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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Owners of luxury apartments began to turn them into communal

From summer 2014, one and a half times increased the number of apartments, which actually turned into communal. Russians and foreigners often rent housing in clubbing multiple families or a group of young people. Changed attitudes and owners of multi-room apartments, recently meticulously choosing future tenants.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Senior analyst CYANOGEN Alexander Pypin says: to pass multi-room apartments into one family because of crisis became more difficult — residents to rent a 3-4 room apartment expensive, especially close to the city centre. So tenants were forced to turn to the collective and tenants to turn their apartments into communal flats. “It especially occurred in the segment of cheap apartments available in the Central part of the city, and on the removal of 2-3 metro stops from the circle line, — said Alexander Pypin. — There are a lot of offices and high demand for rental apartments by young professionals who have not yet started a family. They were the consumers of the liberated ones to the office apartments. Many of them moved closer to the center, refusing to rent certain apartments in the suburbs in favor of a separate room closer to the center, and place of work.”

— If the summer of 2014, 38% of all multi-room and 20% of all two-bedroom apartments were rented in the joint hiring, in the summer of 2015, they became 57% and 32% respectively, and now 60% and 34%, specialists say INKOM-Nedvizhimost. — In relation to rent together-bedroom apartments statistics shows no significant changes: they account for about 10%. Saving budget with the collective employment for each of the tenants is 15-20%.

— Rent a purse has always been popular, but now is gaining momentum in response to the crisis, everyone wants to save money. This allows us to minimize costs and to rent a house closer to the center or the apartment with the best living conditions. You can rent a one bedroom apartment for 30 thousand in a residential area or in a purse three, four in the center of Moscow, and the monthly payment for the room for each tenant will be the same — says the owner of the Agency CENTURY 21 Panorama Realty Konstantin Lamin.

System purse is more common among creative young people, without family and without children. This is one of the stages of market development, the younger generations are now easier to apply to the purchase of housing, in the West. In Europe, for example, about 80% of all residents off the estate.

A significant group of employers (35%) form nonresident and foreign students, for which are considered not calendar and academic years. In the 2015/16 school year all apartments are handed over to the collective hiring, rented they. Compared to the previous year (2014/15) number of students in the capital market of renting has decreased by a quarter, while the number of apartments rented by students in a purse, by 10%. About two-thirds of one-bedroom apartments that are rented together, remove students.

Not less than 42% of the total number of flats to joint tenancy accounts for workers, markets, factories and companies coming to work in the capital of the former USSR countries. Their number has not changed compared to the same period of the past two years.

About 16% of residential space leased collectively, are the apartments “under renovation”: they live brigade and nonresident workers often pay recruitment is not charged, but included in the account they perform repairs.

A separate category of employers together — the owners of capital of rental apartments, which together and remove large home with the purpose of saving budget. “A year ago this method of income was noted as an emerging trend: 2-3% of the total employment contracts-bedroom apartments on a monthly basis. Previously, such transactions belonged to the category of unique. Now the trend is growing — the number of such contracts grew to 7%,” — said the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments Oxana Polyakova.

Another interesting trend: now tenants willing to pay rent up to 25% of monthly income (in rare cases 30% — if the apartment is, as they say, a well “packaged” and located in a convenient place). These numbers are not determined by how much remains for other needs, namely a sense of “justice”, emphasize our experts. It is known that if the rent for several months is more than 50% of the total income, the person starts quite tough to restrict yourself to buying travel. No wonder the banks when issuing loans use a formula according to which the monthly payment should not exceed 40-50% of the income of the payer. When you pay up to 20% of income, quality of life, as a rule, is not reduced. “People with a salary of 40 thousand rubles to pay for the rent of an average of about 10 000-15 000 per month. It remains only for the Essentials. With an income of 100 thousand rubles, it is customary to spend on rent 25,000-30,000 rubles a month. The rest will be enough for a lot of things — travel, car loan, etc.” — said Alexander Pypin.

— There is a General trend for decline in the value of the lease. Besides, now plays the role of the seasonal factor. Starting mid-may and during the summer the prices for renting apartments every day are reduced, — said the head of the Analytics Department at CENTURY 21 Russia Kirill Kotrikov. — One-bedroom apartment of economy class can be removed from 18 thousand rubles, the average price range — 22-27 rubles. The cost of renting a two — bedroom apartment 30-38 thousand.

It turns out that if two families settled in the “kopeck piece”, each will pay for the room at 15-19 thousand. But maybe it is better to rent a room in an apartment? It turns out that there is — at least in the Moscow region.

In the capital the average rent for a room is 15.7 thousand rubles (down over the year by 4%), in Moscow oblast — 12,2 thousand (minus 0.7%). For the money you can take a nice one-bedroom apartment in any Russian millionaire or two in the smaller city, ” says Director General of the Federal portal “World apartments” Pavel Lutsenko. — Most expensive room to rent to the capital approached Simferopol — 14 thousand rubles per month. Follow him Surgut — 13.3 thousand RUB oddly enough, in Saint-Petersburg room cheaper — 11.4 thousand rubles.

— If you follow the top 10 localities with the most expensive rooms to rent, in addition to both the Metropolitan regions and it consists of Surgut city of the Crimea and the black sea coast of Krasnodar region. This, of course, a major role played by the seasonal factor. In winter resort towns in the top ten was only Sochi — continues Pavel Lutsenko. — It usually happens in the summer: the Spa market is thrown out the maximum range of facilities for hire, including rooms. Their number is in our ad is increased by 60-70%.

But even with the General decline in prices on the real estate market to expect a serious drop in rental rates for rooms are not worth it. They are the last refuge of people for whom rent is an unsolvable financial problem.

— Tenants who are not able to pay for “odnushki” switch to this type of premises, — the expert continues. — Thus, the demand for rooms considering the fact that economic growth and income growth is on the horizon, not visible, in the near future will not fall, and maybe even grow.

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