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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The mystery of the plates of the Putin-Erdogan: it is not recommended

Present at the historical meeting of two presidents — Russia and Turkey — drew attention to a strange serving of the dinner table (aka the table of negotiations). Before each member of the delegation put the plate paired with a portrait of Putin and Erdogan. Moreover, in the ceramic of both the President firmly shook each other hands.

photo: twitter.com

And members of the media noticed the bouquet of flowers that was on the table between Turkish President Erdogan and President of Russia Vladimir Putin. White roses, according to their supposition, was supposed to symbolize a new stage in the relations between the two countries, and the openness and honesty of the current meeting. “MK” has found out, what in fact was caused by the choice of colors for historical dialogue and who came up with the idea to immortalize a meeting in China.

To begin with, the experts explained that this table arrangement (to call her ” bouquet is not true). Moreover, it was made in the right proportion to the table on which stands, and from this point of view it claims to be. The flowers themselves are fresh, the buds are strong, which suggests that the composition was prepared in just a couple of hours before the presidents ‘ meeting. But with regard to the choice of colors…

According to the Russian etiquette of the receiving party set the composition in the color of the flag of the guests – says the former presidential florist Faith Ospan.- Accordingly, it had to be red – white in proportions of the colors on the flag. This could use all the same Protocol for the red and white roses, alstomeria, orchids, hydrangea. It has always been, if you look at photos from the meetings between Putin and Erdogan.

Why chose only white color? I must say that his Protocol only used the Patriarch. But there are two possible explanations. Not so long ago passed away Galina pergamenschikova, who knew the tastes and preferences of all members of the government, and all etiquette. It was headed by the most important floral event in the Kremlin. Maybe with her departure, disagreements arose at the presidential florists, and they decided in the end to use generic version – white roses, which really symbolizes the purity of openness.

On the other hand, the meeting of Erdogan and Putin in Baku in 2015 was also white bouquet – continues Ospan. – Another dialogue of the two presidents in the same year, “accompanied by” arrangement of green and pink colors. And it can be explained only by the fact that they match the decor in the room. Sometimes flowers are just flowers.

But most of all — literally shook the serving table. During a conversation in one of the halls of the Palace of congresses in Strelna the members of the delegation had lunch. Before each was a candle, a small plate with grapes and a big – dish (it replaced as soon as brought new dishes). And there journalists present at the meeting, saw the dish with the image of Putin and Erdogan!

We were not engaged in the organization of this event, so the idea is not ours, – said the representative of the office of the President of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova.

It turned out that the event is conducted by one large company whose employees are invited to decorate the dining table with such dishes. Protocol of the President approved of the idea.

– But the plates were not initially designed to ate with him, says our source in the Kremlin. – It would, perhaps, not ethical. Because plates with a photo of two heads of state was the scenery. They are also put into the dish from which ate the members of the delegation. It turned out so: the person was eating, the waiter took away his plate and in front of that person remains subject posudite with the image of shaking the hands of Putin and Erdogan. Guests are offered to take her with him as a souvenir. Generally the plate is porcelain, high-quality, it can be washed without fear that the picture will be erased. But it is still a gift, intended purpose, not used.

The Kremlin says that such dish was at the meetings of Putin with the leaders of Argentina and China are, respectively, represented the leaders of these countries).

Relations between Russia and Turkey. Chronicle of events

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