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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Media: half of the “Crimean saboteurs were Russians

The source of “Interfax” in law enforcement said that among the “Crimean saboteurs” were a few Russians who are now given special attention.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, he found it difficult to specify the exact number of Russian citizens, saying that their “3-4″ person. According to him, they all confessed and actively give evidences”.

Yesterday, 10 August, the FSB reported on the prevention in the Crimea a series of terrorist attacks that was planned to carry out a supposedly abandoned on the territory of Ukraine and sabotage group. The depot, according to the FSB, took place under cover of artillery fire from a neighbouring country.

As a result of clashes killed one undercover and one soldier (their names are not called), and the FSB seized 20 improvised explosive devices with a capacity of 40 kilograms of TNT, weapons, ammo, etc.

After reports on the seizure of the group and the disclosure in the Crimeaintelligence network”, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he sees no point in further negotiations on the settlement of the situation in the East of Ukraine “Norman format”.

The authorities of Ukraine deny the attack and consider information about her provocation of the Russian side.

Add that to the newspaper “Kommersant” reported, citing its sources that “saboteurs” were intended to produce in the Crimea, a series of explosions with no casualties to scare away tourists from the Peninsula.

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