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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The expert said, what will Russia respond to the death of soldiers in the Crimea

Russia is likely to be limited to the economic sanctions against the Ukraine, whose side were preparing a series of terrorist acts in the Crimea. In addition, as consequences, without which, according to the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry will not remain the damage caused to the Russian side, the deaths of Russian soldiers” in the near future will be serious strengthening of the Russian-Ukrainian border. This “MK” said the military expert, the editor of the magazine “aerospace defense” Mikhail Khodarenok.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Attempts to destabilize the situation in the Russian Crimea is doomed to failure. Stability and security in the Republic of Crimea will be ensured, – stated on Thursday, August 11, the Russian foreign Ministry, adding that “the damage caused to the Russian side, the deaths of Russian soldiers without consequences will remain.” The warning was addressed as “Kiev and its foreign handlers”.

It also noted that in turn, Poroshenko constantly flaunts “the unconditional support of USA, NATO and the European Union in the fight for the return of annexed Crimea”.

According to the military expert, “MK” Michael Hodorenko, despite the extreme tension of the relationship, before the war with Ukraine will not come:

– Up to military action will not happen. Including because the potential of the Ukrainian army today does not allow her to enter into a military confrontation… most Likely the Russian side will involve other vectors of influence, for example, with the economic component, ” said Khodarenok.

According to the expert, in connection with the situation in the Crimea should be carried out anti-terrorist operations, and to the border with Ukraine, it’s time to pull together additional forces.

– The situation, unfortunately, has been underestimated. Those forces which until today was based on the border is not enough. It is necessary to seriously strengthen the state border. In addition, in the Crimea it is necessary to strengthen the bodies of internal Affairs, to introduce patrolling the streets, the passport control. Because for any Amateur to not claim the leadership of Ukraine is always the state. Therefore, nothing will provide stability and security in the Crimea, as the increase in forces and resources on the border, – said the expert, adding that to begin strengthening immediately.

– At the same time Russia should not pay attention to any dissatisfaction with these actions, both on the part of both Ukraine and its Western “partners”. Afraid of wolves in the woods do not go, – said the Khodarenok.

We will remind that FSB of Russia on August 10, said the identification in the Crimea subversive groups of Ukrainian military intelligence, who were preparing terrorist attacks in Crimea. During the arrest of the saboteurs killed the employee of the Russian special services and military defense.

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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