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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Kiev found “guilty” in the civil war

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has accused the former head of fraction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov in fomenting war. Taken into custody Efremov formally accused allegedly personally created the LC. However, the basis for the charges was roughly crafted fake video.

The Kyiv court of appeals on Wednesday evening ordered to leave under guards of the former leader of the parliamentary faction of Party of regions Alexander Efremov. Such a verdict is announced, the presiding judge of the panel of judges of the chamber of criminal cases of Appellate court of Kiev Victor Clay, UNIAN reported.

“That is Lutsenko on Maidan rocked the buses with “Golden Eagle”, and the door of the war, then opened the Efremov and regionals, which forbade the “Berkut” shooting at peaceful people?”

Earlier Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, speaking in Kiev at the briefing, accused Ephraim of fomenting war. “As attorney General, I have no right to throw away statement about the suspect or the accused. I just say that I don’t have a positive relationship to a particular character. Efremov – it’s hardly the first, only for all my time involved in work to which I have a very negative attitude,” admitted her feelings to the Prosecutor.

“According to the evidence, the man opened the door to war in our country, I am convinced… That the evidence provided by the investigation are different people. It is on this evidence base our suspicion. It is on this evidence and about which we hope to receive will be based on the indictment,” said Lutsenko.

“We have nothing planned until the end of the year, this case was sent to court, so we are not going on pre-trial investigation to abuse the time, the more arrests. The case is fairly well fixed by the testimony and will move to the court. However, before that, there will be more arrest in this case. We are now doing all the necessary legal steps to ensure that it was not just detentions, arrests, evidence base, with a quick presentation of suspicion. This business will develop dynamically”, – Lutsenko promised.

The Ukrainian Themis offers a deal

Lutsenko used the briefing to advise in absentia sitting in a SBU insulator Ephraim to make a deal with the investigation. “This will not allow him to escape responsibility, I am deeply convinced of this, but if a citizen of Ephraim will testify about the known plans of the Russian leadership at the beginning of the aggression against Ukraine, those who first imported the Russian fighters on the territory of Luhansk for the seizure of the premises of the SBU, and then regional administration, who funded… I Think that the investigation will take into account his testimony. If he thinks about the future of their country, I think he should accept such a deal”, – quotes the Prosecutor of the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

A native of Lugansk, a former Luhansk Governor and former leader of the Party of regions faction in Verkhovna Rada Alexander Efremov was arrested on 30 July at the Boryspil airport, where he, according to the Prosecutor General, was going to fly to Vienna, where his son.

Sunday were behind bars and a former colleague of Ephraim in the faction Vladimir Medianik, once elected to the Verkhovna Rada of Lugansk. “Features of Mr. Medianik is that during the separatist events in Lugansk, and then the capture of Russian terrorists from the premises of the SBU and the regional administration, the ex-MP Medyanik acted as a mediator between the Ukrainian side and separatists and terrorists. On its basis there have been meetings where the Secretary of national security and defense Mr. Parubiy tried to solve the issue of exemption of administrative agencies, public institutions and so forth,” – said the Prosecutor General.

“Moreover, those negotiations were released by officials of the Ukrainian law enforcement bodies, state institutions, i.e. Medianik played at that time a positive role for the Ukrainian state, – he added. – However, this does not exempt him from the suspicion that rightly has the investigator against him.”

Lutsenko whether accidentally, or on purpose let it slip that Medyanik in prison yet keeps silent, and also used the briefing to threaten sitting in the isolation ward of SBU ex-Deputy.

“If Mr. Medianik will cooperate with the investigation, I do not exclude that the measure is not renewed for two consecutive months. If not, if you continue the tactics he imposes on the lawyer Efremova, to reject and silent, they will be supported, so he and Efremov, will go on trial on charges of the hardest articles that could imagine in relation to the citizen of Ukraine”, – Lutsenko promised.

We will remind, on Monday Efremov said he was not familiar with the leader LNR Igor Carpentry. “I don’t know this person,” Yefremov said this to journalists in the Kiev court. He once again denied the accusations against him, adding that he does not understand what today arrested Medianik. “I ran because I believe in this state, I was born here,” – said Efremov judges, Recalling that after the Maidan went into exile like many of his colleagues.

The battalion “Aydar” cut film for a living

As you know, the first case against Ephraim, the Prosecutor General’s office opened in July 2014. Then a few times the cases were closed and opened on new occasions. 14 February last year Yefremov was detained, but three days later released on bail of 3.6 million UAH. For a long time, the ex-Deputy was wearing an electronic bracelet. He was forbidden to leave Ukraine and even Kiev. But in March of this year, the state office of public Prosecutor was forced to dismiss the case against him, persecution for a time ceased, until two weeks ago, the former MP was not arrested again.

Witness for the prosecution was made by another former Deputy-the regional Vladimir Landik. Perhaps his testimony were the reason for the prosecution to again take up Ephraim. 2 Aug Landik called Ephraim, “the organizer of capture of buildings of regional administration and security service in Luhansk, which occurred in the spring of 2014. Landik also complained that became a refugee, whereas Efremov calmly continues to own a house in Lugansk. According to him, in the house of the former Governor in Luhansk continues to live in peace wife of Ephraim and the house is allegedly guarded by special forces of the LC.

On the day of arrest, on 30 July, the Network was extended the record “interview with Ephraim one of the state TV channels LNR”, in which he says: “I’m financing the separatists and so on and so forth. I’m talking about. I speak openly”. This interview is immediately disseminated by the Kiev news portals, which present themselves as a solid, for example, “Press of Ukraine”. However, any viewer can immediately notice that the key, the most important phrase in the interview begins in mid-sentence, and it is clear that the entry has been subjected to ill-installation.

On the morning of 1 August, the Ukrainian portal “News” exposed the tape as a primitive forgery, cut from pieces of this interview, which Efremov, still being the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, June 25, 2014 Ukrainian TV channel gave a LOT.

“Rough cut fake was manufactured and distributed by the initiative of Yuriy Lutsenko to August 1, 2016 to create a appropriate surroundings in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv during consideration of the complaint of Ephraim to the illegal detention and election to it measures of restraint… A fake video, intended Yury Vitalyevich was supposed to be a moral justification to intimidate judges,” wrote “Lead,” adding that fake video the Network has posted the journalist Vsevolod Filimonenko, assistant Deputy and former commander of the battalion “Aydar” Sergey Melnichuk.

In defense Ephraim has made the party “Opposition bloc, called his detention an attempt by the government to cover up its own bankruptcy, and to hide their guilt for the crimes against the people of Ukraine.

“In Ukraine there is no justice. Ukraine has established a regime of violence and repression. Anyone who helps this regime, is an accomplice of this criminal group”, – so responded to the arrest of former party member Mykola Azarov living in Russia former Prime Minister of Ukraine. In his opinion, the task of all honest people in Ukraine to secure the release of Alla Alexandrovskaya, Alexander Ephraim, and of all other political prisoners.

“Lutsenko was elected a sacred victim”

The envoy of the self-proclaimed LNR on the negotiations in Minsk Vladislav Danego considered Lutsenko’s statement as an attempt to shift the blame on others. “That is Lutsenko on Maidan rocked the buses with “Golden Eagle”, and the door of the war, then opened the Efremov and regionals, which forbade the “Berkut” shooting at peaceful people?” – Dana said ironically in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

Dana does not know whether the wife of Ephraim continues in Luhansk and protects her house in SWAT. “But I’ll tell you more, we absolutely live peacefully everyone who wants it. For example, former Deputy head of the Luhansk military-civil administration lives with us, lives quietly. If these people just live peacefully in the territory, who should they interfere?” – surprised Dane.

Kiev analysts also wondered why the General Prosecutor’s office only after two and a half years decided to show Ephraim the charge in creating the LC.

“Really weird, why now. I think there is one single explanation: Yuriy Lutsenko was elected a sacred sacrifice to show that against the representatives of the old regime is also under investigation. But there is one point in the case of Ephraim will stand up in court, you will need to find someone to blame for what happened in the Luhansk region in the spring of the 14th year, who brought to the boiling point,” suggested in an interview with the newspaper LOOK the head of the Fund “Ukrainian politics”, member of the humanitarian Council under the President of Ukraine Kostyantyn Bondarenko.

“Then suspicion could fall on those who at that time were in authority in Kiev. Those of his intransigence, intransigence, lack of willingness to dialogue and compromise led to the aggravation of the situation,” – said Kiev political analyst.

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