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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Film festival “Window to Europe” opened Turkish the life of Rudolf Nureyev

On the eve of the XXIV Festival of Russian cinema “Window to Europe”, held in Vyborg, its guests and participants went to the Finnish Kotka to present the film “Temptation” Alexander the most high the founded.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

In the photo: Alexander and Anna Cytrynowy

Once he was engaged in business, but dreamed of a movie, began acting, trained as a producer at the Institute of Cinematography, and now made his debut as a Director. The producer of “Temptation” was his daughter Anna most high the founded. Stanislav Ershov – once the head of the film Studio. Bitter, and now the owner of a small but fashionable in St. Petersburg cinema hall, organized a trip to Kotka is “Temptation” and its authors. It’s hardly the only simple and uncomplicated pattern, devoid of snobbishness and false searches, in the program of game cinema “Autumn premiere”.

A young couple lost in the woods, came upon the strange house of a sculptor where stored in boxes of three million dollars. Recent lovers are ready for the bills to bring each other to sell their souls. The role of the adversary – Fedor Dobronravov. “Our film doesn’t sound no name, no city name. But we understand that we are talking about human sins. They can be in any country. It is now fashionable to make films with different content, and I am a supporter of the old Soviet school. Generally in the scenario mentioned about the fish, and we turned them into people” – told the Finnish audience Aleksandr Tyutryumov.

It turned out that in Kotka, despite the proximity of the Russian border, Russian movies do not show. In the city theater are only the American and Finnish paintings, broadcast operas. Sometimes on public channels show Tarkovsky or even “Brother” Balabanov. So once a year going to a full house of Russian viewers, bored by their native language. But Finnish public comes. On the day of the show, it became known that the Ministry of culture of Russia supported the new project of Alexander most high the founded “Nobody” about abandoned children.

Curiously, on the same day in Vyborg in the “co-production. Window of the world” showed the Thriller “Souvenirs from Moscow” (original – “eyes of a killer”) Director from Finland Lauri Nurkse. The painting was created with the participation of Russia. It all starts in Sarov, where a crime is committed, and then we see the protagonist, Victor is a former Afghan Russian special forces – in other circumstances. Played his strong Finnish male – actor Samuli Edelman. He speaks Russian with an accent, but is able to assess only our compatriots. Victor moved to Helsinki and was in the midst of dangerous events, it is drawn into the operation, codenamed “Kalina Krasnaya”. The President of Russia Evdokimova – is in danger. In her body I want to introduce a toxic substance to be done about the same as with Litvinenko. And it is necessary to prevent the crime.

Not done in “Souvenirs from Moscow” already become an almost Russian Finnish actor Ville Haapasalo. He also speaks Russian, and the viewer is getting confused who is who. The names of the heroes are noble – Anton Vronsky, Kutuzov. In a small role starred Russian actress Roza Khairullina. Her character Anna Mikhailovna worked to save the President. Seeing the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, she begins to furiously pray. Replica sound like, “After Yeltsin Laje came from St. Petersburg siloviki”. And the President is dancing passionately declares, as a pioneer in the interrogation: “They can kill me, but democracy can not kill”. She echoed the hero Haapasalo: “a free man should have the right of choice.” Solid slogans and branchy cranberry, and interesting, stating the fear and terror felt by Finns towards the closest Russian neighbors.

In this co-production program – a feature-length documentary of our fellow film critic and Director Evgenia Tirdatova “Rudolf Nureyev. Island of dreams”, made jointly with their Turkish counterparts in Turkey. From 1981 to 90 years of the famous dancer and choreographer, came to this country three times a year, wanted to have there the island and the house. So it happened, but only after his death. As they say who knew his men, Nureyev missed his mother and his culture, so he was drawn to Turkey as between the peoples of this country and Bashkortostan, where he came from, a lot in common. Nureyev loved to walk through the Oriental Bazaar to buy rugs. There he was inspired. For his Paris house were buying Turkish tiles, exotic Turkish clothing. And in women, kneading bread, saw his mother. He behaved like a Sultan, talked to people in majestic, Imperial fashion. Evgenia Tirdatova managed to find a rare Amateur recording these travels, sometimes very intimate. So the question arises: was it possible all this to manifest? For example, skinny-dipping in the society of close friends who came with Nureyev in Turkey. But the most powerful shots – already terminally ill person at the machine, in which hard work, turned out toes resembling a festering scab. About Nureyev remember a Turkish ballerina, went on the stage with him in Istanbul where he first appeared in 1978 on tour. One of them learned Russian language in the process of working with Grigorovich, Plisetskaya, whom she worships, and, of course, Nureyev. He wanted to buy the island of St. Nicholas in Turkey, searched for months, and then found out that it is a valuable historical object which is not subjected to any deals. Screen sounds funny comment: “He was in love with Turkey because the Ural”, and then mentioned the lake. The famous stage designer Ezio Frigerio after the death of his friend build a house, what kind of dreamed of Nureyev. The stunning beauty of the place belongs to him, and controlling him – an old friend and lover Nureyev the interesting Peperoncino, which has become not only the protagonist of the film, but one of its co-producers. It once acted as the producer of the Sleeping beauty Nureyev in Istanbul, though nothing like before did.

Another film from the competition of co-production – “Racing in Italian” Claudio Uberti with a minimum twenty percent participation of Russia. He talks about the rally of retro-cars “100 Miles”, held in Italy. Producer from the Russian side Uliana Kovaleva graduated from a University there, and it is not her first project with the Italians. “To do co-productions with Italians, speaking only English, it is impossible,” says Juliana. I speak Italian and know the country. If for the Germans the important Protocol, the document, in this case more valuable than personal relationships. When this project came up, I knew nothing about racing retro cars. Russia’s participation in this film is limited to the soundtrack songs and the presence of Russian actress. The drivers a lot of jargon, had to carefully edit their speech in the dubbing, which took several months. We forwarded the material to the riders, everything was accurate. There is some inexplicable connection between Russians and Italians. They we somehow close, they are drawn to Russia. We are very different, but something between us is. Movie sanctions not affected. The Italians want to work with us”.

Documentary “Men’s choice” Director Elena Demidova made with the participation of Norwegian and Finnish partners. She tells of the men going North to work. “I saw in front of 3 thousand men and heroes among them. There were those who would stand before a difficult situation of choice” – says Elena. In order to find them it took time and perseverance, and opened before us a curious fate. Someone was looking for one thing and found another, came to earn money for one’s wife and met another woman.

While very few of the paintings created by Russia in co-production. They are all of different denominations, and sometimes produce a painful impression. But these films included in the Central contest, which will be estimated by a separate jury. “The window to Europe” – almost the only festival that is trying to stimulate this promising area, which at the state level is given minimal attention.

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