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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Expert: “a Series of terrorist attacks in Crimea was prepared in the interests of Hillary Clinton”

Political analyst Sergei Markov believes that Russia in any case should not prevent the development of anti-American hysteria caused by last events in Russian Crimea. On the contrary, have failed to convey the idea of the American intelligence services to the citizens of the US and NATO allies to prevent pushing Russia and Ukraine to the war.

photo: youtube.com

– Sergey, what is happening in Crimea?

– As in the Crimea it was found 20 explosive devices, it is obvious that it was preparing a series of terrorist attacks. That is, there could be killed by thousands of tourists. I just came from Crimea. All security forces are on high alert: officers with machine guns, body armor check the documents. At the same time, the Ukrainian media claim that the Peninsula is thrown military equipment that is contracted to the borders with Ukraine. That is, the Russian authorities are taking this very seriously.

– What purpose would blow the Crimea, do you think?

– The defense Ministry of Ukraine today is completely controlled by the U.S. Department of defense. Military intelligence of Ukraine, respectively – the US defense intelligence Agency. Therefore, to say that there is at least something could be done without the consent of the United States, it is impossible. I think that before the Kiev intelligence services were tasked to organize some kind of outbreak of a military conflict with Russia. To provoke Russia to participate in military actions.

– Why would the US need it?

– I think that these events should be put on a par with statements by Hillary Clinton that the election of Donald trump threatens U.S. national security. As well as a letter of a number of Republicans, former leaders of the U.S. intelligence that said about the same thing. From my point of view, this project can be called a pre-election war with Russia. The task — to organize a war of Ukraine with Russia in order to then on the awareness-raising campaign around the war politically to destroy Donald trump, who has repeatedly advocated positive relations with Russia and in this sense contrasts with Clinton that delivers tough anti-Russian statements. That is, I believe, that is training political provocations with the aim to achieve the election of President Clinton.

Sabotage group was detected on the eve of the anniversary of the Georgian war of 2008. But these events do not seem a series of one?

– Definitely. The war in Georgia in August 2008 was also pronounced electoral character. It was organized in the campaign headquarters of John McCain and the office was closely associated with Vice President dick Cheney. They actually then forced Mikhail Saakashvili to start a war. Incidentally, he didn’t want to. He knew what the outcome would be. In July he held a meeting with Georgian generals and they all strongly opposed the war, Saakashvili refused, but then came Condoleeza rice and, in fact, forced the Georgian President to start a war.

– That the war gave to the Americans?

– Then for the first time, McCain’s rating exceeded the rating of Obama. Us intelligence agencies, Obama then seemed highly suspicious, carrying a threat to national security. The neo-conservatives called him a traitor. In the end, McCain still lost, and Obama was not so terrible – nothing against the intelligence agencies, he did not. Now, I think they want to repeat the scenario.

“But then it turns out that they wanted to unleash a real war between Ukraine and Russia?

I think they don’t want a massacre. They do not expect that the Russian troops entered the territory of Ukraine and seized Kiev. Rather, it would be a controlled war — some clashes, a week to war and it was all over. But in the information the result of this war could completely sink the trump.

But because the explosions were to happen in Russia and it just would not talk about the Russian aggression.

– I think that before the Kiev secret services had the task to organize some kind of outbreak of a military conflict with Russia, provoking her to participate in hostilities. And how it is they are supposed to solve themselves. And greedy Ukrainian authorities all the time you want at the same time to solve other tasks. Greedy Ukrainian authorities also wanted to take revenge on people. I can assume that speech can go about the outbreak of hostilities with the Ukrainian army offensive. And, I think, the main direction of impact will be to Donbas — after all, it is the legitimate Ukrainian territory. But indirectly, the Ukrainians decided to strike at the Crimea, on the basis of their anger and hoping that the fog of war. Of course, they demonstrated irresponsible behavior, but not beyond the order.

– If we assume that the attack would not have been prevented, what response can Russia take? What they were trying to provoke us?

– Russia has announced that it made the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the traces would have remained. What to do was our war — hard to say. Bombed some areas in the Kherson area where preparing this terrorist attack? Such bombardment, of course, would cause a universal explosion of indignation.

– What conclusions Russia should do from what happened and whether she is to turn in their favor?

– It is very important that this situation did not create any anti-Americanism. Most Americans are strongly against such behaviour of its intelligence services. Most Western politicians, too, are strongly against such provocations. I think we have now the plan is primarily to show its citizens — do not spin anti-American hysteria. It is necessary first of all to demonstrate to senators and congressmen. Believe me, there are a lot of intelligent people who really don’t like this crazy behaviour of the security services, and there are many who oppose Obama and Clinton. The second thing to do is to send letters to all the heads of governments of countries-members of NATO. They are allies of the Americans, may influence them, tell them what they think about what Washington orders Kiev renews war in the Donbas and conducting a series of terrorist attacks in the Crimea. They all say, of course: this is nonsense, we do not believe it. But all believe it. Because everyone has seen the movie “wag the dog”, have all seen this scenario, when the war is done around the elections. And they are all very critical of the activities of U.S. intelligence. And all of them saying the words “No, we do not believe the Russian”, in fact, fall on us intelligence agencies on both sides — European and from the Congress and Senate of the United States. And most American politicians, senators, congressmen, as well as a large part of ordinary Americans, our allies in order to prevent this monstrous adventure.

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