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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Ministry of Finance will be thrown out of the insurance margin for the power of the motor

Public were amendments in the law about OSAGO, prepared by the Ministry of Finance for submission to the state Duma. They boil down to several points. First of all we are talking about the abolition of the “power factor”, which affects the cost of insurance policy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Now it is equal to 0,6 for vehicles with power up to 50 HP, the unit — if the engine power is in the range 50-70 HP 70-100 HP with a ratio equal to 1.1, and 100-120 HP — 1,2, 120-150 HP — 1.4 and more than 150 HP and 1.6. Apparently, assumes that the power factor of the motor will be replaced by the coefficient in the emergency ride offered by insurers.

Recall that they want to enter a multiplying factor for drivers who violate traffic rules: up to four fines during the year can be obtained without consequences, for 5-9 violations during the same period the policy will rise in price by 1.86 times for 10-14 violations — 2.06 times, 5-19 fines and the price of “autocitizen” will increase by 2.26 times, 20-24 violations will result in a multiplying factor of 2.45, 25-29 penalty per year insurance increases of 2.65% for 30-34 — 2.85 times, and finally in the case of more than 35 violations of the rules in the year of the next insurance policy will cost car owner 3.04 times more expensive.

A clear logic of why insurers needed another factor that increases the price of insurance, no. Representatives of the lobbying associations of insurance companies weight wrong the appearance of the ratio of PR-a husk of a potential accident violators of traffic rules and the necessity of the struggle for safety on the road. If you look from the point of view of common sense, for an insurer the main thing — not some traffic violations, and accidents a particular person for which the company must pay compensation to the victims. But the multiplying factor of this kind have long been valid in the calculation of CTP and is called “bonus-Malus”. For each year of accident-free driving the car owner is charged a 5 percent discount when purchasing the insurance policy. Over 10 years of accident-free driving, it can reach 50%. Accordingly, it is often acceptable to crash (and not violate traffic rules!) the driver may get a policy 2.45 times more expensive than the first time sat down behind the wheel citizen. Thus, the introduction of an increased factor for violators of traffic rules has no practical sense and depend only on the desire of players of the insurance market to make some money.

Following the Finance Ministry’s proposal to increase the limit of payments on “europrotokol”, ie without calling the traffic police to the scene of the accident, from the current 50 000 to 100 000 rubles. Of course, insurers are against this, arguing that such a move would lead to a rise in fraudulent “accidents”. Note that at the time when the limit of payments on “europrotokol” increased from 25 000 to 50 000 rubles, the insurers had predicted exactly the same. However, as practice showed, any fraudulent Apocalypse with a “European accident report” did not happen.

Another point of the Ministry of Finance amendments to the law on insurance for insurers promoted the innovation of replacing the payment of compensation to the victims to repair the machine in the selected insurance company service station. The Finance Ministry wants to ensure that a quality repair was carried liability insurance company. The fact that insurers are lobbying the following scheme: a company will choose car (of course, with the cheapest rate and, consequently, the quality of ugly repairs), to send to the car owner with a broken car and then wash our hands of it and never reply. Citizen under this scenario, given the subsequent fate of the hopeless “head-butting” with one HUNDRED and slipshod — because he will not even contract with the repairers on the work. Without such a document even to the court not served.

We will remind also that in January–June 2016, insurers collected 114,519 billion rubles of insurance premiums for insurance, and paid for it only 74,793 billion. That is 45% collected billion settled in the accounts of insurance companies. This they seem little. PR Association of motor insurers, that is, preparing the ground for new concessions to companies in the field of insurance in the hope that the new composition of the Duma will go on about them. The same hysteria in the media, insurers, remember, staged a couple of years ago, when the question about the increase in the cost of insurance policies. In the end the “motor” has risen in price almost twice.

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