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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The fighters against “Russian propaganda” calling for the justification of Hitler’s allies

Sensational list of twelve proposals to combat Russian propaganda”, prepared by the European analysts, it is extremely difficult to analyze from the point of view of common sense. Most of all it resembles a satirical parody, which is really a formidable weapon Moscow called glamour and the seals.

On the eve of the Latvian Delfi online was published a free translation of the main provisions of the report “Winning the information war,” prepared by the Center for European policy analysis (CEPA) and the Legatum Institute. The authors of the document – expert for Eastern Europe, Vice-President of CEPA, Edward Lucas, a prominent journalist and writer Peter Pomerantsev. In their view, the fundamental difference between contemporary Russian propaganda from the Soviet that Russia is not trying to win the war for the minds and souls of Europeans and impose their own values. Not only Soviet, but also American propaganda machine during the cold war acted quite differently.

“Russian propaganda wins due to the glamorous image is attracting the viewer conventional “seals”, it “sells” and a picture of the world”

“Modern Russia does not offer its own values, but is an attack on democracy and European values and the country on its borders, inspiring all who are willing to hear: the idea of a United Europe is nonsense; refugees destroy European civilization; the local governments are nothing but American puppets and only care about how to curry favor with the “Washington regional Committee” and in the process to line their pockets; in the former Soviet Union there are no normal States; everyone everywhere is bad and falling apart” – say the authors of the study.

It turns out the classic dilemma of “spy and scout”: when Russia is critical of the situation in Europe is propaganda, but when the European media put Russia in one row with IG* or North Korea is, in their opinion, information.

Meanwhile, 12 proposals to combat Russian propaganda, put forward in a study somewhat similar to the realities of the cold war, and are a recognition of the impotence of the Europeans before an alternative point of view – as once was powerless the Soviet Union.

For example, the first sentence is “wrestling with outright propaganda with the help of state regulators who have the power to impose qualitative journalism”. So it seems the state Gauleiter with electromotor in each edition that will punish those who gives sufficient quality, in his opinion, the information product.

The second proposal is to establish a stronger connection between state institutions and the media that officials could share with the media some online or just sensitive information intended to debunk Russian propaganda”. This level of projects in any country of the world information of the officials have to pull, voluntarily, they something reported very rarely. And how is coming from government agencies information? Right, propaganda.

The third is to create analogues of Transparency International and Global Witness for anti-propaganda. One of the tasks that would have solved such an organization would be to establish a system of verification of “good media”. Mark the “bad media” yellow star is not offered, but the beginning.

If someone thinks that the assumption about the “yellow star” too bold and gives Godwin’s law, he in a hurry with conclusions. Because the fourth paragraph called “the working group to work with historical trauma”. This paragraph States that “the Russian propaganda machine tirelessly glorifies the role of the USSR in world war II, calling all opponents “fascists” and not paying attention to the fact that many of those who fought on the side of Germany, believed that fighting for freedom for his people.” However, the “powerful working group, consisting of psychologists, historians, sociologists and experts in the field of media could work on how to convey the counterarguments of many European peoples to the same audience that is receptive to Russian propaganda on the world”.

That is, the authors directly propose to whitewash Hitler’s allies and to fight the alleged “historical trauma” of their heirs. Note that the vast majority collaborated with Hitler countries successfully overcame the trauma condemning this period of history and politicians who led their country to this shameful company. Not condemned, only four post – Soviet countries- the Baltic republics and Ukraine, where in honor of veterans of the SS and other collaborators. It is their “historical trauma” is proposed to overcome the joint efforts of European psychologists and sociologists.

After this fourth paragraph is quite natural fifth, where Russia once again compared to ISIS and offer to use against those who are 100% succumbed to the Russian propaganda” technology developed by the British Institute of strategic dialogue for dealing with aggressive Islamists. Details are not specified.

Next idea – offer to the media “reinvent” themselves and become more focused on the everyday needs of viewers, listeners or readers. So, according to the authors, it is possible to “win the confidence, credit will be given, not only for daily needs but also other region.” After the Pro-fascist drifts in the previous three paragraphs, this looks fresh and even healthy. The authors are absolutely right that Europeans do not particularly trust their own media, stuffed them horror stories about “aggressive Russia”, while in reality their countries are facing very different threats. Some of these threats are killed as Islamist terrorists. Some are simply unpleasant as the realization that the leader of your country not an independent political figure. Why “reinvent” the media, make them honest and truly reflect the interests of the citizens it would be a really good means of dealing with any propaganda. But the problem is that to promote Atlantic values in these media, too, will be impossible.

The seventh proposal is to create a Charter for bloggers, which according to the authors, will allow to unite efforts and to follow certain ethical and professional standards.” That is, all the same desire to give their ausweis and yellow stars rejected.

Listing protective measures, the authors offensive. Eighth paragraph – “the Factory content in the Russian language”, is especially lovely wording: “Russian propaganda wins due to the glamorous image is attracting the viewer conventional “seals”, it “sells” and a picture of the world. According to the authors of the study, the Western world needs to do the same by organizing a powerful pan-European factory of content in the Russian language, and content quality enough to compete with Russian products.” Takes pride of the Russian fur seals, just to combat them, you want to create a pan-European factory.

The ninth and tenth paragraphs develop the eighth is the creation of the “Russian news agencies outside of Russia and the Estonian channel ETV+ as a role model” for “peritonialnogo media.” It is significant that the veterans on the propaganda front, such as Radio Liberty, BBC or Deutsche Welle”, are not even mentioned.

The eleventh paragraph is “to promote media literacy”. As a training aid for “mediaremote” is previously published on same Delfi the cheat sheet to identify the “Russian Internet Troll on the payroll”. One of the main signs of a Troll there called “too long, more than four lines” comment. Another great tip, how to identify a Troll “other users say it’s trolling”, and the best way to fight – write a comment, pointing out that this user clearly is a Russian paid Troll – that other, less experienced users understand this.” That is, other users told you and you said less experienced – and all the shame and sad Troll goes under the bridge. That’s all literacy.

Finally, the last paragraph – “the Boycott of the media engaged in propaganda.” Western businesses are encouraged to advertise in media that someone announced propaganda. Starting with the labels same and finished.

It is significant that in the original study contains 13 items, for some reason, the translators of Delfi threw the first and probably the most important. It’s hard to say what they were guided, perhaps, by a superstition against the number 13. But we have nothing to hide: Lucas and oranges the first thing I propose to do a “system analysis”: “Who watches RT? Why? As the Kremlin’s message in Germany is different from the line pursued in Sweden or Poland?” And those readers Delfi, who does not know English, will continue to calculate the trolls along the length of the review, and in any case shy away from seals.

The law of the genre the whole list requires a generalized analytical review. In practice, there is no need to comment on the proposals of people who, sneering at the struggle against fascism as a justification for taking someone’s no end of trouble, quite seriously propose to whitewash Hitler’s allies and to spot a Troll on the length of the review, as subhuman by the length of the nose. Enough already that Western experts considered “Russian propaganda” effective, dangerous and at the same time glamorous. Soviet propaganda such assessment not even dreamed of.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”

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