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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Britain wants to return to the Russian market

The leaders of Russia and great Britain agreed to meet to resolve the issues of security and economy – the current level of relations does not suit both sides. Moscow and London have never had a warm relationship, and in recent years the rhetoric of Britain have tightened considerably. But business interests to London more important than political battles.

In September there will be a meeting of the new Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The decision to meet was taken during a telephone conversation between Putin and Mae 9 Aug. They meet in China, site of the G20 summit.

For may first required to enter the Russian market. The UK will rely more on an external contour

Putin may not like the level of relations between the two countries, media reported details of a telephone conversation. According to them, British and Russian citizens faced with the common threat of terrorism, and cooperation, particularly in aviation security is an important part of the international effort against terrorism. “The two leaders agreed to establish a dialogue on intelligence matters dealing with aviation security,” – said the Russian President administration.

Both sides had “expressed dissatisfaction with the current parameters of cooperation in political, trade-economic spheres,” adds the website of the Kremlin.

“The Prime Minister noted the importance of relations between Britain and Russia and expressed hope that, despite disagreements on some issues, they could communicate openly and honestly on the issues that are most important to them,” – emphasizes the office of Theresa may.

Relations between Russia and Britain have never been easy. Countries were allies in some military operations, but in critical situations – for example, in the anti-Hitler coalition. In London was a shelter for many criminals or suspected of crimes in Russia – for example, Boris Berezovsky, Alexander Litvinenko, a number of Chechen terrorists. Britain has consistently refused Russia’s extradition of criminals. Of all European countries Britain is the most hostile of the Russian Federation country.

“My answer was “Yes!”

The rhetoric of the Kingdom to Russia has never been friendly. Theresa may, recently took the post of Prime Minister, General trends and already made anti-Russian remarks. A few weeks after the appointment of Mei responded affirmatively to a reporter’s question about whether it was ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia. “Really, last week was a very important vote in Parliament (UK) on the continuation of our nuclear programme… During the debate, the question was raised about what if I was willing to use nuclear weapons as a deterrent force. And my answer was “Yes!” she said.

While it is possible to conclude that in relation to Russia, Mei continues the behavior of former Prime Minister David Cameron. Earlier, in an interview with the newspaper VIEW, the experts noted that Mei is fairly neutral policies, and is a harsh critic of Moscow.

Cameron, who held the post of Prime Minister in 2010, managed to do quite a lot of anti-Russian statements. It should be noted that it was during his stay in the status of the Prime Minister was introduced EU sanctions against Russia and Britain was one of the main supporters of their introduction and expansion.

Cameron also actively encouraged to “punish” Russia, if it is proved that the passenger “Boeing” “Malaysian airlines” was shot down by the militia. The plane crash occurred in the Donetsk region in 2014. “We sometimes behave as if we need Russia more than we are. Russia can use this moment to find a way out of this difficult, dangerous crisis. And I hope she’ll do it. But if this does not happen, then we should not hesitate. We need to establish all the facts in this story… If President Putin does not change his approach to Ukraine, then Europe and the West must fundamentally change their attitude to Russia”, – said about this case Cameron. However, he advocated the establishment of “appropriate relations” with Russia.

But Cameron’s rhetoric towards Russia hardened only after the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine. In 2011, he visited Moscow and met with Dmitry Medvedev stated that “Russia and Britain are stronger when they are together.” In 2012, he held talks with Vladimir Putin in London, also discussed economic cooperation. In 2013 Cameron and Putin met again – this time in Sochi, and their meeting was assessed as the most positive for the previous seven years. Cameron declared the unity of purpose, common interest in ending the conflict in Syria.

In recent years, economic cooperation between Russia and the UK also began to decline. As noted on the website of the Russian Embassy in the Kingdom, at the initiative of London suspended the work of the intergovernmental Committee on trade and investment and energy high-level dialogue. “Within the EU, the British government actively promoted the adoption of anti-Russian sanctions, the implementation of which, along with the fall in world oil prices has led to the fact that bilateral trade last year declined by 21%, and in the period from January to may 2015 – almost 50% compared to the same period last year”, – reported on its website.

“Against this background, overall, on the positive side show a British business circles interested in continued normal relations with our country. This, in particular, has allowed the UK to keep its position as one of the leading trade and investment partners of our country,” said the Embassy.

Mei needs Russia

President of center of strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov is convinced that Theresa may now needs serious support from outside the European circuit, so it expects to strengthen relations with Russia and China and India. So now the relationship begins to improve, especially for restarting economic cooperation with Moscow.

Britain, he recalled, had initiated a number of hostile initiatives against Russia, so the intensification of relations between Moscow and London are very promising given the fact that in January the anti-Russian EU sanctions could start to be dismantled.

For may first required to enter the Russian market. It is very promising, starting with the story around BP and a number of agreements on the shelf and finishing projects related to automotive market. The UK will focus more precisely on the external contour”, – said Abzalov newspaper VIEW.

At the same time Abzalov I am sure that Mei will continue to make harsh statements against Russia, in particular in connection with the situation in Ukraine. “But I think there relationship will be more or less balanced. Within six months she will have to apply for the withdrawal of Britain from the EU. She wants to create the necessary external point that would allow less problematic to pass the British economy after Brexit. So in the near future aktiviziruyutsya cooperation with Moscow, China and India. Especially now in some extent, hands are untied,” said he.

Meanwhile it is still unknown how the rest of the Russian relations with the current head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson. “But in General, at the end of August we will have some data on the agenda, the more it will be very busy. And the platform on which this will happen is quite interesting,” – says the analyst.

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