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Saturday, March 17, 2018

“Frightening” might of the Russian army: the British increases its defense budget

In the world of media — hype: publishing Times, citing a secret report prepared back in March under the leadership of commander-in-chief of the British army sir nick Carter, has written: “Russia currently has a significant advantage over the armed forces of the United Kingdom”.

In this regard, I would like somewhat to cool the ardor of those Russian media which with tremulous delight broadcast this alleged news. No news here. Such “leakage” in the Western media happen with surprising frequency. And always, when once again in any of the NATO countries raises the question of budgetary financing of the manufacturers of weapons. At this point, somehow is the way the Newspapers dig up some “secret” document, which speaks of the invincibility of Russian arms, after which unwinds is hysterical: “the Russians are coming!” Russia put up with aggressor: see — today the Russians fly near our borders, create military groups, training, and tomorrow will be attacked! We urgently need to arm themselves, to give them a fitting rebuff!

No matter what the flights of our military aircraft to pass over neutral waters in accordance with international rules, military exercises on the territory of Russia, and military groups are formed in the borders of their own military districts. All this is really happening close to Europe — but otherwise, if we are close neighbours? But more importantly, it is possible to present as evidence, compelling reason in favor of increasing the defense budget.

Most of all this sin by the Americans. They do not get tired to scare the scary Russian Europeans, who are dreaming, as if to chop off a United Europe that little piece of European happiness in the form of any of Lithuania, Latvia, and even the whole of Poland.

Well here, the interest is clear: Europeans don’t want to arm. And so they prefer to spend their budgets on improving their own living conditions, but there is also a new attack — refugees. So none of the European countries does not give to the common purse of NATO instead of 2%. In the result, the main burden of the military costs of protecting Europe from the terrible of Russia falls on the US budget.

The gun lobby in the States this is quite enough — in Europe, you can fuse all of its military junk, but to make new weapons. But the American man in the street — and the military spending of the US budget there are not a closed article — it is not too much. He says quite logical: if the Europeans are so afraid of Russia, then let them pay for their fears. Why have to pay for it are we?

Yes there is, and some of the European leaders otchebuchit something like that, it becomes clear that the Russian military threat to the Old world in fact not so relevant. For example, France with its sale of helicopter carriers “Mistral” — it’s clear that the real military adversary such things no one ever will not sell.

Or someone from diplomats too will razotkrovennichalsya. As, for example, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siyarto, who once said: “I do not think that it is realistic to assume today that a Russian attack on any member state of NATO. We so Russia does not perceive. I don’t think Russia poses an existential threat to us.”

But all this, of course, exceptions. Basically a slender European choir singers, conductor driven from the White house, similar to the solo is not allowed. The program was approved long ago, the party distributed the notes and words learned, and the soloists are reliable, proven performers — in the first place is usually British.

For example, Theresa may, in July, just appointed Prime Minister after the resignation of David Cameron, immediately declared readiness to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent of Moscow, calling Russia along with North Korea, a source of grave danger.

It seems to be: why so much aggression? Again, the answer on the surface: it appears the plans may and those who helped her win the new post included the modernization of nuclear capacity in the UK, in particular the upgrade of the nuclear submarines equipped with Trident missiles.

And all this is repeated with persistent regularity: Theresa may in July, her predecessor Cameron in November brought Russia into the list of major threats to national security. Now here’s another “declassified” report by the British…

In this way, it is said that military vehicles worth 3.5 billion pounds is considered “more vulnerable” to the Russian mortar and rocket attacks in the event of hostilities. And also that the UK and NATO allies were “doing everything possible to catch up to Russia in the use of electronic means to intercept the enemy drones and the opportunities to disrupt the transmission of other military information. In this “secret” document military experts also praise our missile cruisers, the su-27 aircraft and air defense systems. I think any sensible politician, after reading all this, you’ll know manufacturers what weapons are urgently needed budget orders to catch up with those invincible Russian.

Let me also remind you that not so long ago edition of the National Interest is also predicted by the U.S. army defeat in future wars with Russia, if the us army will not pass urgent modernization.

…Well, it’s nice, of course, when a potential enemy appreciates the military capacity of your country. But deluded, I think, should not. All these compliments are made solely in the interests of intra-European use.

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