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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sergey Strelbitsky: number of Tourists across the isthmus has increased 2.2 times

“This year we expect about six million tourists”, – said the newspaper VIEW, the Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Sergey strelbitskiy. He is sure that the incident on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the Crimea will not prevent the rest of the Peninsula. Meanwhile, the number of tourists from Ukraine to the Peninsula is only growing.

In the North of the Crimea there were armed clashes with the group, who came from the Ukrainian territory, according to the FSB, to organize terrorist acts in crowded places and thereby to disrupt the tourist season. About how impact events on the travel vacations in the resorts of the Peninsula and how is the holiday season, the VZGLYAD newspaper spoke with the Minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Sergey Strelbitskiy.

“Somewhere around 15% of the total number of tourists last month were citizens of Ukraine

OPINION: IN connection with the events in the North of the Peninsula whether to expect any changes for tourists? For example, if the recommendation not to visit certain areas of the Crimea?

S. S.: No, no changes are expected. We work in the same way and that worked. In our work, the work of the Ministry and on health resort and tourism complex these events are not affected.

OPINION: the Ukrainian authorities recommended its citizens to refrain from visiting Crimea. How will this affect the tourism industry of the Peninsula?

S. S.: not affected. Ukrainian citizens as visited the Crimea, and will visit. The examples are far to seek: the Ukrainian authorities to let them look at the number of vehicles on the Ukrainian issue, which goes on the territory of Crimea. And the numbers are these from different regions of Ukraine. We are very happy. People come and see how the lives of the Crimea, as it develops. And that propaganda, which today is on the territory of a neighboring state, she is completely broken from what you see on our Peninsula.

OPINION: how many were Ukrainian tourists on the Peninsula? Do you have any statistics on this?

S. S.: last year we handled 4.6 million tourists. Of these, approximately 10% are citizens of Ukraine. This year in June, the Ukrainians made up approximately 9% of tourists. The July numbers are being specified, is analytical work. While I can say that somewhere around 15% of the total number of tourists last month were citizens of Ukraine. That is, the number of tourists across the isthmus has increased in 2,2 times in comparison with 2015.

How obtained these numbers? How do you explain the growth of visits to the Crimea from Ukraine?

S. S.: Growth see what it is called, I can’t say. As for the numbers, we carry out every year a survey of tourists. This year was no exception. Since may, a poll goes. I think at the end when it will end (and it will in October), when we receive data from all the services (responsible for migration registration, and so on), we will be able to say what caused the increase of visits to the Crimea: if it worked “sarafannoe radio” or something else.

OPINION: How this year you predict tourists?

S. S.: about six million. This is the plank, which we do not yet depart, because intermediate statistics indicate that our predictions will come true.

OPINION: most of the rest was in the private sector or in hotels?

S. S.: Accurate data we will again get only in October. Now I can only say that as in spas and in hotels in small hotels and in the houses of tourists enough. The holiday season has taken place.

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