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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On the site of the Museum of Tarkovsky established a public art object

Art to the masses — is guided by this public art and public art movement of the BEAM. Activists Beam out to the street and create unusual art objects in the most sudden places — for example, the object-homage to Director Andrei Tarkovsky appeared on the site of the house where he lived and where has for a long time to erect his Museum. The correspondent of “MK” has found out, why and why freelancers are creating their installations.

A couple of weeks ago, local residents noticed the amazing art on the waste land, where “built” the house-Museum of Arseny Tarkovsky, hovering in the air of a boy watering a dry branch, and a multitude of white hands that support the tree. It turned out that the objects appeared there not by chance, but are the result of art statements of independent artists. Earlier, about a year ago, a similar rally at the same place was held of the public art movement ZOOM: the artists have set a two-meter installation with characters from the film “Stalker”, which lasted about six months. The action they tried to draw public attention to the problem and remind the city administration that they promised to build a house-Museum of film Director Andrei Tarkovsky by 2015.

photo: Dmitry Alekseev

However, the completion date is still unknown — the house Director in the 1st Sepkowska lane was demolished in 2004, and then in its place dug a pit, and then fell asleep. Currently in place planned museums Tarkovsky — fenced wasteland. He also became a platform for artists public art project, BEAM. That is a project the BEAM, we told the curator and the artist Dima Alexeev:

Is an independent public art project the BEAM there for four years. The first BEAM was from metro 1905 along the street and rested virtually in the Kremlin. During the night it was installed nearly forty public art objects, in this was involved the best forces of the Moscow public art. Then in small groups we have done many public art attacks, then made another BEAM where is the “Gogol-center”. It was attended by many and zukclub from Marina Zvyagintsev, Vassily Grino, “people’s architect”, Maria Arendt and other leading artists.

— What is the artistic value of the idea of your public art objects?

The idea is to make a creative, decorate the city, to make life more interesting. In 2015 was to open a Museum of Tarkovsky in the 1st Sepkowska the alley, but nothing was done. There has long been a wasteland of trash. And in this year, there was some very strange activity: there are imported and crushed, and dry branches… What’s going on, nobody understands. Residents wrote to the municipality, and where only did not write! There was no answer…

— How did the idea to create a RAY-homage to Tarkovsky?

— I love Andrei Tarkovsky as a Director, and so we with Maxim Abramov decided to dedicate a BEAM. A year ago, the group of ZOOM made the installation “Memorial for the Museum, and it lasted about six months that’s a pretty long time. But in the end it burned, and the locals are very distressed about this. We decided to make your art object, a direct quote from Tarkovsky’s film “Sacrifice”. And I know when we installed it — boy watering a dry branch, — there were many people who came to support us. Said it was very cool, left their phone numbers in case there are any problems, is strongly encouraged. And the most different social strata — everyone knows the films of Tarkovsky.

— But the quote is not quite straight.

— In the film the boy was watering the tree, and it is watering a dry branch. This is no accident. For me, this withered branch — a symbol of decaying modern culture, and she breaks off from the tree of world culture with us. If you take public art in Russia, last year, he almost nullified. There is some movement as, say, graffiti festival, but the street they are irrelevant. Public art from the street at all left. During these two years has not been established, no serious public art-object, not a single work! What orders Medina there, and this creative art of work.

photo: Dmitry Alekseev

— You can exist as an independent project?

We do not ask for money from the public and don’t want to depend on them, we help individuals, just from your pocket to get the money and help directly to the artists.

— What are the principles of the Beam and why it was important to hold the BEAM exactly on the site of the future Museum of Tarkovsky?

— “Nothing to destroy and not vandals”. We cannot reproach or blame that we messed anything up. In the case specifically with this Beam combines two of my requirements for the location of the art facilities. The first is the vacant lot where the work is legible and analyzed the audience, and the second is historical and cultural place, dedicated and abandoned Moscow authorities. There was supposed to be a family Museum of Tarkovsky. Originally, there were two trees and a vacant lot. We tried to create something, I came up to this boy in the sky, and Max established on the tree, his trademark hands. I like the idea, when it turns out of nothing something eye-catching, accumulating attention and energy.

— You were trying to figure out what’s going on with the Museum, whether it will be completed?

— We with anybody did not communicate, because it is a fairly complex task. It is not clear who to call. There are phones of construction management, but we are there and the police called local residents — the answer is zero. We decided on this way to go. This is a public task of the city of Moscow, our job is art, we say: “there Should be a Museum, Museum no. This is our author’s artistic statement dedicated to the memory of Andrei Tarkovsky. The task of the Beam and my mission is to show that the wasteland can be turned into a permanent art space that not only we their art work and ZOOM exhibited, but also other artists.

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