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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The return of the Turkey will reduce the price of Russian resorts

The question of the return of Turkey on the Russian tourist market can be considered solved, so the demand for holidays in Russia will inevitably fall. But, in fact, this is not bad news for resorts and holiday makers. The latter can expect a significant reduction in prices for Russian resorts, which this season beat all records, as well as improvement of the infrastructure by offloading infrastructure.

Restoration of Charter flights to Turkey, agreed by Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the one hand, eliminates the privileged position of the Russian resorts, but on the other, will be a favorable factor for them. Many Russian destinations this summer were faced with an unprecedented influx of tourists. The result was a huge burden on the infrastructure where our black sea coast is still not too ready, and also sharp increase in prices.

The triumph of import substitution

“Many of those who had traveled to Turkey, do not believe the TV, but when arrive in Sochi for the first time, recognized: we even could not imagine that there is now a resort

As predicted by the newspaper VIEW, this holiday season was for the Russian resorts of the record. Crimea since the beginning of the year, according to the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Republic Sergey Strelbitskogo, was visited by 2.6 million people – 26.2% more than in the seven months of last year. In the Krasnodar region, according to estimates recently left his post of Minister of resorts, tourism and the Olympic heritage of the region Evgeny Tow, increase the flow by 20-30%, including through periods that were previously considered “low winter and spring months.

In peak season the dynamics of growth of tourist arrivals was even higher, in particular, in Sochi at the beginning of the second week of August was 275 thousand visitors, 35% more than last year. “In Sochi, the increase in demand for holidays in Russia especially noticeable – August we have already closed 90 percent, September – 70 percent – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Undersun Eugene Bromberg. – Many tourists do not just want to relax at the hotel – they need a well-developed resort infrastructure. Sochi from this point of view is the best resort on our coast, plus the role played by his direct and indirect advertising”. “Many of those who had traveled to Turkey, do not believe the TV, but when arrive in Sochi for the first time, recognized: we even could not imagine that there is now a resort,” adds the Director of the Adler sanatorium “Knowledge” Dmitry Bogdanov.

A significant increase in demand is demonstrated not only beach destinations. In the Altai, for example, noted the increase in tourist traffic by 20% in comparison with last year, which is why hotels and hostels are fully loaded. On the Caucasian mineral waters, the dynamics is more modest – about 5% in the first half, but at the moment, as the press service of the Governor of Stavropol territory, the resorts are filled by 98%.

The reasons for these successes are evident – now the market is almost completely absent Egypt, and Turkey’s ability to complete lifting of the Russian sanctions is severely limited. Until the end of the “high” season is still a few weeks, but domestic tourism was already counting the dividends from the Russian-Turkish conflict. According to a recent message of administration of Krasnodar region, the volume of services of large and medium-sized enterprises sanatorium-resort and tourist industry in the region for the first six months of this year increased by 37%.

About the same time became known and the size of the losses incurred by the Turkish resorts this season. According to the Turkish statistical Institute, in the second quarter of the country’s income from tourism fell by almost $ 5 billion or 35.6% in comparison with the same period last year. In just the first half of tourist arrivals to Turkey fell by 4.2 million people (or 28% in comparison with January-June last year), of which about 1.5 million are Russians. During all this time in Turkey for tourism purposes have been 183,8 citizens of the Russian Federation, or 87.4% less than the year before.

Turkish Benefis

Thus, it is clear that the current season may be for the Russian resorts unique (unless, of course, in relations between the two countries will not have the new force majeure). Just a few days after Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologized for shot down in November last year, su-24, the online Agency for booking of tickets recorded a significant surge in demand in Turkey, is clearly in excess of the then available choice of scheduled flights. Airlines quickly responded to this increase in the number of flights from Russia to Turkey – recently, for example, Turkish Airlines has resumed flights from St Petersburg to Antalya, at the same time on this route came out, and the airline “Russia”.

Now, following the talks, the two presidents decided to renew the Charter program to Turkey. This means that in the near future, tour operators will offer tours to Turkey for the usual prices, to which buyers will respond quickly. Because flights scheduled flight is not available to everyone due to the nature of pricing. For example, on regular lines, in principle, possible “burning” tours, because the closer the departure date, the more expensive tickets for the regular season, whereas in the standard package tours airfare Charter is usually fixed.

Another thing that buyers will not so much. “The decision to resume Charter flights was expected, but some bright breakthrough in Turkey this year will not be, because the Charter program will close only the remnants of the season,” – said General Director of the network of travel agencies “Pink elephant” Alexan Mkrtchyan. At the same time, according to him, the return to the market of Turkey has made the Russian hoteliers in a more significant decline in prices after the peak of the season than they originally planned: “In mid-September, we expect prices for Russian hotels by 15 per cent from the already announced reduction. Therefore, the return of Turkey will benefit those who want to relax in Russia in September-October.

Stay in overload mode

The main task for the next season for Russian hoteliers will be to bring prices in line with the quality – a situation artificially created monopoly are unlikely to be repeated, until the next season to the Russian market could return and Egypt, this means that “tourists Willy-nilly” in the domestic resorts more will not be. That this year there were too many shows, in particular, sales statistics network “Pink elephant”: if last year the Russian resorts on the background of the devaluation of the ruble has gained 80% this year – already 180%, primarily due to those who had a rest in Turkey.

However, many of them in the next year, most likely, get back favorite Turkish resorts. “In Russia there are no hotels with this all-inclusive, although there are certain attempts to copy it, explains the reasons for this choice Alexan Mkrtchyan. But here’s the important part. For example, free drinks at the pool bar and the beach, and not just by the pool. It’s the little things, but they eventually make up the overall picture of relaxation. Of course, good hotels and we have, but the value is unrealistic for mass tourism – 15 thousand rubles per day and above.

“The Western hotel chains operating in Russia, offer a very high quality of service and in the private sector there are complaints, so you need to focus the work on quality in this segment,” agrees Yevgeny kudelya. But, in his view, the main attractive factor of Russian resorts is still the ruble even if Turkey and Egypt will take back some of those tourists, which this year went to Russia, no serious market disruption is not the cause.

Moreover, the return of the Turkey may even be a favorable factor for the domestic resorts, since the current flow of tourists has created an unprecedented burden on the infrastructure and ecosystem of the black sea coast and adjacent areas. In recent weeks, the author of this article repeatedly driving on the M4 highway between Rostov and Krasnodar, and it was not such a case, it would not be facing traffic jams because of the huge number of cars heading towards the sea. And standing in traffic quite a dubious pleasure in the unbearable heat, traditionally leaning to the Kuban in July.

According to Dmitry Bogdanova, a large number travelling by car – this is a direct consequence of the prohibitive cost of tickets to popular resort destinations, primarily on the “old” black sea coast (tariffs for flights to Crimea are subsidized). “This issue needs to be solved at the level of administration of the city and the country, because the availability of resorts is a matter of health. If there are more affordable prices for flights, then many of the problems of this season will be lifted,” – says Bogdanov.

“Our resorts can not cope with the flow of tourists no infrastructure, no organization or terms of service” – says Eugene Bromberg. According to him, the weakest link in the current season turned out to be the beaches despite the efforts of the municipal authorities, they simply are not designed for everyone. Predictable consequences of this – the complaints of the guests, the deterioration of the quality of public beaches, the growth of prices for services and so on. “Those hotels that were able to provide our new guests with good service this season, you can count that part of them will return, predicts Eugene Bromberg. – But others who had a rest abroad, will return there at the earliest opportunity”.

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