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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The traders expect to earn a flight to the moon “quadrillions of dollars”

On Wednesday, more details emerged of plans for another American private company to organize its own missions to the moon. “It is a profitable business. On the moon there are minerals worth 16 quadrillion dollars”, – declare in the company. States even plans to send to the moon person. Whether the project looks promising state programs of development of satellite?

For the first time in history a private company has obtained the right to carry out missions beyond earth orbit. The firm Moon Express was given permission from the US authorities. As reported by one of its founders and Chairman of the Board Naveen Jain, nearest its goal – the Moon. The first expeditions will take place there in 2017. “We choose the moon, not because it’s easy, but because it is profitable business. On the moon there are minerals worth 16 quadrillion dollars. Earlier flights there cost billions of dollars and now the cost of our expedition on the Earth’s natural satellite will be at least 10 million”, – quotes TASS of the Jains.

“The Americans landed on the moon in 1969, could have been killed if he’d gone two days later”

This, of course, is talking about an unmanned launch and not about mining, but about fighting for a special award to Google. The award is intended for those using private investment will create a new moon Rover that will land on the moon, ride on it, bring to earth pictures and videos.

Speaking of $ 10 million, the company has in mind for the future. First flight, as stated, would cost more than 50 million But in the future, as expect in the company, the cost of the expedition will be reduced. Booster Electron (“Electron”), which is going to use Moon Express, is an advanced development of Rocket Lab. Her feature – a very unusual engine, named Rutherford (after physicist Ernest Rutherford, the Creator of modern nuclear physics). Essentially, this is the first in the world missile batteries.

The engine burns a mixture of liquid oxygen and propellant RP-1. And fuel in construction is not used the pump-turbine combination with a gas turbine, which itself requires a large amount of fuel and the pumps operating at a constant current from Li-polymer batteries. All this greatly reduces costs for fuel, thus making the cost of the rocket below. Employees assure that engine – the first in the world whose details were printed on a 3D printer.

Commercial rocket flight will be the first “baptism of fire” of the “Electron”. It is expected that in the future at Moon Express will be pulled and other American private firms. As the newspaper view, the plans of flying to the moon is the company Rasah, the developer of Dragon ships transporting cargo to the International space station.

If the prospect of sending unmanned vehicles to the moon, experts estimate as very real, the further plans of the company are in dispute. In particular, a mixed reaction causing the idea with time to deliver and man on Earth.

At the moment in different countries of the developed state program of flight to the satellite of the Earth. So, in Russia, this summer will begin construction of a ship of the Federation, which is expected from 2025 it will be possible to fly to the moon. As previously stated the President Rocket and space Corporation Energia Vladimir Solntsev, the tentative date for a manned lunar mission – 2029. Developed and plans to establish lunar bases – for example, the American Lunar outpost project, which, however, had to be abandoned due to lack of funding.

However, as noted in conversation with the newspaper VIEW Deputy Director of the space research Institute of RAS Vyacheslav Rodin, the organization of regular manned missions to the moon or, say, to Mars, and especially the settlements forces, though private capital, though the state is required to solve a number of technical problems that seem unsolvable.

So, on the moon and on Mars people will have no protection from solar radiation, since the moon and Mars has no magnetic field. “The Americans landed on the moon in 1969, could have been killed if he’d gone two days later when there was a huge solar flare,” recalls Rodin.

In the scientific world now there is a big debate whether the person to send to the moon without, so to speak, of a bulldozer to keep it at its exposed surface for a long time without compromising their health. If not, it means that the cost of these manned missions will remain high. Need too high costs for the provision of human security. “I am confident that the manned program to the moon and Mars will eventually be closed, – said Rodin. – There will land not people, but machines. What? The machines are now better than humans – the visual and tactile, and snuff, and any other receptors.”

If this forecast is correct, the flight to the moon can be relatively cheap, and therefore, the role of private capital in space will gradually increase.

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