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Friday, March 16, 2018

In the Crimea looking for three saboteurs

The North of the Crimea actually turned into a war zone, but it has no effect on those tourists who decided to vacation in the South of the Peninsula. Earlier in the week in the region was liquidated Ukrainian diversionno-prospecting group of 20 people: 7 of them were captured, 3 more are wanted. The leader of the militants was a veteran of the ATO, who worked as a driver at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

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Found at saboteurs explosives.

As it became known from sources in law enforcement bodies of the Crimea, from 7 to 8 August on the Peninsula, he was taken prisoner 7 Ukrainian saboteurs, half of which were with Russian passports. The leader of the group was a 39-year-old native of Energodar of Zaporizhzhya region Yevgeny Panov.

According to the FSB, he led a group of about 20 militants who had been trained in the Ukraine to strike at the tourism industry of the Crimea and disrupt the parliamentary elections on the Peninsula. To do this, the saboteurs had to organize a series of bombings in tourist areas of the Peninsula. The operation was supervised by the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Despite the fact that most of the group was either caught or eliminated, wanted still three people. Crimean law enforcement bodies consider that this is a 30-35-year-old man of Slavic appearance with blond hair and height about 180 cm, the Suspects physically intimidating and extremely dangerous during the arrest, said the Crimean orientations. To search on all key roads of the Crimea patrol was reinforced by interior Ministry special forces.

Meanwhile, the brother of Igor Panov Kotelenez said the Ukrainian media that the relatives of the probable leader of the saboteurs do not believe in the charges against him. They believe that over the weekend the FSB abducted him to make the protagonist in his “provocation.” Law enforcement agencies have already filed the corresponding criminal case.

Note that information about Panov varies. The Deputy head of the veteran organization of Energodar Yaroslav Derkach claims that he was a scout in the 37th battalion of the armed forces, though not an officer, and rank and file. However, other sources report that in the spring of 2014, he volunteered in the 23rd motorized rifle brigade, where for years stood at one of the checkpoints in the ATO area. After returning home he became one of the founders of the local voluntary organization for assistance to the military in the Donbass, and also a member of the party “Dill”. In this case, as before the war, worked as a driver at the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

On the one hand, colleagues Panova noted that it could not be a scout, because, first, weighed about 140 pounds, and secondly, their object is not allowed to work people with this specialty. At the same time, they stated that together with the likely leader of the commandos lost two of his colleague at the ATO.

“Most likely, the lords with his supporters went to the Crimea on their own initiative. Do not pull the detainees in well-trained spies or special forces of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Besides, the Crimean-Ukrainian border is not so well furnished that through it was impossible to slip through unnoticed”, — shared with “MK” Vadim KARASEV, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies.

Arthur Avakov



Not to say that residents of the city of Armyansk, where he was detained saboteurs, is very concerned about the incident. Some did not notice that in their small town passed a counter-terrorism operation. “The military in Armyansk has always been a lot. They have always and everywhere”, — told “MK” a local resident Oleg. Krymchanka Svetlana noted that there is no panic in the city, despite the fact that military vehicles in Armyansk very much. The girl said she caught either 7, or 8 saboteurs. The rest still looking. And here the inhabitant of Sochi Sergey puzzled by the fact that instead of cars in the city run APCS”. He also said that Internet in town, and also disabled all payment terminals. “Krymtelekom” restrictions in the access to the Network explained: “during engineering works there may be no access to the Internet in Armyansk, Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoy, Pervomaisk, Soviet, Nizhnegorsky, Krasnogvardeyskiy.

Lyudmila Alexandrova



On Monday, the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko gathered a representative meeting, where in connection with the worsening situation at the front demanded the return of all officials from the holidays, check out bomb shelters, stock up on water, gasoline and medicines. According to him, in the next few days can begin active hostilities.

People are not scared — they are likely infected with a kind of fatalism Donetsk. “Well, the war, about her talking all the time. — Then we will work harder! Medical supplies in the hospital kind collected,” — said on this occasion one of the surgeons of the regional hospital. Military standards of the hospital from the front line shall be 40 kilometers. It is almost about Donetsk here regional surgical clinics accept the wounded from all sides — from Yelenovka to zaytsevo — mode is very skilled front-line hospitals. The stream of wounded and dead (to the morgue) from the beginning of July doesn’t stop. What still needs to be war?..

In Donetsk there is a heat wave, House of government DND is not allowed in shorts and short skirts, the neckline is also not welcome. On Tuesday announced another one, the next tightening of the curfew, the checkpoints at the entry and exit again thoroughly. But with all the rigors of special tension in the city is not felt. “You know, the people in the mass atrophied sense of danger. Well, prepared part of the people “disturbing suitcases” with documents and money in case it gets really bad. But the commodities in the stores no one is buying, even though the plastic bottles of water in reserve is in each apartment. And at night thunders no more than usual” — he illustrated the mood of the source in the government DND.

Night in the city was really heard work of heavy artillery, the Ministry of defence DND canceled all leave the military. And on Wednesday evening at the new meeting of the faction of the “Donetsk Republic” Zakharchenko said that he initiated a selection of other meeting rooms in case the escalation will “fly” in the former building of the regional state administration, which is now called House of government.

Dmytro Durnev

The Return Of The Crimea. Chronicle of events

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