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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Yevgeny Yevtushenko stood up for the widow Okudzhava

The public three months are shocked that the Ministry of culture has kicked the widow of Bulat Okudzhava Olga from the house where they lived for 10 years, where she was then 18 years kept Museum. And the public is not silent and whispering in the corridors, and suggested in the media, on TV and tore a loud Internet blogs.

That’s what he thinks about this story the poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

photo: Oleg Klimov

The Ministry of culture has planned to join several literary museums, including the Museum of Pasternak, Chukovsky and Okudzhava in a so-called cluster, putting all these museums under the overall control of the Ministry. The most popular ones are the Museum Okudzhava created and run by his widow. Almost every Saturday there is a literary-musical concerts, going to three hundred people. There sing his songs, young singers, read their poems by the best poets of Russia.

Olga ordered is the Director of the Museum to become Department head of one of the parts of this cluster, which in turn is subject to two masters: the State literary Museum and Ministry of culture.

None of the officials of the Ministry of culture did not even think it necessary for a human being to talk to her; forgot that this Museum is its child. It invested all the requisite archival and heritage of their family, all the things Bulat and her own, many years of life and tireless work. She does not mind collaboration with other museums in Peredelkino, but as head of this Museum, and not as one of the hired workers, recruited through an ad.

A similar attitude to the widow of a poet who has earned respect not only in our country but in the world that are invited to huge concerts related to the memory of Bulat, unacceptable and shameful. I am one of those who signed the letter with a request to return Olga to her workplace. Here are the names of some of them: Vladimir Spivakov, Denis Matsuev, Evgeny Mironov, Fazil Iskander, Alexander Shirvindt, Oleg Tabakov, Chulpan Khamatova, Giya Danelia, mark Zakharov, Alexander Kalyagin, Galina Volchek, Vladimir Vasiliev,…

* * *

Widow Bulat

Okudzhava Olga Vladimirovna,

so many people so much extinct

and that’s how not old you

with a proud article of soldier’s widows.


Who is this you, Olenka, forged,

as a friend of the great poet,

as the Keeper of the

and then the Museum.


This is how and who is allowed

what the Okudzhava’s widow dismissed

the one that made this Museum

for his millions of friends.


Touch accidentally for the tips,

there is lonesome for her bells,

after all, she was here the hostess was.

As we callousness nachalniku withdraw

isn’t it time we in honor of justice

beat in Russian bells.


And we can’t leave humiliated

in the vastness of the Russian land

any widow (someone hurt)

those who have our homeland saved.

6 August 2016.

I read this poem on Sunday in Ahmatova, Blok reserve, before many readers of poetry.

…As one of the co-authors of a collective letter I from the Ministry of culture even received no response, and Fazil Iskander had died, and not waiting.

Many readers came up to me and said they had no idea that our country could be so offensive to the memory of Bulat Okudzhava indifference to the fate of his Museum and to his widow. Right no idea. It should be unimaginable. Readers told me to give this poem to their favourite newspaper “MK” and ask to respond all who can do something. Join their request.

Your Yevgeny Yevtushenko

* * *

…Got rid of the widow of the poet, of course, on the instructions of the Minister of culture Medinsky.

The official essentially temporary property that will disappear without a trace, unless, of course, a criminal case will make him famous. And Bulat Okudzhava will remain for centuries.

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