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Saturday, March 24, 2018

“A historic step”: the Turkish Ambassador spoke about the meeting of Putin and Erdogan

Relations between Russia and Turkey after a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan in St. Petersburg on August 9 has reached a qualitatively new level. This was stated during the meeting in Moscow a press-conferences the Ambassador of Turkish Republic in Russian Federation Umit Yardym. The diplomat also noted that now the level of bilateral relations is not worse than before the incident with the Russian su-24 shot down by the Turkish side in November last year. It was then that began the crisis between Moscow and Ankara.

photo: kremlin.ru

“This is a historic step,” the diplomat said, speaking about Erdogan’s visit and his talks with Putin. “The last visit brought on a new level all contacts”, – said the Ambassador, stating that the results reached by the two presidents of the agreements will be seen every day.

Member of the RF Public chamber Sergey Markov, speaking at a press conference, in turn, noted that the summit on August 9 has become a unique example of cooperation in a crisis. Moreover, he said, is an example for other world leaders who, in his opinion, yet, unlike Putin and Erdogan, incapable, leaving aside the contradictions, to cooperate in other areas.

As for the possible negative reaction OS the part of Western leaders, then, according to the Umit Ardema, to speculate on the relations of Turkey with NATO or the EU is not worth it. Strengthening ligaments Moscow-Ankara, stressed and diplomat, Sergei Markov, profitable worldwide. At the same time, building relationships with individual countries, Turkey is guided by expediency, not by the wishes of others of its foreign partners, reminded the Ambassador: “When we evaluate Turkey’s relations with Russia or our relations with any other country, we perceive first of all the appropriateness of these relationships and do not perceive them as a threat to someone else. For us relations with Russia are important in themselves, for us this is a very important strategic goal. We believe in it. Turkey and Russia spoke about the necessity of these relations, not only now, not only before the crisis of November 2015, we have always said that these relations need to be developed. Either way, we will achieve our goals restoring our relationship”. Separately, the diplomat referred to the European Union, stating that for membership Turkey he6 will sacrifice other foreign policy directions.

The diplomat, of course, despite the optimism associated with the meeting in St. Petersburg meeting did not deny and preservation of tensions between Moscow and Ankara. Speech, in particular, the Syrian crisis and the associated Kurdish issue. “We have concerns on the Kurdish issue and we are seeing them come true,” said the Ambassador, noting, however, that the positions of Russia and Turkey should not be considered completely opposite. With regard to the Syrian crisis as a whole, Umit Yardym, said: “We want the current political leadership of Syria was involved in the negotiation process.” Recall that, unlike Moscow, Ankara has traditionally advocated the care of the current Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the political arena.

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Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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