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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vyacheslav Ponomarev: We demobilized Ukrainian military

The commander of self-defense of Slavyansk told how he managed to disarm the Ukrainian military

16 APR 2014, 22:46

Text: Galina Serikova, Yuri Yugov


“We are beyond politics. We are more interested in the status of residents, the future of our children and our faith Orthodox. That’s what we stand for very zealous,” – said the newspaper VIEW, the commander of the self-defense battalion Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev. According to the commander, he managed to convince the Ukrainian military to disarm and leave the city.

“People’s mayor and the commander of the self-defense battalion Slavyansk Vyacheslav Ponomarev became famous over the weekend when he took control of the city. He later called on the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to intervene in the situation in the Donbass.

In the evening it became known that the militia managed to persuade the part of the Ukrainian military to leave Slavyansk without weapons, said the militia. “About 300 military decided to leave their weapons and go home,” the newspaper quoted the opinion of the representative of the militia headquarters.

About what ended his talks with visiting in the city the Ukrainian military and what they intend to do if Russia will not be able to provide him with direct military support, Vyacheslav Ponomarev told the newspaper VIEW.

OPINION: Vyacheslav Vladimirovich, what the outcome of your talks with the crew of the BMD from the morning to the city center?

Vyacheslav Ponomarev: the personnel of the BMD surrendered weapons, equipment guidance, have received allowances. We clothed, fed, and they left. That is, we demobilized. Just saying.

OPINION: so they went without weapons?

V. P.: Of Course. They got into our territory. We now run somewhere to seek weapons is not necessary. Here we now sit and wait, when they tell us it will bring.

LOOK: You said earlier that soldiers have placed under the city the 5th airborne brigade crossed to your side. You are not afraid that their promises are just ordinary stratagem. Why are you so sure that they will not attack?

VP: what’s the problem? Military people understand each other poluvzglyada-perfectly. A military man is always distinguished by the fact that he is a man of honor. For it is first and foremost. If he said the word, he must carry it out. But in commercial structures the opposite is happening – the more you “twist”, the steeper become. I have values very different kind.

OPINION: what are your political views? For example, you would welcome Yanukovych, if he come to you? Recognized him as the legitimate President?

V. P.: If Yanukovych was on our territory, we would have him detained and put in the basement (original spelling retained – approx. OPINION). We have to it your questions are…

OPINION: do you Think the Party of regions as an ally at least partly?

V. P.: We are absolutely apolitical. We do not support no political movement, public organization, and the like. Cooperate with us, we have allies. But we are out of politics. We are more interested in the status of residents, the future of our children and our faith Orthodox. That’s what we stand for very zealous. Russian our language, our customs, age-old values, they, and not these newfangled sorts… in Short, I don’t want to swear. I don’t understand…

OPINION: How do you manage time to watch and for the defense and sustenance of the city? Do you have experience managing utilities?

VP: just at the moment, these issues do. Today we had another hardware meeting, there were appointed the heads of services are required.

The experience I have. I haven’t worked at this level, but, in principle, all the same. You know, the main thing is to build a coherent management system. And then just monitor the performance of outbound orders. Coordinated system works, and if it doesn’t work, the gear is thrown out and inserted a new one.

VIEW: We are all city services followed?

V. P.: Yes, of course.

How you will act if Russia does not provide any direct support? Will be able to build an independent Donetsk Republic?

V. P.: Yes, we’re building it. You know, with Russia’s help it soon will be. Let us will it in stages, slowly but surely. Just if we, again, will attack, to throw at us… We were a little complicated is all this economy the city to expand further. Well, nothing, right. We are not afraid of difficulties, the work missed. We can do it all.

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