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Monday, March 19, 2018

Russia is preparing for a reshuffling of power on the world stage

More recently, gold has called a “barbaric relic of the past” and now he’s buying more. Do not stay aside and Russia. Our country began to actively replenish international reserves — foreign currency assets, gold and special drawing rights. So, just one week, they increased by $2 billion. the question is why Russia is actively replenishes international reserves of the experts had different opinions. Someone does not see anything special about it. And someone thinks that the Central Bank is preparing to help the ruble. And there are those who considered this behavior the impending reshaping of forces in the world.

photo: pixabay.com

Russia’s international reserves peaked in December 2014. On 5 August they amounted to $of 396.4 billion, compared to $394,5 billion a week earlier. It is reported by the Bank of Russia. Therefore, the regulator is to achieve its goal — to increase the volume of international reserves to $500 billion within three to five years.

Why Russia is now actively replenishes international reserves “MK” asked the experts.

Mikhail BELYAEV, chief economist of the Institute of stock market and management:

“Apparently the world is going to change forces. These changes, of course, will not happen today or tomorrow, however, they are obviously not far off. In particular, it is possible to happen a reorganization of the monetary system. As you know, called gold a barbaric relic of the past. But in some mysterious way, when bad times are anticipated, as a rule, buying this precious metal is a real tangible equivalent.

Artem DEEV, head of the analytical Department AMarkets:

“Representatives of the Central Bank, when carried out the transition to a floating exchange rate, declared that they want to increase reserves to $500 billion. it is understood that the regulator is trying to replenish the stock very carefully so as not to affect the market. The last time was quite a good time to purchase foreign currency on the background of the inflow of speculative capital. Foreign investors are very much interested in the Federal loan bonds (OFZ bonds) and foreign exchange inflows into the country was enough that the Central Bank was able to replenish than likely he took advantage”.

Kirill YAKOVENKO, an analyst at ALOR BROKER:

Plus $2 billion compared with the total volume of reserves of $394 billion — a fluctuation within 0.5%. This increase does not mean that some emergency situation, it is within the ordinary activities of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank, which at the right time to buy foreign currency to support the ruble or just have the option to buy it at a good rate. As such, gold in international reserves is not much, usually around 10-15%, and mostly purchased currency. The dollar this month has attempted to rise above 67 rubles to the dollar, and it was important to support the domestic currency to avoid volatility and to preserve the purchasing power of the ruble.”

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