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Friday, July 21, 2017

Donald trump hinted Hillary Clinton on massacre

It happened on Tuesday, 9 August Wilmington (NC). Speaking to his supporters, Republican candidate for U.S. President Donald trump essentially threatened his rival Hillary Clinton in a massacre, if she is elected President. In this case, he said, supporters of the Second amendment of the U.S. Constitution (the amendment guarantees the right of Americans to bear and keep arms) will take in their hands the fate of Clinton.

photo: flickr.com

Again accusing Hillary Clinton is that she, as President, appoint such new members of the Supreme court, who prefer strict small-arms control, trump has accused Clinton in an attempt to abolish the right to bear arms. “It will be a horrible day,” said trump.

He continued: “If it comes to that will be able to elect their judges, and you, my friends, nothing against it can not do. But supporters of the “Second amendment” may have something to do. Although I don’t know.

Despite the fact that trump’s statement was very vague, it sparked protests and curses from Democrats, advocates of gun control, and others. They accused trump that he incited violence against Mrs. Clinton and the liberal judges. For example, the words of Bernice king, the daughter of the famous Reverend Dr. Martin Luther king. She described trump’s words, as “devoid of flavor.

The candidate in Vice-presidents from Democratic party Senator Tim Kane first expressed his bewilderment:”No one who achieves leadership positions, particularly the presidency, the leadership of the country should not do anything to encourage violence, and he (i.e., the trump) that’s what it says.” Kane called trump’s remarks “window”, through which is visible the soul of the individual, temperamentally incapable of the office which she seeks.

Dan gross, President of the Center for protection from armed violence, who supports Mrs. Clinton, said that trump’s statement is “disgusting in the truest sense of the word.” “He uses the Second amendment as a cover to encourage people to murder those with whom they disagree. To trump violence has become the standard of his performance. Moreover, it has become a strategy for his election campaign,” said gross.

Trump and his entourage did not want to turn the whole story into a joke. On the contrary, they insist that trump only encourages supporters of the Second amendment to vote as a block against Mrs. Clinton in November.

“The second amendment and the people defending her, have enormous power because they are United,” said trump in an interview with CBS. But in an interview with Fox news, trump added: “there can be no other interpretation of my statement”. However, these tricks are unlikely to hold anyone. Out of trump’s statements it is clear that he urges not to unite supporters of the Second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and to ensure that one of their number has committed an act of violence against Hillary Clinton.

In addition, trump discussed the situation, which will be created after Mrs. Clinton will become President, not before the presidential elections.

Even many supporters of the tramp was puzzled by his statement. As the video shows the rally, the people sitting behind the tramp, turn to each other with an expression of surprise.

A new statement of trump, which was made off the cuff, coincided with the loss of their many supporters. Team trump had expected after he performed in Detroit with a speech about the economic situation in the United States and their outline on this subject, he will again submit to political discipline.

But this did not happen. Trump supporters and opponents of the gun control issue is now Mrs. Clinton for threatening the Second amendment. “Donald trump is absolutely right,” said Jennifer Baker, a strategist of the National rifle Association. — If Hillary is elected, we are in fact nothing we can do to stop it from appointing such members of the Supreme court who oppose the carrying of weapons. Thus, law-abiding Americans will be denied the right to have guns in their homes for protection.”

National rifle Association began showing a new ad that describes Hillary Clinton as “one of the richest women in politics” and a hypocrite. Because it is, says the advertisement, for thirty years enjoyed the protection of armed guards. Its policy, saying that the National rifle organization, leave the unarmed ordinary Americans.

We should remember that at the time, and Mrs. Clinton has resorted to something like that. In June 2008, before you admit defeat in the democratic primaries against Barack Obama, she also hinted at the possibility of eliminating his enemy by assassination attempt on him. Clinton said: “We all remember the fate of Bobby Kennedy, who was assassinated in California. But a few hours later, Clinton apologized for that statement.

Senator Chris Murphy, Democrat from Connecticut, which advocates for the control of small arms after the mass murder in his state in the village of sandy hook, described trump’s comments “outrageous, misleading and very sad.” He added: “It’s not just a game. Unstable people, armed with powerful guns and unlimited supply hatred of Hillary, listen to the Trump.”

And Congressman Eric Swalwell, a Democrat from California, wrote in his Twitter that the Secret service must begin an investigation against Mr. trump, who threatens death to Hillary Clinton. “Donald trump claims that someone representing the national rifle Association, have to kill Mrs. Clinton. We should treat such people, based on their statements.”

Spouksmen Secret service, who refused to identify himself, said that his Agency knows about the review of trump”, but beyond that gave no explanation.

Others use a statement of trump as an opportunity to once again make fun of him. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat from Massachusetts, wrote in his Twitter that trump threatened to death because he was a miserable coward who can survive what the girl loses the election”.

Election campaign trump is becoming more and more poisonous. People gathering to listen to their leader, angrily shouting demands to arrest and throw in jail Mrs. Clinton.

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