attackers planned to use for the elimination of the leader of Island of freedom poisoned by tobacco products, bombs, baseball balls, pens, syringes, etc.

8* I’M LEAVING. In late July 2006, Fidel Castro’s state of health gave the performance of duties for all key positions to his brother Raul. 24 February 2008, he left all public offices, in April 2011 Fidel is gone and as head of the ruling party. “I would betray my conscience, taking responsibility that requires mobility and total dedication, which I was denied for physical reasons, – he explained his departure. – I say this without drama… I don’t say goodbye. I want to fight as an ideological soldier. I will continue to write “Reflections of comrade Fidel”. This will be another weapon you can count on. My voice will be heard.”

9* NOT ONLY REVOLUTION. A genuine passion of Fidel became cooking: a fiery revolutionary was amazed, who knew him the ability to perfectly cook. “He is resting, only when he sleeps or eats – so he loves food, she symbolizes for him the rest”, – said Castro, one of his former colleagues. They say that the basics of the culinary arts, he began to comprehend at the time of his release in prison, where he was thrown after the failed assault on the Moncada barracks in 1953. The leader of the revolution was later told that loves to cook, a pasta, all his own invention.

Fidel Castro — 90: the path of the Cuban leader from dawn till dusk (24 photos)

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