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Monday, March 19, 2018

“Fair Russia” will have to explain to voters

The experts examined potential sponsorship candidates included in the electoral lists of the political parties in the upcoming elections to the state Duma. One of the leaders of the rating were suddenly “Fair Russia”. Due to the fact that the party is using social slogans and fighting for the weaning of the electorate of the Communist party, political analysts predict that the spravedlivorossov will have to explain to the “left” voter.

Fund “the Petersburg policy” have studied “sponsorship potential list of candidates to the State Duma of the Russian Federation”, published a report titled. The study authors were interested in the balance between representation from party lists popular, resource and status persons.

As it turns out, in some cases we are talking about the real owners and top-managers of large and medium-sized business or state-owned companies, others have their nominees, in the third – person, formally retired from business, but during the stage of “primitive accumulation” have accumulated the necessary to support the political ambitions of the means.”

“It is discordant with the thesis of the electoral program and the CP of the feed, which is the party – direct competition for social democracy with the Communists of the Communist party”

The study’s authors argue that the presence of a “resource” of candidates in the list gives the electoral campaign for more intrigue. For example, the attempt of the parties ideologize the presence of business representatives in the list of opponents.

Basis for research are official lists of candidates in deputies of the state Duma on the lists of 13 parties that are entitled to participate in the elections without collection of signatures (including these parties nominated candidates in single-mandate constituencies), as well as information from open sources.

The top five ranking of the sponsorship potential parties entered “United Russia” (12 thousand points), “Fair Russia” (11 thousand), LDPR (7 thousand), the Party of growth (5 million) and “homeland” (4 million). The Communist party, with 3.3 thousand passed forward “Patriots of Russia” with 3.4 thousand the rating PARNAS (0.7 thousand) and “Civil force” (0.3 thousand).

“How kind of weird it looks like the people in the lists of the party”

The Fund’s experts believe that, compared with previous election campaigns the representation of the potential “sponsors” in the party lists of “United Russia” was considerably reduced. “To a large extent this is due to obonakalisa the leadership of the party wishes for a stronger focus on the candidates with a “social” component,” the report says.

But the scale of the presence of businessmen in the list “Fair Russia” has become serious surprise. “An important tool for parties was the presence in the lists of business people from the national republics,” also lists “is widely represented by people from the food and agricultural industries and the banking sector”.

Political analyst Alexei Martynov believes that “Fair Russia”, which is relatively small, is interested in attracting additional resources, but it can be done “only with the “sale” of seats in their lists.

“It is within the law. The main thing that all sponsorship money was accounted for. Another question is dissonant with the theses of the election program and the CP of the feed, which is the party – direct competition for social democracy with the Communists of the Communist party. And how kind of weird it looks like the people in the party lists. But it is a question of ethics and the relationship of the voter to the party,” said Martynov newspaper VIEW.

The same feature points and the head of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov. Second place “Fair Russia” rating, he believes a paradox. “The party traditionally declares egalitarian slogans, in an effort to discourage voters of the Communist party. However, if the list of the Communist party very modest in the number of people out of business, “Fair Russia” may have yet to explain to the “left” voter”, – said Vinogradov in conversation with “Izvestia”.

The head of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky believes that in the case of “United Russia” it is necessary to substantially minimize the representation in the lists of potential “sponsors” at the expense of the public opinion leaders, state employees and social activists. “In this situation we are talking about the desire of big business to keep the existing mandate instead of recruiting new party candidates from among the Russian business, – said Badovsky. – In General, the “United Russia” will be greatly renewed, and after the elections, the faction will most likely be more than 60% of new faces.

“Business, going into politics, continues to do business”

While Alexei Martynov does not surprise that PARNASSUS was at the tail end of the ranking. According to him, such an outcome for the party Mikhail Kasyanov natural.

“It is clear that the business is not for ideology but for a solution to their issues, lobbying of certain of its interests. Accordingly, the party chosen by the future results. Business, going into politics, continues to do business. They look at it as some kind of investment. Based on this approach, PARNAS discredited, he simply did not believe. Swing was big, but in the end all turned into a puff,” – said the analyst.

The report notes that the liberal democratic party is traditionally the party that is open to the representation of people from small and medium businesses, but “in the current list of exceptions was the former Governor of Stavropol territory Alexander Montenegro (currently Vice-President of OOO “New Commonwealth”)”.

The most high-profile business names in the list of the Party of Growth were, in addition to leader Boris Titov, a former state Duma Deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk and the Sebastopol entrepreneur Oleg Nikolaev. A large part of the list of the Communist party were employees of the party apparatus and the deputies of the party, so business representatives were on the sidelines.

The party seeking to diversify its financial sources

Member of the expert Council of ISAPI Alexei Zudin noted that in the methods of compiling the electoral lists, there is a certain standard. “This standard is established despite the fact that in General we have a very actively developing state funding. It is known that over the last ten years, government funding has greatly increased, and perhaps the inclusion of resource candidates in the electoral lists is due to the fact that the parties strive to find a balance, to diversify its financial sources,” said Zudin the newspaper VIEW.

According to him, the desire of wealthy people to participate in elections first appeared in the 90-ies and preserved despite all the changes. “In the case of parties that punctuate themselves as defenders of the poor people, positioning themselves as fighters for social justice, these circumstances are especially pronounced in “Fair Russia” and the Communist party, this fact may cause some issues and is not well fit with the image of these parties,” he said.

He also explained why the Party of growth, which positions itself as a defender of business interests, failed to attract so many wealthy candidates, as expected by the observers. According to Zudin, “it is because of the ability of the growth to overcome the five-percent electoral threshold is highly doubted”. “Among the observers there is almost a consensus that the Party of growth will not be able to overcome, as well as other actions outside of the party the barrier, but another thing – she has a strong and promising odnomandatniki. And due to them there is a possibility of passage to the Duma”, – concluded the expert.

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