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Monday, March 19, 2018

Actress Ekaterina Vladimirova: “I Have a total of four injuries on the spine”

All the talk today only about the Olympics. And reports from sports battles in Rio every morning looking forward to even those goals-points-seconds is not particularly interested in.

Therefore, even filmmakers today dream about sports victories. Actress Ekaterina Vladimirova, for example, managed to play in one movie… two boxers! Ekaterina Vladimirova is the true Cinderella of the day. A native of Tomsk, she conquered Moscow, and now brings to life a very real, carefully thought-out plan on how to win Los Angeles. And win! Anyway, all preconditions for this purpose she has. Passion the most unfeminine of all sports made her the new star of Russian cinema, helped to meet Roy Jones and in fact opened the way to the United States.

How to become a star of the screen, and not direct, and in the most tortuous way, Kate told a journalist of “MK”.

— Katya, you are so beautiful, graceful, gentle girl — and suddenly the box! Can’t imagine you with gloves for sparring or even just wildly pounding a punching bag. And yet that’s what you were doing. How so?

Yeah I don’t know why Boxing. (Laughs.) This unfeminine sport, it is the male energy and the female is reduced. But so well is reset adrenaline! And lose weight from it very quickly, then come in form. But now I give less time Boxing, going to yoga, to surfing. Although the box for my character is more suitable. On yoga need to calm down, to be alone with my thoughts, to breathe correctly, and I can’t, I would go for a run, to beat someone.

— Never feared that one punch in the ring and your beauty was ruined forever: a broken nose, eyebrow scar is cut to?

Well, I professionally not played ever, to medal, no matter what! But in the movie “hurry up, baby”, where the main role, even two main roles that I actually went as a girl-boxer, I received a blow from a professional boxer! Boxers don’t know how to work as a coach when he stops a shot inches; she moved me from the heart. And then there is in fact a camera! It will not disappoint! And the scenario I am protected, are four straight and the fifth side, at which point I open. And then she hits me for real, several times in the face! I spinner fall on the ring, and only seeing stars flew. There, in the movie there is a scene when my character Tanya falls on his knees, injured hands, and starts crying, just yelling in pain. Here I have in that moment the tears were real, so I was hurt. Then I realized that Boxing is not for women.

— How did you end up the main character of this film?

— My friends made a trailer for the film “Katyusha”, took the “Baby in a million”. There was also Boxing, and I got another injury. I have a total of four injuries on the spine: I like the sport leave — immediately break down. And I at that time began to refuse his feet, I was in Israel for the operation, remove again the hernia. I was sent this video and I from Israel are beginning to send its brand to all my friends in hopes that will work the rule of six handshakes, and anyone, Yes there is I have friends who will be interested. I just have a very large circle of friends, I partied too much — well, young was, what house to sit! And that’s all I sent him, including his girlfriend Katya Lopez, and Kate is very close friends with the Ara Hovhannisyan. He looked up and caught fire, became interested in a new face, the fresh man, saw something in me. And he already had a finished script. Thus, the movie took shape. Found the money, I meanwhile had the surgery, and after six months I again boxed. That is, I could not, contraindicated, but I overcame my fears once again be in the hospital. Career actress was more important for me, I couldn’t miss my chance.

— Before that you have no experience in filming?

— I was a bit part of the players in the TV series “the Last COP”, my partner in the film was Gosha Kutsenko. A day on the set I ran on the field with the ball, and I never was fond of football. Although the film’s Director Michael Garnevski when I saw how I work with the ball, said, “the feeling that all your life you were a football player!”. So I have two sports roles in a row, I don’t know what it involves.

Perhaps you met with world Boxing star Roy Jones. How did he show you?

— Roy Jones is very cool! December 12th was a battle that he lost, and the 14th was the shooting, and we all thought he was not coming and may fall day of shooting. But he came, spoke in Russian, all the words, expressions — all remembered. Kept very simply, a normal guy. I looked at him like God himself standing next to Roy! How cool! Actually, I do actors really helped: Mikhail Porechenkov taught me how to relax on set, not to be sprayed in each scene to hold the attention, to breathe. I from every actor that I had taken and studied. Of course, it was very difficult to play two girls at once: they are twins, but different — each with its own character, plus they have all changed places. I was that Sveta, Tanya, Tanya, Sveta, and I don’t have time to switch between scenes. I say as Light as I need as Tanya; the Director shouts, “Kate! Hurry! Pull yourself together!” And I can’t keep crying, running away in the other room, calm down there again on the set… so Much energy spent, so much work has been done! I thought I would have a split personality from it, especially when filming the fight scene between the sisters — I was on the one side or the other, that is fighting with itself. From the back shot the stand-in, then it changed to the stunt woman and I was removed from the face: that I’m Light, I’m Tanya. On installation, of course, nothing that is not seen, it looks like really two sisters in the frame.

Roy Jones has advised you to conquer America?

— He including. His courteous manner, attention, of course, added to my confidence. But even before I visited America, I liked it there, everyone is very friendly. Now I will go back there for a month, I will learn English I need to improve and get rid of the accent. Then I wanted to go there to study in the famous school of Lee Strasberg, his pupil Lola Cohen came to Russia in the summer, and I took her course.

— Why don’t you get a classical acting education in Russia?

— I already lost too much time. If I went to study, say, the film Institute at the age of eighteen years that would be one thing. I’m 24 years old, I have my own personal life, their interests. To study full-time faculty is to lose much that is dear to me because I know myself: I will go head first into his studies, but never enough time! And correspondence of the actor’s education I do not accept.

— In addition to courses Lola Cohen some acting training do you have?

I was trained at the Moscow school of new cinema, but I did not like. I did a coachee in acting Julia Yablonsky and Alexander Nosik. That’s where I learned a lot, worked with me, rehearsed.

— Why didn’t you go to the theatre, and chose Tomsk state University of architecture and construction? It certainly dreamed about the scene?

— I wanted to be a choreographer. I have been dancing since childhood, nine years in hip-hop and rnb. But… has Formed a hernia in the spine, had surgery on choreography had to put a cross. Mother began to persuade: “Go to the accountant, economist — stable salary!” I spent the summer getting ready and entered the civil engineering Department of the University. Played there, by the way, in the student theatre of variety miniatures. But when the subject of “development of soil in the pit,” I realized: no, I can’t!

— How came the idea to go to conquer Moscow — was the connection here?

Decided to prove to parents and to the world that you can! While studying at the University, worked as a realtor and assistant master of ceremonies, earned what we have. No ties was not the first night we spent at Paveletsky station, all call to Tomsk, asked, who have any acquaintance. Then got a job as a Secretary, assistant Manager. At first nothing worked, could not make ends meet. We rented a room with a friend on Kutuzov, in the house where he lived Yudashkin. Slept in the same bed, paying 24 thousand in half. Every morning on the subway to work: at seven Wake up, get dressed, be sure studs! Today I can’t do heels like that to wear, and then there was so much energy! But there was a time when I wanted to quit. I overcame and stayed here, this moment is many and breaks. But if to collect will in a fist and to go on, it will break. Now I also come to America. But there is an easier way, because if anything, I got somewhere to go.

— What does your tattoo on your hand?

— “Lovers are crazy”, but she is tied up, just made for themselves.

— Do you love Moscow?

— I was in a serious relationship with a man, they lasted almost five years, but we recently broke up. Although still close. As brother and sister. He’s very supportive.

— You’ve already established in Moscow, you already have your own apartment?

The apartment I rented, I moved to Moscow with his older sister, she is a financial analyst, it isn’t also his living space, she rents. I moved mother; she sold her apartment in Tomsk, and it is now flat on the outskirts of Moscow. But this is all.

What soul do you have in the capital?

— Dog breed Frise, it brought the French — a mix of poodle and Bichons. It does not cause allergies, do not shed a thing of beauty, not a dog. I really love it.

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